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Why does he sperg out so much in his comments? Also post his best sperg outs

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Why do you keep posting this faggot?

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Why do you keep posting this faggot?

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It's just Adam doing self marketing. He knows the majority of his views come from people who are angry about whatever he's doing. So he comes here to stir things up

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so long as it gets a rise out of him

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You sound like you have a lot going on in your life

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Why do you keep posting this faggot?

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lmao you guys got under his skin good jorb

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says the guy on 4chan

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Why do you keep posting this faggot?

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That's cause he is an insecure prick. He also purposely removes the "@" at nicknames so original comment posters tend to react less to his answers, so he can portray himself as the "winner" even more.

Now stop posting his stupid face here every day, you fucking faggot.

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Why do you keep posting this faggot?

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does this guy know portable gas stoves exist

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that has to be fake. post the video where it came from if it's real

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That's not an appropriate use of "whom" FAGGOT

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We’re gonna fuck you in the ass, Adam. Soon you’ll realize that coming here was a mistake. You’re going to be very sad.

Sad Adam, no more smiley face Adam, only crying face Adam from now on.

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lol is this legit ?

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adam its fucking pronounced yee-ro
you really should know this

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Rent free

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No one's calling this cuck any kind of chad

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He' s narcisstic.

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I love the fact that this place is so deep in his head he's making up insults to use on himself

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I fucked his wife about 6 years ago. AMA

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did you fuck the space between her front teeth?

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post pics

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>zoomers thinking every sexual act is being recorded on video

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My slightly above average sized cock isn't big enough to create friction between them

I don't typically take photos of people I'm fucking

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>youtube man bad

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Rent free

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Oh he's paying his rent. With a little bit extra. His mental anguish is worth more than mere dollars.

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>boomers not recording every sexual act on video

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Post greentext

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did he know?

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posting yourself and samefagging. gj.

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haha love Internet Shaquille

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Internet Shaquille is a much better cooking channel than Adam Ragusea, and it's clear Adam steals many of his ideas from Internet Shaqueille.

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> shilling some smelly spic on 4chan


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>shilling some smelly spic on 4chan
He's a legitimately good personality, and his content is very unique, informative and creative. Adam Raguesea steals a bunch of his content and poorly reworks it for his own channel, so if you like Adam Ragusea, you'll really like Internet Shaquille since he's the original creator of most of Adam's content.

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>pronounces Gyro as "gee-ro"

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