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How do you rate this """"carbonara""""?

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no peas, no good

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he does add peas though, and chilli too

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I didn't watch it

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>uses non-meme bacon
>adds cream
>seasons his daughter
Dangerously based.

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Without the peas would be fine, he did it to troll you all a bit.

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Fuck this fraud.

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>ayyyy its not like mama used to a-make ayyyy

Looks delicious. Italianfags BTFo

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Didnt take long for the italianos

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>under 10 minutes
video is over 14 minutes long

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he starts the video showing off his family and talking about covid, I skipped all that though

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Pastafag here, looks delicious but it's not carbonara.

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God damn I fucking love seeing italians seething everytime someone cooks an italian dish, like how can you get this autistic over something you're not even eating? they all go OOOOOOOOOOOOO porca puttana this is notta my family recipeeeeeee

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cringe and I'm not even slightly italian

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Ros,nice brapper on his daughter.
Im just joking nsa

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italians have no culture so they just spreg about carbonara

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Still looks better than that ramen noodle cacio de pepe on of his guest people made.

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Is he /ourguy/?

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What did Niels say?

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lol what a cunt

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He's lost the fucking plot.

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Hes doing it to piss off Gino

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Nice ass, though

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I don't care for carbonara.

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Italians forever seething in their cucksheds.

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I'm sure you have your reasons.

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In their hospital beds*


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BASED Gordon, Italians BTFO!

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Why is his face so bloated?

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Turns out celebrities aren't any prettier than the rest of us when they don't have a professional makeup artist and film crew.
In fact, I'm kind of getting the impression that a lot of the female ones don't actually know how to apply basic makeup by themselves at all.
I wonder if they smell worse as well. I could easily believe that someone like Paltrow doesn't know how to wipe her own ass.

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he looks like shit for a 53 year old

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Ramsay has had the face of a 90-year-old for as long as he's been on TV.
He does look bloated in that video, but at least it buffed out some of the wrinkles.
Maybe he's drinking.

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>uses cream
>adds peas
>adds a bunch of other shit
>still calls it carbonara
i mean based because he clearly made this just to troll italians

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high sodium can cause bloating like that, and he does tend to over salt his food a bit

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What is weong with britbongs ?

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Does he do it just to piss everyone off?

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How is he wrong though? If you are claiming to make a dish but then you use the wrong ingredients you have made a different dish. I don't see how the Italian is possibly in the wrong here. If you made bolognese but added peas and cream to it, would you still consider that bolognese? Why is it acceptable to change carbonara but not other dishes?

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Give peas a chance

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Troll video nothing to see here, except for the daughter, post pics of the daughter please anons

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>food analogy to make a point about food
fucking wop greasball fredos

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It's not like calling a hotdog a cheeseburger, it's like calling a cheeseburger a burger or putting peas on a hotdog and calling it a hotdog.

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Neils seems like a badass

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>vertical frame

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Should only be eaten for breakfast

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His face looks like he has coke bloat.

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Most people watch shit on their phones

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Probably had a recent facial injection. Botox or the like. He clearly had his hair and scalp done recently too. He has more hair now than he did 10 years ago.

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Another Ramsay post, i see. I would lay a whoopin on this faggot. Anyone who likes this manlet can come n get a piece too.

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If you watched the episode. You'd know his issue was the tiny ass top bun. And that webm does't do a good job of showing the size of the bun

>> No.14026482

Doesn't every non-Anglo culture do that?

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his burgers are shit anyways. it's a fucking meatloaf with buns and he put the cold ingredients underneath to top it off

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this. if you add tuna to mac and cheese you don't have mac and cheese anymore you have tuna mac

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If you use the wrong ingredients, yes. If you add extra ingredients, no. It is still correct to refer to it as the base dish by name.

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then why does he do the stupid mouth thing as if it's too large? He's definitely making fun of both aspects

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He can't bite into it because the top bun is so comically small that he starts laughing.

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Italians have the biggest houses in Europe and they also own them instead of being RENTDITTORS like (You)

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Carbonara or not, it looks pretty tasty. I'm almost 31 now so I'm looking for more shit like this that I can pull off quickly.

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>Italians have the biggest houses in Europe
You can believe whatever makes you feel better, Giuseppe.

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Holy based italians.

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I can maybe see the appeal for a woman but men always look worse after a lift, I guess they prefer ugly to slightly older looking?

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Because Gordon is speaking English and not Italian, and in England, carbonara is made with cream and peas, unlike the poverty stricken Italian version.

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>If you made bolognese but added peas and cream to it, would you still consider that bolognese?
I'll decide myself what I consider to be bolognese, i'm not going to be told what to think like you commie scum

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>How do you rate this """"carbonara""""?

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I hate this board

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hes lost it

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It's not carbonara but I'd eat it, looks pretty good

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Because italians live with their parents until their 40s

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Fucking christ italians are so pathetic

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You speak the truth anon

>> No.14031554

He should have put some oignons

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>btfo of spaghetti niggers and has fun with the senpai in under 15 min

This is the dream

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Spics don't care either.

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We should be taking culinary advice from the English? "I could really go for some English food" said no one, ever.

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why is he doing this?

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>le English food is bad meme reddit

I would take an English pie over your "pepinopipone" any day.

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seethe more italican'ts that a scottish chef is better at making your food than grandma is lmao

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I think his daughter has a nice ass.

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is he doing this to hop on the whole "coronavirus we at home with the family" bandwagon?

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he's doing it because putting out cooking videos is his job

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pretty sure she's 18 breh

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ok joe bastianich you pervert

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Me neither

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You can bet ol' Gordy's grabbing a piece of that on the daily. "PAN DOWN" he screams, bidding her to focus fully on the magnificent member greedily plowing through her.

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only this man knows how to make cabonara

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Italians shit on him too


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yes and you will still see two black boxes with an oblong frame in the middle doofus

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>if i'm italian then im an authority on cooking
Thank you for crafting a good childrens menu of pizza and spaghetti, but you can leave the main menu to countries that developed actual cuisine.

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Pick one

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Nice try, peasant

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>The average person likes cheese, tomato, and bread
>Therefore all of our cuisine is masterful
Silly goose. The fact that Japanese and Thai are so high up that list, despite their foods being limited to 3 or 4 dishes recognizable on a global scale should indicate it's bullshit.

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fucking based

>> No.14032397

Seething pastanigger

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they forgot ireland

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>Only 11/34 are above 50
This is obviously a fair and precise table, with no cultural bias whatsoever.

>> No.14032455

>Dried spaghetti
>Bacon: more exciting than guanciale
>>Chilli of the "red" cultivar
>Creme fraiche
>P e a s
>Having a hissy fit the entire time, a bit like the tantrums he throws when someone doesn't praise his mediocre food in a restaurant
This man is an absolute joke. He has already failed to cook any and every form of asian food under the sun (one of my grandparents is Indian and his curry cookbook is a disgrace to the entire subcontinent), and now he's fucked up with Italian. Not only did he get it wrong, but he dared to disrespect it by "zazzing" it up.
Fuck you, Ramsay. You're a TV hack who can't take an ounce of criticism because his head's too far up his own arse.

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kek, sorry pajeet

>> No.14032486

>make a pancake
>put several hamburgers, a dead cat, and a gigantic shit on top of it
>"hurr it's still a pancake"

>> No.14032487

theres peas in the picture

>> No.14032490

I am not simply a pajeet, but a pajeetaboo. His japanese recipes also offend me.

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i get that italian food should be "simple and traditional" but fuck me whats wrong with adding a vegetable occasionally, its all just carbs and cheese

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>dal + several vegetables and spices = sambar
>steak hache + bun + toppings = burger
>chicken nugger + garlic butter = chicken kiev
Real world examples that additions change the dish

>> No.14032513

>prove it, pastanigger
>literally nothing about house sizes
Choke on your gabagool, Guido.

>> No.14032516

i met gino irl ages ago, hes rly nice

>> No.14032517

Well if you're a pajeetaboo can you not understand that tastes differ from country to country, and that indians who moved to the UK started adapting curries themselves to make them more appealing to the UK i.e more sauce and naans?
Not everything is the brit bong boogeyman appropriating "your" culture, which you already have a weak 1/4 claim to.

>> No.14032550

Fuck off Gino, your restaurant is garbage

>> No.14032557

>thinking its actually Italian and not American-italian

>> No.14032566

theres one near me and i was thinking of going before the virus, how bad is garbage?

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Other than your incoherence, his indian food tastes more like pasta sauce than curry. All of them basically taste the same and he fails to use key spices that define the flavour of the thing he's trying to replicate.
If you want a good cookbook as a guideline (that is far from authentic but served as a great help to myself and my parents), I'd much more highly recommend Pat Chapman's 250 Favourite Curries and accompaniments (or anything by the Hairy Bikers as books from 1992 can be hard to find). They at least fall into the right flavour ballpark and are appetising, if anglicised.

>> No.14032627

>Other than your incoherence
Don't get pissy and throw around baseless insults just because you got insulted yourself lmao. Which curries do you feel are inadequate and what are they missing?

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The entire internet in a nutshell.

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Tbh I hardly even tried any. Asked my grandma and got
>Peh. No. Disgusty shitty. Shit book bastard, shit!
When a then-85-year-old ex-himalayan goat farmer responds like that to your recipe book of her childhood, ya fucked up. She responded much better to the other recipe books though.
There's always too much tomato and never enough dried chilli powder, in short. That's how these trash curry recipes always go.

>> No.14032753

So you're not talking from experience and you're exclusively going off of what your grandma said?

I'll give you credit, whenever i make curry from most brit recipes i often double up on the spices and chilies, but they usually encourage you to adjust to your own taste anyway.

>> No.14032779

>Add 1 deseeded chilli
If you want anything near the actual flavours, almost quater the tomato content, multiply each spice x5 (careful not to burn them - many go from raw to burnt in 10 seconds or less), and multiply chillies x10-x15 (and leave the fucking seeds in - making you sweat and feel lightheaded is part of the flavour experience and changes the tea afterward).
But I digress. This is an italian thread. Ramshit fails to cook anything and everything but expects everyone to worship his mediocre gastropub fry-ups.

>> No.14032868

Even recipes from fresh off the boat indians still need adjusting upwards i found. I think they like to play it safe and allow people to add more.
You're absolutely right though. I cooked a madras by james martin the other day and his recipe called for 2 chilies for what should be a fairly hot dish. I ended up putting in 15 and it still wasn't what i'd call madras hot.
Ramsay is a good chef, you're being contrarian if you say otherwise. But he probably does expect more ass kissing than he's worth.

>> No.14034705

it's pretty widely known that he's had fillers

>> No.14034708

Remember that video where he fucked up Pad Thai and got roasted by some Thai cook?

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This guy makes a fair point. Some italians arent retarded shitheads.

>> No.14035019

He gets Botox injections because he's insecure about his forehead wrinkles specifically. It was made worse by his daughter who'd try to insert coins into his forehead while he slept and would run screaming calling him a monster when he woke up and chased her

>> No.14035059

>run screaming calling him a monster
That was actually caused by Ramsay molesting his daughter when she was sleeping.
She would wake up to a caramelized carrot inside her and Ramsay rambling about raw sauce.

>> No.14035065

>Makes italians seethe
based but i wouldn't call this a cabonara anymore looks delicious but its something else.

>> No.14035085

fucking kek

>> No.14035096

>only participation is edgy comments
confirmed for underage

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>english niggers butcher yet another cultural dish
color me surprised the mouthbreathers who invented "toast sandwiches" cant make fucking carbonara

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There were no potatoes that year.

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why does he put creme fraiche in everything egg-related?

>> No.14035817

What video?

>> No.14035838

His Paris background I guess.
I used to do that as well and noticed the pasta water did as much the job to liquify the meal.

>> No.14035841

What's a good alternative for eggs?

>> No.14035873

chick pea juice or activated chia seeds

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>> No.14036198

Sexy lizard

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File: 147 KB, 889x598, shitonara.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm Italian.... I can forgive the garlic.. but creme freche and fucking peas? Mushrooms? Oh dio....

Looks like shit.

>> No.14036320

I don't cook very often, I mean I had to look up how to make scrambled eggs, so I can't tell if this is a shitpost or not

>> No.14036321

I'd want to eat that though.

>> No.14036363

what a mess lmfao never change /ck/

>> No.14036393

Peoples experience with carbonara is usually just jarred white cream from a shop. I knew someone like this and made a simple egg sauce carbonara one day and they couldn't believe how much nicer it was. If Gordon used eggs, bongs would literally fall aparr

>> No.14036549

>I didn’t do my homework

>> No.14037791

Never fucking change, /ck/

>> No.14037912

Maybe try it for yourself instead of making assumptions. It's delicious.

>> No.14037916

This is the only correct answer.
Don't give this shill a view.

>> No.14037920

He does use eggs, but that's just the base of the sauce. Do you also only use mother sauces unmodified?

>> No.14038088

put me in the screencap !

>> No.14038164

Wow what a shithead.

>> No.14038171

Italians are unironically the smartest people in Europe.

>> No.14040250

Terrible thread. Nonstop bickering and pissing all over. Bumped.
Keep the door unlocked.

>> No.14040463

Bravo anon bravo

>> No.14040491

10/10 purely for the Italian rage.

>> No.14040520

>chinese cuisine right under italian
so this is based on fast food, right? because they sure as shit werent highly rating live boiled bitter dog soup

>> No.14040600

so brave

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>> No.14040675

given how much he hates jamie oliver, and the fact jamie oliver went to italy to learn to cook and gordon went to france, this is purely a power move to say fuck you jamie oliver

>> No.14040918

I'm sure it turned out tasty but it's not Carbonara.

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