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Well, is it the perfect burger?

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Looks a lot better than the usual shit he cooks.

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>several times the width that a human jaw can consume


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I'm sure it's good but I dont really want a five pound burger patty.

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Brioche burger buns are one of the worst culinary memes of the 21st century.

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Cut the patty in half and maybe.

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Any burger that you're not posting over and over again 24/7.

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Is anyone else also astonished by this never ending meme about the perfect steak or the perfect burger?! Cooking these is stupid easy. Guess why they are the staple dish of americans.

> buy quality meat
> cook the meat and try not to burn it
> garnish with some greens
> voila

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Is it? I buy them because I like them personally

True, I'm not much of a cook, making these are more of a fun thing for me really.

Pic related is mine

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That's a good burger. Period. Whatever suits your taste, man.

pic rel is mine and 100% vegetarian. Guests got beef though. Since I'm not an ass.

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cant wait for "the perfect lettuce salad" where we put lettuce and other things into a bowl, season it, olive oil: in and wa la motherfuckers buy my Masterclass subscription

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Damn look at that background. Where he lives is beautiful. I wish I was rich

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I will never understand why ramsey's US media persona is always cooking burgers
They're literal chunks of mince meat and veg between two buns, that's not particularly interesting

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People would still be fighting over bullshit things.

>you didn't wash the salad 5 times
>mfw you put regular mustard in instead of Dijon
>lol, look at those tomatoes
>kys virgin olive olive oil applicant

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This webm is the only time I saw him attempt to cook burgers in front of the masses. I think his niche youtube channel has another video and thats it.

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I think you meant to say "wah-lah"

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never had a vegetarian burger before, what did you use as a substitute for meat?

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In this case, Tofu. You can also use beans or even mushrooms. I had burgers without the classical „mass“ inbetween the buns. Thicc zucchini or the likes can be marinated as well and taste really good!

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Not a fun of tofu but your burger looks pretty tasty, would legit try it. If I get a guest who's vegetarian though I might try using mushrooms, I can imagine that turning out pretty well.

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You might want to have a look at Portobello Burgers then. Mushrooms in general are supposed to be the next thing to meat, texture wise.
Have you ever tried smoked tofu? I had some reservations to tofu patties but since I discovered smoked tofu I only use that.

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That's my litmus test.

I hate food that cannot fit into my mouth.

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Oh cheers man, I'll bookmark Portobello Burgers for next time.

Nah, the only tofu I ate is the standard ones which put me off eating them altogether mainly because the ones I ate had a weird texture and no flavor.

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It's actually somewhat of a paradox.
"The perfect burger" makes people dissect it into individual ingredients and make those the best they can ever be.
That fucking thing gordon is holding up I have no doubt that each thing on it's own tastes great but putting it all together is an atrocious burger.
The perfect burger needs to be a complete thing with components working together, not trying to fight each other

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Also, the perfect burger (as with any dish) is the burger you eat with the ones you love.

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Well true
"The perfect burger" might be the most basic dry ass burger with little more than ketchup, crucnhy onions and a beer that your dad made everyone because he wanted to spend time with his family while the weather was nice.

The best burger I ever had was a donut burger on my frist ever date, it was the sloppiest shit ever but my and the girl I was with found it the most amazing things ever and we talked for hours about it and other things.

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