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How in the fuck are you meant to eat something like this?

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Out of the fucking trough like the rest of the pigs.

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small mouth nigger faggot

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Youre not. Ramsay only cooks food thats meant to be looked at, not eaten.

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>ramsay cooks food to be looked at, not eaten

He could sure try a little harder at making it look more appetizing, then.

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He doesnt have to do anything right with the amount of money he has.

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you'd think a wealthy person would want to eat more than ridiculously shaped burgers and scrambled eggs, though.

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squeeze it

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Thus making all the juices run down your fucking arm. Cooking a burger medium/medium rare is the stupidest shit I’ve ever heard of. You can have a well done burger that’s still just as juicy.

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Anything above medium is fucking dog food at that point.

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Ground beef can be cooked well and taste just fine. Steak and ground beef are not the same.

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What a hack. Those burgers are impractical to eat and were done solely to make hungry retards watching it at 3am push the like button.

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this is especially true for jamie oliver.
So many of his recipes are absolute dogshit meant to maximize visual appeal.

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Probably to distract from his zombified botox face.
Have you seen that guy lately?

I have found Ramsey to be vastly inconsistent when it comes to actual food.
That's on top of his questionable character, like how he uses his using children like production assets.

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burger, nice and big

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I bet you eat hotdogs with ketchup.

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>"hey, wait a minute... this isnt a penis!"

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If you undercook ground meat, you are a retard.
It's ground, each of the crumbs is essentially a separate piece of meat.
When making beef stir fry, do you leave entire pieces raw? No, that's disgusting.
But not as disgusting as leaving a center consisting of a clump of raw crumbs of meat.
Not appealing anon.
The whole point of ground meat is to utilize inferior cuts of beef and still have them turn out edible.
It was never meant to be medium, that's a meme I attribute mainly to Ramsey funnily enough.

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I bet you eat hot dogs medium.

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Yup. The fact that you can even cook steaks medium, is because you kill all the bacteria on the surface and there is not many in the center.
Ground beef is ALL surface. You'd have to cook every grain separately to medium for this to make sense, which is of course absurd.
Medium rare burgers: Indeed, a fucking meme.

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Dumb ass non American trying to make a burger. The patties aren't supposed to be anywhere near that think. It's all about ingredient ratios. Eating that burger would he disgusting.

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Push down on top or turn burger sideways, then take bite.
Do none of you faggots actually know how to eat? This reddit circlejerk got old a long time ago.

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If americans try to make the mistake of attempting italian food and fuck it up, autistic screeching ensues.
If Euros fuck up american food, and Gordon fucks up American food in a grade A fashion there, not a peep.
I guess as exceptionalists, we just tend to kinda brush off and ignore hideously failed attempts like that.
We just go "yeah great job slugger" and let the guy eat his terrible stack of landfill contents.
Guess we are just not as autistic as Euros about shit like this.

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Imagine the vinegary shits.

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Ramsay is a Brit not a europoor dummy.

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Brits are Euros. They just friend-zoned themselves, so they are Euros without benefits now.

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I'd like a bite of Tilly's fat burger

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lmao @ the grilled cheese with the crown or whatever, the fuck was that shit

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you guys realize that raw meat is totally fine to eat, right? You're not buying cheap frozen mince from walmart, right?

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I use his method of egg cooking to make eggs, though. Cooks perfect eggs every time. I leave out that bullshit creme fraiche, though (why does he like putting that in everything?).

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>nooo if we leave the eu we won't be able to go on cheap holidays or import cheap food
You wanna go on holiday in spain and import italian pasta? That's what I thought, remainer cope

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