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Now you know.

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Only if you’re using a teapot. If you’re just using a teabag in a mug it’s teabag first, then water, then teabag out then milk last.

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based cuppa master blender

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The scientific argument for milk first only applies to unpasteurized milk, where there's a risk that the first little bit of cold milk you pour into a cup of hot tea might separate.

With modern pasteurized milks the difference is an entirely pointless argument.

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It doesn't matter if you put milk in the cup before or after as long as you wash it thoroughly inbetween

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What matters is that you stir in your sugar before adding milk
Adding milk both due to the solids and drop in temperature makes it much harder for sugar to dissolve evenly

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>make tea correctly
Choose one

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I just get a 2 litre bottle of water, melt some honey in a cup, pour that in with a few rooibos teabags and milk then keep in fridge. Guzzle from bottle, no time for pinky shit.
That said, this nigga >>14189410 is correct.

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Clickbait rubbish. Scientists do it that way to maintain the ISO standard, so that experiments can be repeatable. Not because it's the best way.

If someone did a study on the effects of tea on tiredness in humans, you'd have to be able to give all participants the exact same cup of tea. It doesn't have to be a delicious tea, just a consistent one.

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Casein deactivates the antioxidants. Good tea doesn't need milk. Brits mostly drink bag shit.

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It's purely a class question of snobbery

When brits first figured out how to produce porcelain it was sub par. The expensive stuff from China was able to handle a major heat change from the hot tea. The stuff they made in Britain would crack. So:

Upper classes who could afford real Chinese porcelain could put the hot ass tea in first
Working classes who could only afford the British stuff put the milk in first to mitigate that so their shit didn't break

It's just retarded Victorian class war bullshit that got embedded into the culture and makes no sense otherwise. Modern tea cups can handle the heat

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> thread hidden

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do you mean homogenized?

also, to my understanding, there are nutrients of some kind in tea that are fat soluble, so the fat in milk would allow them to remain in tea if the teabag is present with the milk

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im not sure if they are referring to oxalates but milk in tea does do that and it is an ideal way to prevent kidney stones

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How can it matter?

Its two liquids mixing with eachother, it doesnt matter if you drop two into a cup at the same time or one or the other.

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>putting milk in tea
Buy better tea.

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You always put HOT in COLD.

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That's unBritish

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>according to science (citation needed)

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very interesting anon

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if your tea can't hold its own against some milky milk, then your tea is shitty shit

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>on tea

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Sounds like the British are fags.
No, if your tea doesn't taste good without diluting it with sugary cow juice then it's shit.

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Milk is essential to tea. As is the biscuit, cookie, or pie that goes with it.

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People who put the milk in first are savages.

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>People around the world from Hong Kong to Mongolia, Kashmir to Kenya drink tea with milk.
>BriTs aRe wRonG.

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So practically all black teas are shit? Because nearly every black tea across thr world with a few exceptions is drunk with adding some form of dairy to it, and the few that aren't are drunk with huge lumps of jam in it, lemon or something else added. (Russian Tea and such).

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Why the fuck would you be buying the good shit if you are drinking 6 cups a day? That's just blatant retarded money management.

>he uses tap water for his tea and not water bottled from the mariana trench, filtered through a 2x2x2 foot filter matrix woven from the pubes of virgin eskimo girls

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Burgers just add ice and sugar, maybe lemon

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protipp: genmaicha + cashew milk
thank me later

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Time for you kiddos to see what a real scientist can do. Until you add the teabag, it isn't tea. So it is impossible to add the milk first. If you don't like it, go join a church.

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cool it with the inflammatory speech, xlax

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Decent quality looseleaf tea in bulk costs about the same per oz as bagged tea.

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>>People around the world from Hong Kong to Mongolia, Kashmir to Kenya drink tea with milk.
They sound like fags, too.
>So practically all black teas are shit?
No, some people are just dumb enough to put milk into good tea as well.
>Why the fuck would you be buying the good shit if you are drinking 6 cups a day?
Because good tea isn't actually all that expensive.

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yak butter tea, masala chai, and thai tea are the only acceptable kinds of milky tea. even shitty bagged black teas are better plain

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If they're fags, then Americans must be turbofags for making tea by boiling it for minutes and adding entire packets of sugar and citrus.

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I h*ckin' love SCIENCE!

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read the George Orwell essay on tea
science has not proven anything

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>tea gives you kidney stones
Is this true? I get pain in my nuts when I drink tea I was hoping it was just cancer or something.

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>get pain in my nuts when I drink tea
There definitely NOT A kidney stone.

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Yes, drinking tea flavored simple syrup is also for fags. I'm not afraid to throw my countrymen under the bus for their disgusting behavior.

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>tea is bitter water and thats the only way you're allowed to consume it

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It's not bitter, it's fruity and sweet. A tiny dash of milk just adds an extra dimension.

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if british people cared about science half as much as they pretend to their country wouldn't be overrun by refugees

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Good tea that's been brewed properly shouldn't be bitter.

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You duys put milk in what?

In your tea?


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to make it milky.

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i have here some "bio sencha uji" whatever the friggle frack that is. can i make chai latte with it?

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>drinking anything besides water
why does /ck/ hate their kidneys so much?

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don't make me hatefuck your kidneys

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Eeew. You never wash your tea mug. You just chuck the tea and biccy bits out. The accumulated essence is part of the flavour.

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>ISO standards are science

The absolute state of "journalists".

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