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Post stories of working in the industry.

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One time this guy came in and ordered some food. And you know what the crazy part was? I fucking served it to him. But you'll never guess what happened next, OP, I swear to God this part is true: He paid for it! No kidding, paid the full amount right on the goddamn bill. Paid the whole thing and left after! Never seen anything like it, OP, you'd have been astonished.

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your mom came in and suck dick

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>get a job at a pizzeria as a driver
>immediately get put on 7 days a week
>not that I mind but it was weird, I didn’t even work a single day before they entrusted me to work 7 days a week
>during interview manager ask me about my personal life
>shit like
>”Do you do or sell drugs?”
>wtf whatever. Start working and realize that most of the people there are on hard drugs
>not your run of the mill everyone smokes and sometimes they do coke and maybe one guy does heroin
>no I get invited to a party after 4 days of working there and all the cooks were shooting heroin and all the waitresses were sniffing it and one guy was mixing heroin with MDMA because he was going to go clubbing at 6 AM in Miami. I was the only person there who was only smoking pot
>anyway, I’m thinking it’s maybe just those workers but the next day a different group of employees invite me to their get together and the same shit happens, this time the manager is there too

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>Worked at fine dining restaurant for over a year.
>New dishwasher is cute, blonde art major?
>Managers last night, tell girlfriend I am staying after to celebrate
>Gf tells me if I stay out she's breaking up with me
>Stay out, skinny dip, and fuck the new dishwasher girl
>Lose girlfriend and job

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>the place is busy though and I’m making cash so I stay
>over the next few weeks I notice this guy coming in the back
>very obviously everyone’s supplier
>we talk one day and he’s like
>”oh you’re the new driver? Yea you took the shifts I was working but I got in a car crash and got arrested for DUI resulting in injury and I got caught with a bunch of shit. Anyway man you want some shit?”
>I tell him I’m good I don’t so drugs
>he gets pissed because he took that as me trying to act holier than though for not doing drugs, gets in his car, and drives off
>find out later from other coworkers over the next few weeks that after his arrest the cops raided the pizzeria while they were closing and found a ridiculous amount of paraphernalia
>scales, baggies, what not
>manager hired me and a few other guys trying to “clean up their imagine”
>they thought it was over
>till one day, that dude comes by, drops some shit off and when he gets in his car he is quickly surrounded by unmarked cop cars.
>I’m also surrounded as well and we both get placed in cuffs
>they search his car and find a bunch of shit
>as this is happening a cook steps out and sees this and runs back inside
>cops then go in the back with a warrant
>kick customers out
>tear the place up and down
>turn off the fridge while they search it
>don’t find anything except some heroin in a cooks pocket
>I stop showing up to work
>few months later I hear that it shuts down because after the raid people stopped coming
>the guy in question ended up getting 20 years in prison.

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The only reason I don’t believe this story because no manager would hire a cutie as a dishwasher. She was probably ugly.

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Found a better picture of her without the stupid retarded watermarks.

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how did you know he was black?

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She was a 6.5 I would say

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That isn't cute you faggot. Cute is atleast 8/10

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Me tired, busy
Customer go URGGGHHHHH
Me feel helpless and sad
Customer say sorry, tip $100
Restaurant clap
Me still feel helpless but not sad

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He destroyed his life to fuck some braindead fat skank, asuming that part of the story is even true. Literally the only reason a restaurant would put a chick as dishwasher is if she doesn't speak english, or would literally scare customers away if you looked her.

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Well, 6.5 isn't that cute by my standards, but for you guys it is. That's why i said she was cute.

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>get v& and have no future prospects
>get shit job and for half a decade bartend.
>drinking on and off job until black outs and pissing the bed twice a week. Once pissed self on the job and had to mop it up, at least it was slow and only another drunk patron asleep on the bar

I quit last year and I don't drink anymore.

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Before this COVID thing I was at Applebees sitting at one of those high tables near the bar and before my waiter came to my table, he walked by three or four times and kept winking at me. I was a little bit confused but I thought maybe he had something in his eye. When he came over to take my order, after every item he winked again. At the end of the order, he winked one final time and I made a huge mistake-- I winked back. This little faggot fuck just reached down and grabbed my dick! I said
and he just winked again then walked away! I was fucking shocked and concerned but I was also hungry and I wanted my food, so I figured I would address it on the way out. The food was really good, btw. After I paid, I started walking over to the manager, and this faggot walked up behind me and slapped me in the back of the head! Fucking outrageous. I walked up to the manager and told him what happened and he just winked at me then ignored me. I'm never going back to that place.

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Never happened.

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I’ve gotten drunk enough to woken up with missing teeth, in jail with 0 recollection as to how I got there but I’ve never pissed myself. How do you guys do this to yourselves?

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>Before this COVID thing I was at Applebees sitting at one of those high tables near the bar and before my waiter came to my table, he walked by three or four times and kept winking at me. I was a little bit confused but I thought maybe he had something in his eye. When he came over to take my order, after every item he winked again. At the end of the order, he winked one final time and I made a huge mistake-- I winked back. This little faggot fuck just reached down and grabbed my dick! I said
and he just winked again then walked away! I was fucking shocked and concerned but I was also hungry and I wanted my food, so I figured I would address it on the way out. The food was really good, btw. After I paid, I started walking over to the manager, and this faggot walked up behind me and slapped me in the back of the head! Fucking outrageous. I walked up to the manager and told him what happened and he just winked at me then ignored me. I'm never going back to that place.

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It did happen. I know why you're upset thought -- is it because I cheated on my girlfriend with a dish wench? This is probably infuriating for someone that's never had the affection of a woman. Honestly though I do regret how things happened. I don't regret staying out to celebrate with my manager, but I shouldn't have cheated on my ex. Was a huge waste. Oh well you live and you learn.

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enough drinking I guess. The first time it happened it was embarrasing and I tried to make it not happen again, idk trying to drink less until not catatonic?

still kept happening, fun one was doing that with at a girls place and her screaming at me when i'm still coming out of it at 8AM after whatever.

Eventually I guess it stops becoming an avoidance and more like just dealt with, used to have to buy alot of pet stain cleaner to try and clean it but it was kind of a fruitless thing

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hahaha degenerate as fuck

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I'm gay.

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Do you piss yourself now?
A drunk mind speak sober thoughts, I think you just like pissing yourself

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No, I don't I liked waking up in piss soaked sheets and the bed's structural integrity being fucked and destroyed to flipping the mattress and trying to dry it out so many times.

I haven't done it since I stopped drinking.

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Good for you man.

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>working at state chain taco place
>late shift of mother's day
>by 6pm the trash container is full
>managers idea is to send people to step on the trash bags inside to try and compact the trash
>eventually run out of meat
>manager sends someone to buy more
>no more ice, nobody has done the dishes, customer trashcans full
>orders taking too long, customers mad left and right
>manager goes to buy ice, fucker didn't come back

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I once worked in a kitchen where nobody drank, smoked or took drugs

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Not really "better" at such a small resolution.

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At least there's no retarded watermarks all over the picture.

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I don't blame you for staying. Delivery drivers make fucking bank for a 19 year old.

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Cute is whatever I say it is, faggot.

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fucking kek

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Was better at a ski store when I was 19 an I didn't have to deal with using my own car or deal with expenses.

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Only a twat thinks that at 19 any amount of money is "mint."

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Karen: "My son spilled his soda, you need to clean it up!" *Points to table.

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Lol, i help at wifes korean church kitchen, cook for like 300 people.. Anyways after me and bible study chef get blasted on wine and chainsmoke cigs until wife angry and have to leave party. At least no hard drugs..

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He didn't tip?

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I’ve legit had this happen at the restaurant I used to work at.

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Yep, never had the affection of a woman. Sad.

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I hate food service workers who needlessly whine about non issues, but I hate highstrung sheltered faggots like you who find it impossible to believe that the general public is unable to do something so obnoxious that it’s worth a story even more. Get a job and you’ll learn that some people aren’t worth the money you’re paid.
>hurr get a better job
There’s a reason why most people in these positions don’t. I’m glad I started out in food service because it’s given me sympathy for what the workers deal with and also thankful for getting a real job.

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thanks ! I love my wallpaper bro

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Cute and hot aren’t the same thing, faggot. Cute is much more relative where hotness is universally understood. Many hot girls aren’t cute and many cute girls aren’t hot

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cute doesn't need high score stupid, a 1/10 can be cute but hot needs to be 8/10

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lol 10/10...idk what this says about me but I thoroughly enjoyed this post

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>non iPhone

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a 2/10 can be cute. it's a completely different metric

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In what world is a 2/10 a cutie?

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I spent plenty of time in food service, I just find most food service people to be obnoxious, whiny fuckfaces whose stories always sound the same and are all laced with the same contemptuous tinges of entitlement.

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>get hired as dishwasher at a pizza place my friends are working at
>they want me to try being a waiter because I'm good with people
>hate washing dishes, hate being a waiter, hate smelling food all of the time
>realize that working in a restaurant is below me

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This one.

Cute means "ugly but interesting"

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>There’s a reason why most people in these positions don’t.

>doesn't give that reason

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Someone asked you to do your job? No way

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Someone post the pancake flipping girl that cant move her arm very well. She is 2/10 but a true cutie

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I'm glad I brightened someone's day

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>work in really good restaurant 2 years after ive left theyve received their first star
>many chefs and food freaks come to us
>sometimes they bring snacks and alcoholo for us in the kitchen
>we often send them gifts from kitchen, cool dishes on a la carte and snacks
>often drink with them once the kitchen is closed
>relocate to different city
>its same. here
>i do this when i go to other places aswell
>feels good to spend some time eating and drinking with people also obsessed with eating and drinkinh

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I worked at a Family owned Vietnamese place.

Me and my friends smoked weed. And his parents owned the place, That was really the only drugs involved in my food industry experience.

I was 13-15 yrs old. I did it for the summer. And i never did it again as an adult because i got into a career that pays me to do what i love with cyber security. And without going in debt to college.

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Nice trips.

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I don’t get it

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>couple walks into pizzeria
>they ask for water
>soon after garlic rolls come out
>they ask for another order
>usually rolls are complimentary if you order food
>ask them if they are ready to order
>they say no
>give them the check, $3.00 for two orders of Garlic Rolls
>yes with an order
>manager comes and explains to them, shows them in the menu where it says rolls are complimentary with order
>they get pissed, try to pay with a card, it gets declined
>manager tells them it’s okay, just never come back to the store again
>they start review bombing our google and yelp pages and shit
>this pizzeria is owned by a guy who owns a couple pizzerias in the area and is friends with all the other pizzeria owners in the area and even some of the franchisees of the local pizza huts and shit
>the next day they just so happened to do this same shit at two other restaurants
>owners take notice of review bombings and they soon get black listed from most mom and pop pizzerias in the South Broward/North Miami Dade county area.
>work at another pizzeria a few years later, owned by same guy
>they order delivery and complain a few times, trying to get free food
>didn’t recognize them at first but once I did I told that manager and he banned them from ordering too
>their apartment was actually in a pretty expensive area and their house was not a mess at all
Blows my mind that people love to live that way.

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>line cook shows up to shift wasted
>slides arm and face on grill when he finally passes out

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Did he get burned?

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So they would go out...for free bread and water? and then spend hours of their time online if they were charged for it?

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>gets pissed because he took that as me trying to act holier than though for not doing drugs

This is the typical fucking druggie.

Tbh the government should just fucking kill heroin/crack dealers and put addicts in work camps

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Every now and then, I'd have to go into the ladies restroom and poke a giant turd with an unbent coat hanger, in order to get the toilet to flush.

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How do you like to punish waitmonkies when the food is bad? Once they served me cold macaroni and the waitress didn’t smile at me, so I didn’t tip the staff and I decided to punish them the next day.

>one of the gimp seats is open (basically padded toilet seats where the regular restaurant seat should be, you're supposed to put a bucket the restaurant gives you under it so literal retards can piss and shit while eating food, one is on each side all the way back in the corner so they don't bother people)
>load up on appetizers with my EBT card; popcorn, nachos, hotdogs, burgers, sodas, mini pizzas, the works
>claim my comfy gimp seat
>"in with the new, out with the old" non-stop for the entire duration of the feast, have half a mind to think I'm pissing and shitting beverages and food I ate earlier in the binge
>meals over, get up to leave
>I forgot to get a bucket
>big mucousy turds running down an aisle turned into a slip-'n'-slide of piss and spilled soda (and a tiny little bit of blood, I don't get enough fiber)
>big box of plain nachos I didn't eat (because the meat and cheese was on the nachos on the top) falls out of my lap and spills all over the place
>try to catch it and accidentally knock the rest of my soda over

I'd hate to be the one who had to clean that up.

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>wait monkey: walks by an obvious spill without cleaning it

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>gimp seat

>> No.14134548

Yes you can’t make this shit up.

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>Worked at a chuck e cheese part time as a senior in high school
>Cooked, cleaned, and danced as chucky
>Get done doing a stupid birthday party and have to walk the floor so all the poor kids can say hello
>Have on kid who's especially clingy and won't let go of my leg.
>Next thing I know, I black out and hit the floor
>I get up and managed to push the kids who'd dog piled on my out of the way and get into the kitchen
>Realize someone had sucker punched me and start going apeshit in the back wanting to kill whoever did it.
>Boss tells me to stay in the kitchen for the rest of the night
>Some time later
>Doing the Chucky suit and get done with a party
>Some kids dad thinks he's being cute and smacks me in the back of the head
>Queue instant anger as I throw of the mask and gloves and shove the guy and tell him off
>Ready to fight until my bosses come out and separate us. Pretty sure I'm going to get fired for this
>I don't get fired and the guy and his kid get kicked out of the place.

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>Orange F

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did you really have nothing else to do than work at chuck e cheese? jesus

>> No.14134686


I guess. I did quit and try to find another job just to be taken back right away. The boss didn't even bother to process my paper work.

Regardless, this is Georiga we're talking about so I'd still deal with Konfederate Karens, niggers, military people and their dependipotimus family among the other savory types of a town built around an army base.

>> No.14134699

Just let him make his log cabins.

>> No.14134708

I suppose he needs somewhere to go when the wife's boyfriend stops by.

>> No.14134826

I had a friend who worked at Chuck E. Cheese and made decent money. Some of the larger tables would tip 75+ and if she did 3-5 of those a day she would come out pretty good.

>> No.14134886

where the hell are you from

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>> No.14135100

This is so retarded what the fuck
Did this actually sound real to you kid?

>> No.14135123

the chuck e cheeses I know practically need bouncers for when two minority families inevitably get into a fight.

>> No.14135268

South Florida

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I left my line cook job because i was too autistic to deal with the other employees.
A line full of 20 something idiots is a blessing and a curse.

>> No.14136407

>gimp seats … (basically padded toilet seats where the regular restaurant seat should be, you're supposed to put a bucket the restaurant gives you under it so literal retards can piss and shit while eating food, one is on each side all the way back in the corner so they don't bother people)

I'm sorry, what?!
Wh... what country do you live in? I'm from Bongland & I can't even conceive of a restaurant where mentally handicapped people just drop trou and poo in buckets at the tables.

I'm imagining basically this: - https://youtu.be/WgvTgV5EoGY?t=39

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Story time?

>> No.14136432

Wait; so in parts of America it's considered normal to just punch people in mascot costumes? Just walk up to them & hit them in the head?

I mean; I hate mascots just as much as anyone else, and they scared the bejesus out of me when I was little, but there's people inside them, for goodness' sakes!

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I used to dishwasher at ihop. The people I worked with were fucking retarded and did not give a shit about anything other than the cooks. Pic related, some dumb ass waitress decided to put her drink near electrical outlets.

>> No.14136468

I guess it keeps her drink warm, and if someone knocks the drink over it'll keep the entire building warm!

>> No.14136504


Because stupid fucking parents who grab their kids and shove them in the faces of mascots to traumatize them so they are running across six different tables overturning everything to get away.

I don't know how it's not considered child abuse but whatever.

>> No.14136632

Maybe they know each other and make up the fights so they can dine & dash.

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>> No.14137615

Most kid’s aren’t scared of mascots

>> No.14137624

>go in for shift
>dishes piled up
>last night's crew didn't finish all of the prep work
>make table a mess
fuck people

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>corona time
>get a job in an old folks home
>old people not allowed to eat in the cafeteria
>i deliver food on trays to their rooms

>second week on the job
>i drive my cart with all the food to the first floor
>first is a 95 year old lady who may or may not have covid19
>procedure is to put the food-tray in the hatch next to the door and ring the bell so that she can take the tray from the inside of her room
>they're not supposed to leave the room
>i do that
>move on to the next resident
>first lady's door opens
>she looks at me confused
>i scream at her where her food is
>she goes outside
>picks up the tray from the hatch
>drops it
>it's spinach
>i go towards her and tell her to go inside
>she does
>as i clean it up she comes out again and touches me on the arm and tells me she's sorry
>got corona
>whole team in quarantine for two weeks
>infected two others

>thanks resident 201

>> No.14137764

>holier than though

>> No.14137785

she sees the light at the end of the tunnel and she's grabbing out with her dry claws to take anyone else she can with her

faggot orderly sits in quarantine for two weeks and can't do anything but cry anonymously on 4chan

based resident 201

>> No.14137848

Cuck. What kind of faggot are you?

>> No.14137899

What hes describing is called a commode chair and they are used in hospitals and long term care facilities. I'm Canadian but I've been to America plenty and have never seen one in a restaurant. And I never will, because common sense tells me its nonsense without even considering the fact that it would be a major health code violation anywhere in the civilized world.

>> No.14137938

>get lagered with mate
>go to a Turkish restaurant
>lagered mate is fat and orders masses of food
>they clear the middle for a belly dancer
>mate gets to his feet, stumbles into the centre and voms for about a minute
>half-digested Turkish and lager everywhere
>people are horrified
>dine and dash
>avoid that street for years

>> No.14138046

>south park
>not the mr. show sketch

>> No.14138069

> for eating a meal? a succulent turkish meal?

>> No.14138181

You sound like a real fucking prick. If you didn't scream at her she wouldn't have had to say sorry. You brought this on yourself and probably killed people with the 'rona.

>> No.14138300


I've seen it in Indian restaurants in the VIP sections.

>> No.14138507

I shit my pants laughing

>> No.14138596

Being Catholic is awesome

>> No.14138624

Women have it so fucking easy. you can be literally retarded and still be a 6 that dudes want you to fuck.

>> No.14138638

No, we put some aloe Vera on it and it cleared right up

>> No.14138641

That's how you know she likes to take it up the bootyhole

>> No.14138645

I think if you add up half of the users on this website you'd be a little higher than just 6

>> No.14138648

Having people want to fuck you does not translate to an easy life. It translates to never being taken seriously.

>> No.14138684

Shut up Karen

>> No.14138726

I would trade being taken seriously for never having to work another day in my life, no questions asked.

>> No.14138751

Did you lick your arm afterwards?

>> No.14138767


>be a man
>have to literally work for everything in life
>be a woman
>can just find a man who did all the hard work for you to live a good life
>use his money to do whatever stupid bullshit you want
>noooo I wanna be taken seriously

Bitch, stop trying to make something out of nothing. Take the hand life dealt you and make the best out of it. This is common sense shit that mothers told their daughters in the past but the invention of birth control and the subsequent sexual revolution made women retarded and disregard advice from their elders.

>> No.14138784

Good for you, Anon. Be proud of yourself for what you've accomplished.

>> No.14138798

Lazy worthless pieces of spittle with no drive such as yourselves would have been dead by 30 in the past.

>> No.14138805

I have plenty of drive, and I've done well for myself in life. But I'd still make that trade.

>> No.14138827

who're you >ing

>> No.14138856


No, the guy with a ton of "drive" is the one who would go out and try to hunt a bear and die at the age of 16 because he thought he was the best hunter in the village.

>> No.14138861

This is what human rodents really believe.

>> No.14138867

I want to punch him.

>> No.14138912

How is she a 2? She's very pretty.

>> No.14138933

>but I shouldn't have cheated on my ex. Was a huge waste.
She told you "if you stay out late to celebrate with your coworkers I'm breaking up with you." That's an ultimatum. Emotional abuse. She didn't love you. She's psycho. You got off easy

>> No.14138978

I worked at Bojangles in college. An old guy named Ralph came in every day and got a sausage biscuit and green beans, sometimes pintos. He would always perv on the girls working there so I loved the guy. One day he came in and I was front register so I grabbed the mic and told everyone in that Bojangles to give Ralph a round of applause - they did and Ralph loved it.
Another time I was cleaning the dining room after close and was sure I was going to quit. I moved a table to vacuum under it and found a Percocet. Took the edge off and I decided to stay.
Also I got naked one time and got in the dish washing sink to fuck with the manager.

>> No.14139026

Jesus, at least half of my cooks are full blown autists, and the rest are mentally ill in some way. Hard to understand how you couldn't get along.

>> No.14139033

>Also I got naked one time and got in the dish washing sink to fuck with the manager.

That's a very weird work-place prank.
Sounds more like somthing they'd find Joe Biden doing.

>> No.14139045


I remember seeing a thread on r9k made by a disabled girl who didn't want to go out on a blind date because no one would like a disabled girl.

I wonder if the girl in that webm is the same one.

>> No.14139058


Of course that thread ended with a ton of anons saying they would date her, and one autistic fuck pestering her for her discord. She then said she wasn't here to meet guys and just wanted to bitch about the date. Threads like that always end the same way, lol.

>> No.14139064

>Also I got naked one time and got in the dish washing sink to fuck with the manager.
u wot m8?

>> No.14139066

Did they tell her about Katawa Shoujo?

>> No.14139094

wait until you have an abusive SO lmao, you won't be able to escape because you cannot survive on your own lol

>> No.14139127

how can she not get mad ? Ill probaly end myself if i need others to help me going thru basic needs everyday

>> No.14139176

she's just hamming it up

>> No.14139209


No, it was just a bunch of horny coomers trying to get her contact information

>> No.14139225


Just make a post on reddit about your abusive SO, wait for desperate white knights to PM and then move in with the cutest one who has the most money.

>> No.14139559

That’s fucking gross

>> No.14139595


>> No.14139627

Fucking weird ass normalfags thinking 7 is average. 7 is already two points above average. 8 is very hot, 9 is crazy hot, 10 is top tier impossibly hot. So it follows 6 would be reasonably cute

Your scales all suck ass

>> No.14139643

Are you 13, anon

>> No.14139750

This guy gets it.

>> No.14139760


If you weren't a VIP, you'd have to poo in the thoroughfare.

>> No.14139780
File: 23 KB, 250x310, waitress.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>get off work as line cook
>go to small diner near my house
>settle into a banquette still warm from previous diners
>waitress comes up
>what can I getcha?
>what I want isn't on the menu
> you mean this?
>she takes my hand and slides it up her dress
>my fingers make contact with cotton and hot and wet
>or maybe this
>she slides under the banquette and unzips me
>she starts sucking my cock rather enthusiastically
>swings herself around
>I push her white cotton panties aside
>two fingers in puss, thumb up her butt
>she's sucking me and I am finger pumping her
>finally shoot my wad
>she shudders and goes limp
>stands up and straightens her dress
.>so can I bring me some food big brother?
>yes sis, this puberty thing has made you crazy
>yea Mom keeps saying that
>the end

>> No.14140018


>> No.14140066

>work at airport restaurant
>in the concourse, so we're pass the security
>people complain about us serving them food they can't bring onboard
honestly people whatever you buy after the security the TSA don't really give a fuck
its all on the airliners on whether or not they want you to bring on food

>> No.14140720

Most want you to eat peanuts

>> No.14140899
File: 75 KB, 636x477, ff812a75bdba906c23a22c300a1c0994.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why did jannies delete the last thread? It was pretty good and actually had to do with food

>> No.14141368

I bet your phone's screen is crusty as fuck by now.

>> No.14141673

It's fairly obvious, but not very politically correct.

>> No.14142012

What's politically incorrect about social mobility being an illusion to keep the masses compliant in a corrupted version of capitalism?

>> No.14142417
File: 23 KB, 640x480, 1447594606829.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>google image search
>it's called beautiful waitress
>more beautiful waitress show up

>> No.14142427
File: 1.60 MB, 1500x1101, stock-photo-portrait-of-a-beautiful-friendly-waitress-in-glasses-with-notepapers-and-pen-ready-to-take-your-1173360151.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck, why did I do this to myself?

>> No.14142432

he posts one each week when the old industry story thread 404s.

>> No.14142955

Because Jannies don’t like Lexi Belle they like Taco Belle.

>> No.14143340

>Food and Cooking

>> No.14143436

It was a picture of Lexi Belle in a waitress uniform

>> No.14144190


>> No.14144230

>work at panera bread
>nothing bad ever happens
>no bad run-ins with customers
>no one even remotely mad
Maybe it's because it's a more expensive place but I have no horror stories.

>> No.14144282

Asked a guy what drink he wanted, all he said was "Original". Asked him to clarify, he just repeats himself. This continues a few more times, both of us getting more and more frustrated until he finally says he wants a coke.

Fuck customers.

>> No.14144293

Because you live a nice area.

>> No.14144298

This was a college town so yeah fairly nice.

>> No.14144685

when you're a 1/10

>> No.14144727
File: 50 KB, 640x960, 969911_640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here's a freebie you mongs

>> No.14144962

can I chime in with my bartender stories?
>ungodly amounts of human bodily fluids
>terrible bar/club cleanliness
>some of the worst chefs I've ever worked with
>customers are just the worst wondering why their 27 cocktail order isn't made RIGHT NOW.
>servers in the weeds constantly fucking up drinks orders
>servers and chefs trying to mooch free drinks all the time

>> No.14144992

I can actually yeah
>At work and in my whites, serving the scoops of ice creams. This stunning redhead comes up to me
Here’s the story I had for a while long and then I was off to a massage
>sadly my boss doesn’t believe me and I owe him $50
This chick asks me what sort of creaming I can give her, I stutter that she can swallow whatever she wants
See. My boss is trying to get me into hook up culture and made a bet with me over it.
So it’s my house, I’m balls deep in her and she’s moaning my name.
As I cum I take a pic with my phone but she gets angry and leaves.
The photo is blurry but I’ll try to show it to my boss and win the bet.

>> No.14145036

Hello, ICE? We got another one.

>> No.14145040


>> No.14145046


She is giving me the same look as any other waitress. That forced smile while she is disgusted by having to interact with me.

>> No.14145077

One time my fiancee and I were leaving applebee's (I think it was her first time), and on the way out I spotted a middle-age couple signing their divorce papers over half-price apps.
We still joke that if we get divorced, we'll do it at applebee's.

>> No.14145156

Yea man, bartenders delivery boys and supermarket ducks are always welcome in RSS, Restaurant stories general

>> No.14146263

Bump because fuck you

>> No.14146270

I want to care for Lexi Belle after she's so busted up that the pervert community has no further use for her. That's the life for me.

>> No.14146283

>work at papa john
>code "papa" 50% off anything
>hook all my friends up
>friend orders a $28 extra large double every topping pizza
>pizza weighed about 10 pounds
>friend still shitting to this day

>> No.14146427

Based and self-respecting pilled

>> No.14146491

>decided to put her drink near electrical outlets

>> No.14146539

>pub, sell lots of meals
>drunk lady comes up to complain about meal taking so long
>speaking really loud cuz drunk voice
>demands to see chef
>chef hears, comes out
>she berates him
>once she's done, she sees a small bowl of olive stones someone has left on the bar having finished their olives
>she must've thought they were nuts or something because she grabs a handful and shoves them in her mouth
>chef and I watch in awe as she chews a little then looks very confused
>she walks off with stones still in her mouth
>chef and I just exchange looks and start laughing

>> No.14147205

I'm 90% certain that a deep-learning AI wrote this post.

>> No.14147240

she got pregnant and married some guy and hit the wall hard after she had the baby

>> No.14147264

>the industry

>> No.14147270

>hurr get a better job
>There’s a reason why most people in these positions don’t

because they are retards

>> No.14147483
File: 7 KB, 282x179, that tickles my funny bone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>me and group of friends are regulars at a restaurant
>6-8 of us go there every Thursday for their wing special and order a bunch of drinks and too much food
>each of us always leaves a 25% tip or more because we get great service and want to support this place we frequent so often
>one week we get a new waitress
>she's garbage: never pays attention to us, doesn't ask if we want more drinks, ignores when we try to wave her down
>as we're waiting for our checks we're all discussing our tips
>everyone agrees that because she's new and the place is busy we should give her a break and tip at least 15-20% each
>look at receipt: "8% forced gratuity applied"
>we all look at each other and laugh
>"Well, if that's what she thinks her service is worth, who are we to argue?"
>leave no additional tip
>never tip that entitled bitch in the future
>continue tipping every other server the normal 25%+ each week
That was the first time I ever saw a forced gratuity on a restaurant bill, but from that day on any time I see it I make a mental note and never tip that person again. Sorry, you made a bet and you lost.

>> No.14147490

it's because she no longer had to rely on her own cooking

>> No.14147652

>native lady orders takeout a steak with cheese toast
>she eats the toast on her way home
>calls us to complain that she ate her toast on the way home and now does not have toast to eat with her steak

>> No.14147744

>working at Tim Hortons
>after dark, only drive thru is open, only myself and one other person on staff
>guy orders 4 12-inch turkey clubs with no modifications
>they come with honey mustard standard
>he takes them and drives away
>some amount of time later
>guy comes back
>"Okay, sir, come around to the window and we'll help you out."
>open the window as he drives up
>he throws 4 sandwich bags directly at me as hard as he can before I can even speak
>agree that we can remake the order for him free of charge
>coworker is making the sandwiches
>check order history, he was here THREE HOURS AGO
>clearly did not go home and come straight back
>open up the sandwich bags from the floor
>there were 4 half-eaten 6-inch sandwiches, meaning they ate 75% of each 12-inch sandwich before coming back

The absolute shittiest thing about food service to me was having to give these lying beggars free shit and not being allowed to call them out or refuse their obvious bullshit.

>> No.14147803

thats epic

>> No.14148387


>> No.14148409
File: 1.90 MB, 814x1031, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Definitely not. The girl in that webm is one of those autistic girls that is still really into Disney at age 25. 4chan would offend her delicate sensibilities.

>> No.14148468

Lots of restaurants will apply an automatic gratuity to groups of 6ish or more but 8% is unusually low. Maybe your usual servers forego it because they know your group is cool, and the new girl was just following the policies of the restaurant because she's new and didn't want to get in trouble. Idk where you live though. If you've never seen the automatic gratuity it must not be common where you are.

>> No.14148650

I'd have made him a mean suicide special. That's pretty original.

>> No.14148666


>> No.14148725
File: 55 KB, 1024x512, ECVZWKbTbZGl+_port.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14148739

I'd offend the shit out of her, unironically literally.

>> No.14148767

>Asked a guy what drink he wanted, all he said was "Original"
Literally my first thought when reading this was, "Does this restaurant serve pop? Is he asking for cola?" You might be fucking retarded, anon.

>> No.14148791

she cute no matter what

>> No.14148805

I think you just internalized some advertising campaign that some of us weren't exposed to.

>> No.14148864
File: 192 KB, 367x310, madbird.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

faggot detected

>> No.14148909
File: 725 KB, 2048x1536, 1451335819663.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14148959

At my local airport, it's pretty easy to buy a BK with bacon and cheese, and pass it past security.

I can recall 2-3 occasions where I still had a delicious, lukewarm hamburger waiting for me midflight.

>> No.14148997

Well, there no fucking reason they should come with honey mustard as a standard. They should have mayonnaise. I'm on his side.

>> No.14149009
File: 85 KB, 573x400, 1589990025293.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you well NEVER have a cute autistic gf who's still really into Disney at 25 to love and care for and make happy

>> No.14149010

Timeless beauty

>> No.14149013

No, his complaint was that he wanted them dry, with NO sauce, and he claimed that he ordered them with no sauce but he did not. He was lying, anon. He just wanted to get 4 free sandwiches 3 hours later after eating the first ones.

>> No.14149017

I’m sorry the world failed you so much that your standards are that low

>> No.14149020

I have a girl like this texting me right now and I cannot bring myself to be interested in her. I'm trying but I feel like there's gotta be something wrong with her.

>> No.14149021

Ok but why the fuck do they come with honey mustard

>> No.14149026

shut the fuck up whiny bitch

>> No.14149030

She was probably molested as a child, which means she fucks like a maniac.

>> No.14149035

Gimme her number

>> No.14149037

Post screencaps.

>> No.14149048

g-good to know
She doesn't talk about Disney but she mentioned her love for it in her Tinder bio. The conversation is so incredibly boring. Not gonna post it

>> No.14149051

No, in addition to working fast food for a few years I just know some people who like cola and don't care if it's Pepsi or Coke so they try to find generic ways to order it so that they don't get the "IS PEPSI/COKE OKAY :^)" spiel every time when they say the wrong one. The problem is that most people are too stupid to process anything other than brand names, so if they say "I'd like cola" the servers get just as confused anyway.

>> No.14149059

I dunno, it's just the Tim Hortons turkey club recipe. I don't make the fucking rules here, anon.

>> No.14149131

Well fuck Tim Horton

>> No.14149253

Honey mustard is dank though and the best sandwich condiment aside from roasted tomato

>> No.14149328

The Pepsi/Coke spiel is absolutely necessary.
It allows us, Pepsimans, to refuse the lesser product and instead order something else, like Orangeade/rootbeer.

Fuck you Coca-Cola.

>> No.14149583

This is why I purposely try to make myself seem like a spineless beta, now I'll fully admit I'm a hideous fuck, but being hideous and "untrustworthy" looking is a bar combo. Then she thinks she's found her free meal ticket and I start abusing her again. Good fun

>> No.14149594

A 2/10 is someone horribly disfigured.

>> No.14149598

Definitely has that tone to it

>> No.14149607

Disney is literally the biggest red flag possible. You're safer wifing a girl that was diddled by daddy, fucks niggers, and has a nosering. Liking Disney for girls is like the equivalent of a man saying he likes to wear other peoples skin and eat tampons. The only difference is about 40% of women are that mentally ill

>> No.14149615

I'm not sure I'd even risk a pump and dump

>> No.14149645

What's a 1/10 then?

>> No.14149660

moot in a dress

>> No.14149676

The same but even more disfigured. That meme image with the cute girl marrying the marine that was horribly burned is a 1/10 IMO.

>> No.14149911


>> No.14149981

>be in high school
>server at red lobster
>unstable 6'5" school shooter looking guy comes in very rarely
>mood swings, in late 20s but lives with parents
>wears long leather trenchcoat everytime
>talking to young host, "flirting" but lowkey scaring her
>tells me "isn't my mom beautiful?"
>I nod "sure"
>mom is obviously embarrased
>I laugh it off "miss, you're gorgeous"
>he lets out unsettling laugh
>random woman's water breaks in a waiting booth
>my bitchass manager has to clean it
Kek what a hellhole

>> No.14150006

another one
>husband and wife come to the bar biweekly
>needy, loud, annoying, but typically @ the bar
>tip decent so whatever
>both are simultaneously having affairs
>both come same red lobster with their sidepieces
>new girl shadowing me
>she casually says "weren't you here the other day with your wife?" to the guy
>in front of his actual wife
>I'm floored
>shit hits the fan and drama ensues
>I bring appetizers while they argue
>hiding back the lols
>wife leaves in tears by the time entrees come

>> No.14150039

Sounds like fun job.

>> No.14150068

>>she casually says "weren't you here the other day with your wife?" to the guy
This needs to be on the list of things to never say to a man, like how everyone says you should never ask a woman how far along she is just because she has a distended belly.

>> No.14150219

well top is protected but bottom array will short if it's still protected and cause a few free meals, if not it will make some nice fireworks for the customers.
>image is not in a restaurant
>image is over a concrete floor
>nothing will happen but conceptualize if it would have been a happening.jpeg

>> No.14150246

learn how to fucking greentext please god this was atrocious to read

>> No.14150250

He looks so fucking weird

>> No.14150865


>> No.14151251

The Disney obsessed types have no personality and think they can replace where a personality would go with Disney. They're as bad as those girls who change personality, hobbies, and interests based on whatever guy they're with this time. They're shambling husks with nothing inside.

>> No.14151468

Because restaurants are all cash they are widely used to wash mafia money, and the dumbasses end up hiring convicted fellons and these kind of things happen

>> No.14151489

>be me
>come in one night to back up a mate who's a chef
>I'm senior FOH and I have that night off so whatever
>get put on dishes in my blacks
>fuck it, who cares
>halfway through get sent to FOH because it's a clusterfuck
>clothes stink because dishes were next to pans
>dockets all lost
>chef gordon ramseys out and comes into dining floor to crack the shits with a customer mid-service
>brings a hit pan with a fish and stands next to customer and says he will put it on their plate whenever they think it's cooked enough, he will wait.
>I work in a chain hotel, never seen this shit before
>it's a $15 family pasta place
>chef is owner

>> No.14151501

>be me
>called into same pasta place to back up mate who's a chef
>all their FOH got fired by Gordon the head chef
>declined a job offer but agree to come in for keks and cash in hand
>hear screaming from kitchen, it's only 20 minutes into dinner service and Gordon is at it already
>hear chef call from kitchen
>customers visibly concerned, I'm beaming
>chef waves a jar of capers at me
>Don't say shit, assume it's rhetorical
>"uh it's capers boss"
>chef screams incoherantly at tattoo'd meth addict third aprentice
>poker face hard and return to FOH
>got fucked up after work with third apprentice who got fired
>he pawns his knives to me for meth money.

>> No.14151513

i used to do translation of signage, manuals etc for industrial equipment, like meat grinders, freezer units, ovens .etc
was a pretty good gig for a while but now everyone is good at English so ive moved on

>> No.14152811

That's a child you sick fuck.

>> No.14152815

No, you're just getting old.

>> No.14152876

>be me, 15
>get first real job, washing dishes at a very popular italian restaraunt
>job sucks ass, working 7 hour shifts twice a week, stay from about 3pm to 10pm depending on how busy we are (cleaning the kitchen equipment before closing always took fucking forever)
>not really a problem because i am doing hs online bc autism
>owner is greek guy who told me I would be getting paid $10 an hour when I was only getting paid $8.50 (minimum wage)
>no breaks
>hands always burned by hard chemicals for washing dishes
>wasnt even supposed to be working in a kitchen at 15 by law
>didnt complain because i really wanted a job

There are soooo many stories I have about that place, and there were so many interesting characters there but it would take forever to describe them all. There were always 2 dishwashers per shift.
~65 year old dishwasher, ex-navy, pretty sure he got kicked out for drinking. Guy is thin as a stick but is always talking about weightlifting and how he was a big weightlifter back in the day. Has a big, grey curly moustache and think new york accent. Drinks a ton of Bang. Always gets stressed out "WERE TOO FAR BEHIND" "OH SHIT MAN WE GOTTA GO FASTER", really stressful to work with sometimes but a nice and very friendly guy

~30 years old, pretty big and chubby, has a speech impediment and most likely autism. Is your average /pol/ack, we always talk about politics and he introduced me to some topics I never knew about (USS Liberty, MKULTRA, shit like that). Very interesting and very kind. Only working there because he is studying for criminal justice school and needs money

Mark is an enigma, not sure how old he is but im gonna say probably around 50. Looks a lot like a homeless guy who, judging by his demeanor and physical appearance (especially teeth), was almost certainly addicted to meth at some point in time (if not at the time i was working there). (part 2 soon)

>> No.14152928

(part 2)
Always talking about sex, hes kinda a pervert. Asks me about sex and give me "tips" on fucking and having sex. Oh well. He has also been at the restaraunt for ages.

Last guy I can't remember his name, but he was this black guy who was super nice and kind. He was basically like a father to me, talked to me about life and shit. He was a cook and would let me do some cooking stuff every now and then.

Anyways, fast forward a few months and I get burned out of that job (obviously), and they stop calling me back. Fast forward about a year, and the greek guy is opening a brand-new greek place next door. I guess he sold the other restaraunt. He calls me in to be the head dishwasher and manage stock and stuff like that (im only 16 now so that is pretty cool)

>walk in
>everything is shiny and beautiful
>new staff, but some people came from previous restaraunt
>enjoy working there, but its a bit stressful since the kitchen is tiny and there is no room for the dishes or anything else and the cooks don't really seem to care
>oh well, keep on working
>"you know anon, we are thinking about training you to cook!"
>family comes in and talks to owner, i really like the job, feels like a family

Now here is one more character...
Probably about 30 years old, has been to prison and talks like a gangsta. Calls me his nigga. Really awesome and wholesome dude, even though he gets into arguments sometimes with the owner. He is really "spiritual", basically Martin Cabello levels of thinking. Really cool dude though. Him and the owner go back a long time. After a few weeks of working with him I actually remember him getting into a big argument with the owner and getting fired the first day I worked at the old restaraunt.

>owner and front of house are complaining about POS system
>i am really into programming and stuff so I offer to make them a new one on a raspberry pi
>owner says yes

>> No.14152966
File: 92 KB, 400x400, C746A3F0-94D0-4892-9D2F-CA76CDCF1518.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>using tinder
>thinking a convo with a whore from tinder means anything

>> No.14152970

>oh fuck yeah this is the start of my career as a software mogul im gonna get rich
>bring my laptop and work on code during breaks (yes we get breaks with free gyros)
>everything going great for the first few weeks

>one day, paul is working next door at the old restaraunt
>i see him outside and we get to talking
>conversation shifts to the menu of the new restaraunt
>tell him we serve pizza too (yes pizza at a fucking greek place)
>he orders some
It is important to keep in mind that the Greek guy who is my boss hates the guy he sold the old restaraunt to, so they really don't like eachother and are always complaining about stupid shit like "duhhhh ur sign is too big".
So based boomer paul ordering a pizza and sharing it with the staff at the other place is like a slap in the face to the other owner. Everybody is happy and laughing about it

But then...
>been open for a month or so
>customers still not coming
>notice irregularities in my paycheck
>he started paying me $8.50 again instead of $10
>docked 4 hours from my paycheck for no appareant reason
>confront him about it
>"well you see anon, you left a light on overnight a few nights ago (i was in charge of closing up), and you just haven't been performing."
>"plus, you and most of the other staff aren't clocking out for lunch!"
>that's total bullshit, I always clock out for lunch, and he even asks me if I am clocked out for lunch while I am eating it and I say yes
>"oh yeah, and you are always on your computer when you should be working! (BS)"
>he never told me about any of this before
>goes on to talk to me for 30 minutes about "hard work" and shit, trying to get me to ignore him not paying me
>whatever, I let it go
>fast forward another few days
>business is still bad
>staff turnaround is high because he does this shit to everybody, new staff seem to come and go every week
>i remain because i hope it can be salvaged and i can become a cook/get a higher position

Final part coming soon

>> No.14153036
File: 28 KB, 480x480, AHHHHHHHH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


This is the best part.

Now it is important to note that the owner is regularly abusive to the staff, including me. He calls me retarded and stupid in broken english all the time, but I put up with it.

>earlier in the day we received a shipment
>in the shipment were a few buckets of dishwashing machine detergent
>this stuff is really strong, eats through metal
>you have to be really careful and make sure not to get any on your hands

>i am in charge of pouring out the old bucket of detergent and connecting the dishwashing machine to the new one
>i am told to just pour it out onto the sidewalk behind the restaraunt (which is probably really bad for the enviroment since it goes to a storm drain and then directly into a nearby retention pond with fish in it)
>pour it out onto the curb, puddle forms, whatever
>finish that up and its lunchtime
>all staff who work a full 14 hour shift from opening to close get a free gyro/sandwhich for lunch, it has always been that way, and the owner and head waitress even told me so
>ask for my gyro
>"alright anon, that will be $4.00" (half the price of the gyro)
>"your gyro, its half off for employees"
>wdym, I didn't bring any money and it was never like this?
>go to the owners office
>ask about the gyro
>"what the fuck are you talking about? it has always been that way, nobody ever is allowed free food"
>"stop trying to lie, anon!"
>head waitress comes in
>"yeah, idk what you are going on about anon, the lunch meals have always been half off"
>pissed off, walk outside and sit on the curb
>jose and another cook come out to console me (the kitchen people were always really nice)
>we talk for a bit, then i notice a burning sensation
>it gets worse
>look down
>ass is on fire
>pic related
>jeans have now become stiff as cardboard
>pain is so bad I can't take it
>call mom to pick me up, can't ride bike like this

>> No.14153111

>literally the worst pain I have ever felt in my life
>jeans are literally like sandpaper at this point because of the detergent, which doesn't help at all
>imaging your ass cheek being bit by an entire fire ant colony at once, then rubbed with sandpaper and finally lit on fire
>multiply that feeling by 10
>chemicals are eating through my ass cheeks at a rapid pace
>finally get home, jump in the shower
>at this point my ass looks like if it were exposed to a nuclear bomb, completely red and blistered
>mom works as receptionist at a doctors office
>she takes a picture of my ass cheeks, which at this point have been annihilated by chemical burns, to send to the doctor she works for so he can decide what the best course of action is
>she takes another one, asking me to turn my head around so she can get both my face and my scorched ass in the frame, to use as evidence if we decide to sue (so the court knows its MY ass and not a random picture)
>sends them all to the doctor
>doctor says to go to the hospital
>nah fuck that
>for the next week i cannot sit or stand, i have to lay down ass up or it hurts like hell
>mom shares pictures of my ass cheeks with her family (shes mexican so if something happens to someone in the family everybody has to know)
Fast forward a week or two
>never went back to working there
>only go twice to pick up my paychecks (pay is 2 weeks behind), never saying a word to anyone
>mexican aunts make fun of me whenever they came over, calling me "culo de fuego" (ass of fire), for months

>find out from friend who is maintainence manager at the plaza where the restaraunts are at (who got me the job in the first place) that they are still low on customers and that they are behind on lease
>serves him right
>my ass cheeks (and ego) are still scarred to this day

>> No.14153125
File: 91 KB, 230x230, vodkat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also, it is interesting to note how, when they first opened, they made everything from scratch. Gyro meat was cooked on these big ass rotating barbeque things, etc. But I guess it started getting too expensive because over the course of about a month since opening they switched to frozen ingredients (and the quality of the food started getting worse in turn)

>learn from same friend that the greek owner screwed him over once two for like $1000
>learn from other friends who worked for him that he screws everyone over

I probably could have sued his ass off and made plenty of money from it, but I just don't care. I guess the moral of the story is don't let people take advantage of you.

>> No.14153131

Gordon ramsay?

>> No.14153139

Imagine getting butthurt because of $4

>> No.14153419

>he throws 4 sandwich bags directly at me
How is it that these stories never end here with the person calling the police to report an assault?

>> No.14153434

>be me
>be in high school
>working in a local sandwich shop(kind of like Jersey Mike's and Subway mixed together)
>mexican dude working in the condiments section
>white guy asks "Can I get extra mayonnaise?"
>mexican says not so under his breath "I'll get mayonnaise for your mom" in Spanish
>white guy knows Spanish
>white guy doesn't appreciate that statement and gets the manager
>mexican guy gets fired
>i have to work both the meat and condiments section for almost an hour until someone can fill in

>> No.14153599

Was it really necessary to use the N-word?

>> No.14153619

If the people who post these stories werene't huge pushover pussies they wouldn't have ended up on 4chan

>> No.14153650

>he throws 4 sandwich bags directly at me as hard as he can before I can even speak
>>agree that we can remake the order for him free of charge
I would've told him to fuck off and hucked a large sprite at his car.

>> No.14153680

I thought he was talking about Budweiser. Who the fuck calls Coke, "original?" Classic, maybe, but also cryptic. If anything that'd be Dr. Pepper.

>> No.14153713

thanks for making the cabin smell like stale cheeseburger. I fucking hate people like you.

>> No.14153797

Fuck your cabin. I'm also sneaking on my own booze, just give me ice and water.

>> No.14153800

Police weren't going to give a shit about a dude throwing bread at me. I wasn't harmed and I didn't feel like I was in danger, so why waste the cops' time and the time I'd have to spend explaining to the owner why I called the cops? It's just a bunch of hassle over nothing.
No, it's whiny pussies who call the cops over some bags of fucking bread being thrown at them with no injury. Some people manage their own problems. Had the guy tried to come into the store or threatened me in any serious way that'd be a different story, but it didn't even stain my clothes.

The problem with this is I didn't want to get fired, which I could have if I'd done some shit like that.

>> No.14153828

cope. imagine taking shit over minimum wage.

>> No.14153841

>be me
>Group of huge women come walking in
>They ask for well done baked potatoes, hot sauce, collard greens and a country fried steak
>Bring food, they ask for tobasco sauce
>Few minutes later check their table, they say the hot sauce is too spicy
>Accuse me of mixng up hot sauce and bringing the wrong thing even though it's just a bottle of tobasco they asked for
>Said their baked potato was overdone even though they ordered it that way
>Hold out my hand for plate with potato
>Big ham beast picks up her sour cream covered potato and drops it in my hand
>Stormed off to the back, threw potato away and washed hands
>Left me a dollar tip and stayed 5 hours
>Literally robbing me of other customers at my table
Quit 2 months later, bullshit like that and beyond

>> No.14153850

>it didn't even stain my clothes

Read what you wrote back to yourself. If you do not see any issue with what you have written, you are in deeper shit than I thought possible.

>> No.14154343

proof that fat woman are some of the worst creatures on earth (america)

>> No.14154495

kek good one anon

>> No.14154588

One day at a time.

>> No.14154592

I had a gay manager where I worked, literally gay. Anyway we worked next to this military sign up place and the recruits would be exercising in front and he would always take his lunch when they were outside and sit in the booth where he could see them, and fantasize about what he would do to the 18 year old boys doing jumping jacks or whatever

>> No.14154608


>> No.14154610

I was actually paid $11 per hour at the time while minimum wage was $7 and this was 10 years ago.
Literally no actual harm was done to me, therefore I did not call the police. You're right, I don't get the problem. Should I be some retarded nigger who gets bent and chimps out over everything? Would that be better?

>> No.14154726

Sounds like a pretty cool dude. Just watch out for your cornhole.

>> No.14154778

It's spelled tabasco you illiterate retard. No wonder you're in food service.

>> No.14154787

You should have told him to fuck off or you're calling the police. Nicely and with tact, of course. I just did it today to some hysterical bitch.

>> No.14155067
File: 1.48 MB, 3024x4032, 1587262142075.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>getting someone fired over a "yo momma" joke
Why are americans such thin-skinned bitches who can't handle or dish out the bantz?

>> No.14155100

Insulting a stranger, much less a customer, for no reason is fucking retarded. Shitskins chimp out over less than that. He got fired for being a retard, not for "bantz". Faggot.

>> No.14155176


>> No.14155343

>"yo momma likes my mayo" is considered an insult
lmao just him back with your own joke, or shut his ass up with a pinche culero puto, instead of being a little bitch calling a manager "a boohoo he hurt my feefees, he said my mom wants to eat his mayo baaah!!" fucking pathetic

>> No.14155360

>hey can I get a cheeseburger?
>yeah, some of this dickcheese!
>lmao can't handle the batnz
Nah, fuck off.

>> No.14155366

Okay faggot, let's see you run a business where you let spics talk shit to customers.

>> No.14155396

You're a fucking pussy if you think someone calling you a faggot to your face is bantz. If you talked back to me I would spit in your face.

>> No.14155409

Look at the chin on her, cripes.

>> No.14155418

>be forced to go to the worst sub place in town
>two dumb wagies building my cheap sandwich
>mexican skimps on the mayo so I ask for more
>tells my he's gonna creampie my mom
I wouldn't call the manager but only a pathetic sap would pull shit like that in a minimum wage environment where the customer doesn't want to be there either. faggot felipe should just squirt his mayo in silence like a good wagie

>> No.14155565

anon please, I'm trying to do no-fap

>> No.14155629

>You should have told him to fuck off or you're calling the police
>I just did it today to some hysterical bitch
Are you sure you're not the hysterical bitch, Karen?

>Why are americans such thin-skinned bitches
I think VCAT is Australian isn't it? They're way thinner skinned.
That said, as someone who has interviewed people for IT jobs, I can sympathise with them. Even if they have nearly zero chance of success.

>> No.14155635

Yeah, she's a 2/10.
I wouldn't bang her either.

>> No.14155653

Found the spic

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