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How do I prevent pasta from sticking to the bottom of the pot when i boil it?

I get so angry I shit myself.

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Might want to work on your chronic shitting issue first, anon.

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Stir it. Do you just dump it in and let it sit?

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maybe canned pasta is better for you.

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everybody does, but it sticks though

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Put some water in

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water, you say?

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Gorday says to add oil to the water

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Bring the water to a boil real fast and make sure you're stirring it or shaking it a lot. It shouldn't stick a little after the water has reached a boil.

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he's wrong, what a surprise. just use more water

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I did that for years before reading somewhere that it's useless. Turns out it's a waste of good olive oil. Ramsay is truly an amateur chef for entertainment purposes.

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This pisses me off

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Italian here. Oil in the pot is a meme since it floats on water so it'll never stick to the pasta. This is my go to routine pasta lunch which is fucking simple but I'll still spell it out for you heathens
>add water to pot, no need to fill the pot, less water boils faster
>add a teaspoon of coarse salt and cover
>when it boils, remove cover and dump the pasta
>stir after 1 minute so it doesn't stick to the bottom
>stir another time after 5 minutes
>1 minute before the pasta is done, take a small coffee cup worth of pasta water out and save it
>when the pasta is done (DO NOT EYEBALL IT, READ THE CORRECT TIME ON THE BOX FOR GODS SAKE) strain it and then put it back into the pot
>add a ladle of ragu' bolognese or any other sauce, stir
>add some of the pasta water you saved if the sauce is too thick
>transfer to plate, add grated parmigiano

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I meant

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What if I live at a higher altitude? The recommendations are never right

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>teaspoon of salt
You should add more salt to your water

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>Italian here. Pasta pro. It's in my genes. Now, first thing, don't forget to read what time the box tells you.

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Different pasta different times. You think you know better than the manufacturer?

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i stir it after about 30-60 seconds, then again every few minutes. my pasta never sticks.
no oil either.
that first stir is the most important

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This. Stir it at the start of putting it in as it starts to bend into the water. That’s the most important, and then a few times thereafter. Add a fair bit of salt too.

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More water.
A splash of OHLIVOL.
Salt it good. Yes. Salt it.
Stir right after you drop it in. Not just touching it with spoon. Stir for a minute.
Stir it couple more times during boiling.
Get yourself a nice buttplug.

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He does it because Marco Pierre-White does it and Marco only does it because his Mom did it before she died when he was young.

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idiot, oil makes the water boil faster because oil can get hotter than water

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I can’t fathom how you could get this to happen

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Fresh pasta takes 5 minutes to cook mate, just stir and watch it

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I don't think it matters unless you live on the fucking andes

not really since I usually use very savory sauces

Depending on the type of pasta, +/- 1 minute can make a lot of difference. Also it's not a matter of genes, I just make pasta every fucking day for lunch so I probably did it 10K+ times

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I wouldn't trust that fag too far if he has to tourture a cat.

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Unironically yes.

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I-i don't know. I don't do anything and the pasta never ever sticks to the bottom. Maybe you're making too much pasta at once in a pot that's too small?

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Use more salt, add more water or less pasta. Don't overcrowd your pot. Stir it once or twice during cooking.

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lower the heat when the water is boiling boi

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Savory sauces don't flavor the pasta itself you fucking moron larper.

You need more salt and to test your pasta as it comes close to being done. You can't trust the box or time. You need to scoop out a piece of pasta and taste it.

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Addendum, the only dry pasta you can't do this with is angel hair because it's done in like 1-3 minutes. You just have to hover over it and pay attention.

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the starches being released is what makes pasta stick to the bottom or itself. use more water and stir more than you are if you're having problems. all oil does is changes the surface tension of the water which can help with boil overs in smaller pots, but it also coats the dry noodles which should be avoided.

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Chefs aren't fucking scientists. 99% of the time they just go off what they learned or were told.

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Stir constantly, that's literally it

People do all these meme tricks like oil in the water but none of that matters, you can boil pasta in pure unsalted water and as long as you stir at least every minute or two nothing will stick, just stop being a lazy fatass for ten minutes

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Sounds like you're retarded if this has happened multiple times and you still haven't figured it out.

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stir it a couple times

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Why not just eat a piece of pasta to figure out if it's done? I like mine a little harder than al dente, so I never read the box, I just fish one out and eat it, and judge from there.

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When the pasta is done and you have taken the water out put a little of butter inside nad mix it. It won't get stick all together.

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Why just stirring the past while it is being boiled would prevent it from sticking together when it is done?

I stir it while it is being boiled but the problem that OP is talking about is when it is already done and you have taken the water out. After some time the past sticks together like a block.

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>idiot, oil makes the water boil faster because oil can get hotter than water

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lol, I made spaghetti in my instantpot today. Left a very viscous water, propably too little water that got too starchy. Was almost like sauce just itself. Now I wonder if I can use that to make perfect carbonaras etc.

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why the fuck would you do that

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It depends how much are you making

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I only have one big burner on my stove and I needed that to make the bolognese, so I always cook my carbs in a seperate devide, usually a rice cooker. Maybe I should cook my spaghetti in the rice cooker instead of a pressure cooker next time.

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Bolognese is supposed to be simmered, not boiled. You don't need it on full blast. Your stove sounds cucked either way if you don't have enough burners to make both sauce and boil pasta.

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You could rinse some of the starch off before boiling I'd imagine to deal with clumping. If your shit is stuck to the bottom you need to stir more often.

I just turn the heat down super low once the pot is at a rolling boil and don't give a fuck if I have to wait 8 or 9 minutes instead of 7 for it to be to the teeth so long as I'm only stirring once when I toss it in and can go jack off or whatever while I wait.

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Don't leave it in a pan by itself with no sauce for extended periods of time? Either consume it right away, or put it into a sauce right away and store it like that

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Stir it.

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Add oil to the bottom of the pot to prevent sticking.

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