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Hey guys c: I recently started studying japanese cuisine during the quarantine and I made a dashi stock for the first time yesterday! I didnt make it traditional at all because I didnt look up a recipe until I got home from the market
I used- Dried herring and mackerel, fresh mushrooms, fresh seaweed, pickled chili peppers, fish soy sauce, bay leaves and cooked that shit for 3 hours before straining it
For those that dont wanna google this shit a traditional dashi stock can be made in a handful of different ways but the key ingredients are
Dried anchovies, dried shiitake mushrooms, nori (dried seaweed), or just Bonito flakes
I found my stock to be too ocean smelling and lacking something, I thought about adding white miso but I decided to take to the internet to talk to fellow food lovers

Tell me how you make your favorite soup and your stock secrets c:

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I'd also like to know if any of you have been making bone broth from scratch? With all the cooking I've been doing I have so many bones piling up and two recipes I tried tastes almost grainy

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>lacking something,
Probably natural MSG from kombu seaweed

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The difference between kombu and nori is that one is fresh and one is dried right?

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My trick for good stock? Scraps. Pretty much just that. I tend to veer closer to traditional European stocks, but I've bought roast chickens and used the bones to make broth. Basic trio is always onions, carrots, celery, plus spices and whatever else I'm adding in. Sometimes mushrooms, but I'd rather just eat them sauteed. I wanna make dashi so much, though I just haven't gotten around to it, especially because if I do I wanna make everything properly. At least Chaosu pork I can make without much issue.

As for soups? French onion soup, lentil soup, chicken noodle soup are all classics. Sometimes I'll make pickle and smoked sausage soup, that one is deliciously tart. And gazpacho is always fun.

Yeah, I just throw it in the pot with scraps (celery leaves, the outer layer of onions, carrot peels), plus herbs and spices, boil it for a while, it works. If I'm feeling fancy I'll sweat the vegetables before putting in water.

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No, nori(Pyropia yezoensis) and kombu(Saccharina japonica) are made from completely different species of seaweed.

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What would you say the ratio of water to chicken parts is? The last time I made chicken stock it just didnt taste right but I used the bones and meat scraps from a whole chicken in a gallon pot
Also thank you for being so helpful c: facebook is just blowing smoke up my ass telling me it's good with no recommendations

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I tend to make sure that everything is submerged, but that's about it.

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