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Pic-related for me.

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good for transferring chopped things and cleaning up

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Is OP’s pic a fishy flippy?

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those get enough appreciation desu. Too much even.

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it says it's a winco stainless, learn to read

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I been meaning to pick one of these up.

For me it's the Kitchamajig.

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it says its for fish, but really its for everything.

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That's the point, I've found them far more useful than "traditional" spatulas.

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love these niggas

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i love when you need new ones and some fuckwitt gets the idea to save 75c per bottle and buy the cheap ones where the lid pops off when you squeeze it.

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t. mommy and daddy still take care of me

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i use mine for everything, amazon basic, great for Sunday roasts as it wipes clean so no more scrubbing the pan all week

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are you the dumb cunt that thinks they'll impress the gm when they save $2.00 on the equipment budget at the end of the month? Or just some other retard?

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I don't know any of your slave-speak, are you pretending to have a job at a restaurant?

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i barely use my stainless steel pots anymore except to boil water

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Is this another americanism? Never understood the use of this. Lettuce is supposed to be wet.

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It's for drying leafy veg after washing.

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Shit b8

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Not that guy, and I don't make salads with lettuce enough to justify owning a salad spinner, but lettuce absorbs excess water and becomes limp if let to sit for awhile.

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Are you retarded? pic related. that is a fish turner.

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Plus it makes the dressing watery

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I like the thing that does the thing. you know the thing

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the pelmeninator!

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yea thats a cool item. It does the same job as a pizza cutter but it can do a whole bunch more!

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How the fuck is a spatula underrated you big-titted hambeast? I should just slap your snatch so fast.

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Underrated ≠ underappreciated, dumdum. Also, I was specifically referring to the "fish" spatula.

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Use the spine of a knife.

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That's a mongoloid, not a fish turner.

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Yes that's THE cheese knife from the movie Bladerunner.
Only higher evolved humans use this magnificent technology

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>Eating watered down dressing and sloshing nuts and fruits

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>fish slice
>doesn't slice fish

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Worked in a kitchen, these are great

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>he never has to chop parsley after washing it

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If you don't have a wooden spoon then what the FUCK are you doing?

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I never understood these, how are they superior to a normal everyday knife for cheese?

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I'm guessing that when you cut cheese, it gets stuck to the side of your knife, so you can't do lots of thin slices quickly. So with the holes it's more likely to just fall off and let you slice fast like a mad cunt.

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I prefer the pastic ones, they don't get fucked once one corner gets a little bent plus you have a curved side for scraping big mixing bowls

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>dutch oven
>is actually just a pot

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pretty much. Its just less friction so the blade is easier to push through, like how they cut cheese with a wire instead of a blade. Those shitty knives dont really work though.

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the unitasker of the knife world, only good for old arthritic hands and mommy bloggers.

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This, but also pic related

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knives are unitaskers, all they can do is cut stuff

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knives also chops things

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But they can slice and dice

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those are just different words for cutting :(

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What about slashing and carving?

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Stabbing, shaving, circumcising, throwing, sharpening and use as mirror.

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also synonyms.

synonym, synonym, synonym, way to achieve cutting, maintenance (not a use), MIRROR I WILL ACCEPT

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Knives officially no longer classified as unitaskers because you can use them as mirrors. Shitty carbon steel and ceramic knives are still unitaskers, though.

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Doesn't understand that an action can have specialized subtypes. NGMI

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by some limited misleading definition of same.

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make a video of you doing all these actions and I'll tell you why you're wrong.

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stovetops and ovens are both unitaskers, they can only cook

like, why even have both?

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I don't even need videos to tell you you're wrong, one-minute sameposter who's arrived late in the game!


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weak. try again.

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no u

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Chopping and stabbing are using completely different movements of the knife and are facilitated by different geometries.
Same can be said for slicing.
Shaving is a subset of slicing and again is facilitated by different blade geometries than slicing.
Dicing, circumscribing, and carving are all complex actions that I will not deal with here.
Throwing is a class of its own.

There are many different possible knife geometries and each is suited to different specific tasks. There is no general knife without major comprimises.
Therefore, it is reductionistic and misleading to call them all the same action.

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Knives can also pry

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I win

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That's just a type of cutting.

That's just a type of cutting

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fucking hell lad, "knives are unitaskers" is ancient egyptian /ck/ bait, it's like "burning ice" or tipping

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Forgive me. I'm new to this board.
I had fun though.
I wish I had more kinds of knife action to categorize.

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No problem, friendo, you gave me plenty of replies before I took pity.

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I call it cutting and I do it with a knife

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I call it cutting and I do it with your mother.

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You can use a rocker to dice most veg and spices.
You can also use the blade to squash into paste.
A top quality one can replace alot of doughmaking tools.

Don't talk about thing you know nothing about.
The kitchen I used to work at had three of those because they were used for prep and service

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You can do all that with a knife, which is also a unitasker (other than using as a mirror).

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>I'm new to this board
Today, kids, we learned why we all must lurk more.

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Fuck you I do what I want.
Also, this board is boring to lurk - which is why I didn't come here before now.

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I do have a bunch of wooden spoons which I use to avoid scraping up my non-stick pans, but surely a plastic one would be just as good and easier to clean?

>> No.14137877

I like rubber spatulas for stuff like pan sauces. Just be sure it has a high heat rating; no one wants melted rubber in their saucy sauce.

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The large spoon. So versatile.

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>Saves you from having to wash up a colander in your path

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edgy as fuck, mate. how's your unitasker?

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This is unrelated I guess. I bought a stand mixer about a month ago, haven't had a use for it.

>> No.14138270

Why would you buy something without having a use in mind?

I just use mine for pizza dough, it's the best gadget I've got by a mile. In that same vein, getting a piece of mild steel cut to fit your oven is a great kitchen tool, although maybe it doesn't count because the ones you can actually buy are 3-4 times the price because some retard wrote "baking steel" on it, don't fit your oven, and for some reason that means it's worth more.

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My supervisor used to cut the tips off so bigger and thicker globs can come out the top.

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I wanted to start baking bread, plus it was on sale... Haven't been able to find any yeast and flour availablity is so hit and miss that I don't want to start a sourdough only to find I run out of flour to sustain it.

Plus I think I'd like to just knead by hand desu, feels more personal or smth

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I finally bought a nice and simple silicone spatula. My housemates and I have a too large assortment of shitty utensils and all of our spatulas were half melted or the handle was falling apart. I like this one because it's a solid piece of silicone; no gaps, crevices or logos for dirt to get trapped in.

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I made a pie crust last night by hand and it was really annoying—maybe try making a pastry dough that shouldn't get too warm by hand kneading or something.

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Good posts. Bench scrapers especially are the best thing ever. They're great for handling dough, and people who use their knives as cutting board scrapers are psychopaths.

Spoons with a flat edge are way more useful for scraping the bottom of the pan. Wood is definitely the best, though. Putting plastic in your food is kind of gross and metal stuff can't be used for scraping.

>> No.14139296

>people who use their knives as cutting board scrapers are psychopaths

What if I have a Chinese chef's knife that's made for that

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any pair of kitchen tongs. there are a lot of different types to choose from for everyone's needs

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>click click

>> No.14140761

wtf is this called? looks super useful! slotted spatula gives no results

>> No.14140763

Definitely this.
It's weird how few home cooks even use tongs outside of barbecues.

>> No.14140765

The Trusty guzunda.

>> No.14140847

This or giant chop sticks.. have to get used to tho

>> No.14140989

I feel quality here makes a world of difference. It needs to be rigid enough to hold anything slippery and the one I chose also has some semi-spiky nubs at the end to further increase grip. I've lost count how many times I've used a tong that's either flimsy plastic flexing too much or just slippery metal that drops everything.

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I don't use it that much but it's an easy to clean tool when trying to blend stuff without pouring it into other machines and bowls.

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I wouldn't say any pair
Some don't close properly
Some pinch
Some have that retarded clip that hold them closed.

Just a decent build pair of tongs are sufficient.
I was a chef for 5 years in a steakhour and used a large pair of tongs, they were so useful for most tasks, from the charcoal grill, picking up trays, nabbing waiters asses and spinning on my finger.

The kicthen ended up bulk buying the specific ones I had because they were relatively cheap.

At home I have a pair with removable silicone ends, which makes cleaning them easy.

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not sure if you could call this "underappreciated" but using cauldrons to make stews and soups for giant parties and weddings.

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water makes lettuce more tort btw, retard

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Read the post again. It's a Kitchamajig.


It's probably the greatest kitchen utensil after the chef's knife ever devised.

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One of these.

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Or this.

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Watch Jack's video where he demonstrates the superior functionality of the space-age knife design

>> No.14141513

>inb4 someone says "YOUR HANDS"
Here is your special boy price, now leave.

>> No.14141515

I got this once and thought it would sit around in a cabinet but I've actually used all elements of it quite a few times so far, it's really nice to have; wouldn't have made so many soups and sauces without it

>> No.14141517

Yeah, he is trying to impress you, rather than just saying
>Projecting retard, I work at a restaurant/hotel

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Grow up.

>> No.14141565

>I never understood these, how are they superior to a normal everyday knife for cheese?
Niggerbrain. Gee Toby, why do those cheese cutters with wires glide through cheese like a hot knife through butter?
>What is friction
Never dreamed a sail...

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Dying of a Last Breed sucked.

>> No.14142192

A good garlic crusher is a must-have, I can't believe how much time I wasted finely chopping garlic until I got one

>> No.14142229

That's a potato ricer

>> No.14142230

You can just grate your garlic for pretty much the same effect.

>> No.14142231

I waste more time washing those than I save from chopping.

>> No.14142245

It's a TEW SABATIER Professional Garlic Press SABSL1636, you'd never fit a potato in that.

Just put it in a mug of water in the sink when you're done with it, then when you do the washing up you can just brush off any remaining garlic and stick it in the dishwasher.

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File: 2.66 MB, 1920x1080, jack cuts the cheese.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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This is only an issue if you let it sit instead of doing it right away. I usually just flip it open, clean the whole peel off with fingers and then use a dish brush to poke through the holes if there are remnants left. A quick rinse in hot water and done.

>> No.14142379

it can do almost do all the things a knife can do, almost as fast! wow. I've seen more retarded things in pro kitchens, three of them is pretty funny though, did you get a picture?

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why would you use some flimsy edgy-looking single purpose knife when a wire slicer is the standard(as recognized by you in your own post!)

>> No.14142571

it's not that they're underappreciated, it's just that nobody has one or would know where to get one if they wanted to. It's an archaic item

>> No.14142590

You can just order them on Amazon, anon.
They aren't even expensive unless you go for the really huge ones that could probably feed hundreds since it's such a niche item that hasn't been memed to hell and back yet.

>> No.14142593

Plus, they make large dutch ovens so its not like its uncommon. After a certain size how big do you need a cast iron pot to be, really...

>> No.14142858

i almost took the bait

>> No.14142860

they are my favourite kitchen tool

>> No.14142865

you worked in a shit kitchen with no knife skills then

>> No.14142888


No sir, I don't like it.

>> No.14143038

Unless you're using a cleaver, a bench scraper works spectacularly well for picking up a lot more than your knife will.

>> No.14143047

winco tongs > all other tongs in existence

>> No.14143076

Fully plastic / silicon tools. Sure wood stuff looks nice but being able to just toss all the tools into the dishwasher is better.

>> No.14143094

I think you mean OXO.
Winco's silicon ones aren't really silicon at all and only heat resistant up to 230°C or so while OXO has equivalent build quality but is using actual silicon so they are usable all the way up to 340°C without issues

>> No.14143614

Very satisfying to use. Love a good garlic press

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File: 198 KB, 998x1498, 380ab3da53d9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It literally takes just as much time, if not less, using salt as an abrasive and rubbing the garlic down to a paste with a knife.

>> No.14144878

while i've never had it happen, every time i do the "sideways knife smash", my reptile brain screams at me that i'm going to filet my palm.

>> No.14145611

>They're great for handling dough, and people who use their knives as cutting board scrapers are psychopaths.
use the spine of the blade doofus

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File: 2.80 MB, 720x404, garlic.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14145855

it's not SUPPOSED to be wet, but it doesn't have to be bone dry to apply simple vinaigrette and shit. it does for fattier dressings anglos like, though. that shit will just slide off the leaves.

>> No.14145874

I always thought mezzaluna was excessive unless all you do for a living is mince shit to a point of nonexistence.

>> No.14145936

this is some strawman bullshit
press on the clove with you palm, take the paper off and dont be a pansy about it,
cut the stubby part off
dont chop it up at all, that only slows you down, the cubes of garlic slide everywhere instead of actually getting crushed
press with the flat of your knife, crush as much as you can
rub to crush into a paste, going both left and right to get two strokes in the same time
at the end, gather it in a mound and run your knife through it for a few seconds

all that said, a garlic press is still faster and i like to use it sometimes

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File: 137 KB, 1486x1414, DFFB37CD-32D0-45A4-8B1C-C8DBA35469BD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I make home ground burgers with USDA Choice beef chuck roast. This thing is amazing

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File: 291 KB, 2589x2589, SIL_RaspGrater_Microplane.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a hand grater
zest, without even a trace of the pith

>> No.14145965
File: 72 KB, 600x600, MCIM03112601_OptiMUM_1600x1600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That look and brand are getting for Kitchen Aid recognizability, but they're retro as fuck. Something like modern Bosch is way more appealing when it comes to stand mixers.

>> No.14146188

What if plastic inside of cheese?

>> No.14146469

>modern Bosch is way more appealing
Also costs 3 times as much and is liable to break sooner rather than later unless you buy one of those rugged as shit MUM7s that are mainly made to knead vast amounts of dough and will be ridiculously oversized for what any normal person would ever do with it.

>> No.14146632

That isn't even an original design. That look has been out for 70 years at least.

>> No.14146654

Add Alexa tea bags to my shopping list

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File: 10 KB, 500x500, oxosqueeze.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get ya some of these from Oxo. They cost a little more but you won't regret it.

>> No.14147079

what is better? the cap?

>> No.14147476

>Chicken shears
>Not going to your local hardware store and buying sheet metal shears which are cheaper, stronger, and sharper.

>> No.14147547

Pressed garlic =/= minced garlic

>> No.14147563

Name 1 (ONE) dish where you need minced rather than pressed

>> No.14147573

Great for falafels too

>> No.14147585

When you want larger chunks of garlic like pasta or ratatouille
Don't @ me

>> No.14147642


>> No.14147654

>Name 1 (ONE) dish where you need minced rather than pressed
Pizza topping.

>> No.14147871

It's a different product

>> No.14148276

Great for washing dishes.

>> No.14150002

Should i have multiple for different tasks, ie one for cleaning, one or two for food prep tasks?

>> No.14150043


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