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So I've had this sitting in my freezer for a couple months now and I've finally decided to do something with it. I was thinking of throwing it in the slow cooker with maybe some sauce, onion, and some other random things. Do you guys have any experience with Cornish hen? What should I do?

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Put a stick of butter and some ice cubes inside it

Then drop it directly into a deep fryer while it's still frozen

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It's been defrosted for a bit now so I don't know if that'll work. I will keep that in mind if I ever decide to have another go at it. Sounds interesting.

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I'm joking just in case you're that dumb, it'll explode

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Oh fuck lmao I'm retarded. Thanks for helping a brainlet out

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I threw an ice cube into hot oil as a teenager. It was definitely interesting.

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Good way to fuck someone's shit up indeed.

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I've decided to roast it in the oven with ample seasoning for 6-8 hrs at the advice of a relative who is a much more talented chef than I. So I'll try that and see what happens. I'll leave the deep frier bombs for another time.

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it's a goddamn chicken

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A chicken for kings, to be sure.

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>retained water less than 3%
What did they mean by this?

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>roasting for 6-8 hours

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>6-8 hours
What the fuck?

Just spatchcock and roast at high heat (at least 400F) for an hour. Honestly probably not even that long since it's a game hen. You got a temperature prove?

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Thinking back, the suggestion of 6-8 hours seemed off for a small game hen so at the three hour mark I checked on it and the whole thing is perfectly cooked and juicy with no pink area to be found. Thanks /ck/, you saved my chicken.

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With this the hen is finished. It ended up not needing as much time as I was initially led to believe which is unsurprising given its size. I sampled some and it tastes absolutely divine, I honestly can't believe I made this given that I'm not a good cook. I'm quite proud of it and will certainly try this again sometime.

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>I've decided to roast it in the oven with ample seasoning for 6-8

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Damn that looks really good. What temp was it at?

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how is that cornish if you’re in america

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I heated the oven up to 400 then immediately dropped it to 250, after which I put it in

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Same way our baguettes are still French. All things are possible when you lie.

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Thanks OP, I saw your thread last night and it was the inspiration I needed. Hope your bird turns out good!

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It refers to a breed of chicken, not it's place of origin.

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I have 2 in my freezer that i am saving for a nice meal. I normally do them with herb butter inside the cavity and then baste with strained apricot marmalade

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I'm glad I was of some help! It turned out delicious and my family loved it. Your chicken looks awesome!

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Looks tasty anon, good job!

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It's a little small and lean for the slow cooker, but it could work. I like to roast them quickly in a hot oven, especially spatchcocked. Although a slow cooker could work fine, too.

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