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i miss him bros

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i wonder what his tweets would look like these days

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I really enjoyed his work but he would have been insufferable to listen to today.

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Don't worry, he's drinking and strangling prostitutes in heaven, far away from all the troubles of this world

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I appreciated the man very much even though I disagreed with many of his views.

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Me too :c when I was in highschool I got the typical "write an essay about your role model" and I was at a loss, I don't look up to people, but I just finished reading his first book and I decided to make the essay about him
I wrote about how he showed that drug addiction and depression is not the end of the road and you can find success no matter how low you get
A year later he committed suicide and it was the first celebrity death I ever cried over
I took inspiration in his resilience and then he took his life and it just reminds me theres only so much a man can take and that depression never actually goes away /:

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I miss Jeffrey Epstein too

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Managed to off himself before his career died that's more than many can say.

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If it helps OP, he definitely didn't kill himself

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hearty kek

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A Cooks Tour and No Reservations were real good, didn't like his CNN show.

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MEh, who wants to grow old anyway?

Still if given the chance i'd rather grow senile doing massive amounts of lsd.

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If you're doing LSD and want to grow old, you probably doing it wrong.

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lsd has literally zero negative effects

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hearty kek

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>waaaaaaaaah Trump is dumb and mean waaaaaaaaaaah

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>creates a whole generation of eraserheads
>zero negative effects

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>this is your brain on t_d

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His CNN show barely covered food or cooking it was just political bullshit. I hated it

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he had a lot to say
he had a lot of nothing to say
we'll miss him

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That is some straight-up bullshit.
People with psychiatric disorders shouldn't use hallucinogens, underageb& shouldn't use psychoactive drugs, period, and if you've never had an actual "bad trip", its living, waking terror that doesn't always stop when the acute intoxication ends.

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You post this often op, we all miss him.. but say 2010 and before Bourdain. His later stuff was just rambling about "I like 70s punk not this hipster stuff" we know mr. bourdain you say this ever episode. I think the alcohol soaked is brain and he knew it. "Yah white ppl bad, colonizing was so bad, ebil whitey". We all enjoyed drinking to his episodes getting drunk with him as the show progressed. Maybe if he had just quit for a few years and layed low..

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Every where he went he would bring up white colonization and ask how much better they are after ebil whity left. Or how great diversity is blah blah. Like in France cheering on a new shitskin market and women wearing all black due to how diverse it was a few months before terrorists killed hundreds.

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take your spam to /b/ you meme-loving faggot

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I miss when he made halfway decent books and television rather than being a whiny old fag

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that boomer's not gonna bother us anymore, anon. don't worry.

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But thats right tho

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>Or how great diversity is blah blah
But he's unironically correct, at least when it comes to food
Traditional European food is garbage
English food was so trash the bongs started a campaign to colonize the world for spices

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why do you say that?

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Epstein and his clone knew too much.

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>english started colonization
>not portuguese

How about that common core "education?" You must think Hispanic is a race.

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> wealthy white faggot flys around the world eating the best ethnic foods with interesting people, kills himself cuz sad.


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he was a jew

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I’m more upset about my mother in law carelessly breaking the Spider-Man mug I had for almost 20 years less than half an hour ago than I ever was about his death

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bourdain tried to be more "woke" than all the other food tourists but no matter way you slice it or how 'insightful' or 'real' your presentation is of it, getting flown around the world to eat a bunch of food for fun is the epitome of bourgeois decadence. I'm sure on some level he knew he was a hypocrite too

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All american "soul" food was made by white women of European decent. Spices were managed and traded by Europeans. Yet we need niggers and jews to destroy the modern world due to eating kabab at 2am... Fuck diversity you mong.

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>i wonder what his tweets would look like these days
He was intelligent and I adored his dialogues and insights, but despite how much he knew about the classes and cultures, he was occasionally rightfully but decidedly pro immigrant/anti-wall, certainly agnostic/atheist, and was anti Republican. He admired 70-90s punk bands, and that kind of anarchy mindset, frequently wearing a CBGBs shirt, despite not even once going there, so wannabe punk in other words. He very much supported his rich restaurateur/hotelier friends making appearances for them like at Cayman Cookout or early days SoBe food festivals Mainstream tweeting commentary would be my prediction, but minimal, not a big voice. He wasn't stupid nor impulsive. He'd take a back seat on what is good for him and his friends to still be friends.
He'd certainly be stressed or unhappy to see military backing up police and maybe even gloss over or discount any threats to small entrepreneurs/immigrant businesses wrecked esp restaurants, but he wouldnt go to anyone's clear defense nor take a stand at protecting NYC property or police who make his home and livelihood safe, I'd say, even though he was bailed out by the military when his ass was scared in Lebanon. He knew war zones! He was happy just being an expert at his little piece of expertise, and not much more. He really admired political authors who expatted their way around the world at times of conflict and change, so I bet he'd be inspired enough to be penning a new book.

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shut the fuck up, there's no upvotes to be gained here

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what a tool

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>He was happy just being an expert at his little piece of expertise, and not much more.

I don't think he was. At least not near the end. Watch his early shows like Cook's Tour. He's constantly railing against and making fun of "foodies"....only later, he realized that that is exactly what he himself had become.

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I miss him, too. His books are brilliant, his TV programs fun.

I loved his article about how he'd rather promote an El Salvadoran dishwasher than hire a new culinary school graduate as a prep cook. The guys from Mexico or Central America with no formal training will do what he shows them exactly, every time. The guy from culinary school has his own idea about the "right" way to do it, or will experiment when the sous chef isn't looking. His other article about what days to order what kinds of food at NY restaurants is great, too... the fish market delivers on THIS day, so if you order fish on THAT day, it's been sitting in the fridge for almost a week... lol

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the theory is that his death was an accident. apparently one of the closest feelings you can get to heroin is choking yourself while jerking it. apparently it's pretty common when a former celeb addict dies.

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I agree. He did grow in that direction, for sure. He got a little less anti-vegan as he grew to have respect over the years from people who once annoyed him at Les Halles with special requests, to just give up on that hate. But, we will never know how often he curtailed his true and complete views to stay in his career. NYC is not a republican stronghold, nor is Hollywood.
His eyes were opened from his travels, too. Despite his well educated parents and recent Kitchen Confidential success, Cook's Tour was his first time doing some international travel and food pursuits in his lifetime.
I was hooked on him when I saw him read excerpts from his Cook's Tour in Olsson's bookstore at Metro center in D.C. He was reading a vomiting excerpt, and had the crowd really amused. Natural charisma and ease with the awkwardness at the same time back then, and sooo skinny. I wish I had snapped a pic but this was before people rabidly did selfies and annoyed celebrities like that. He was actually there promoting the earlier book in kind of a second wave, so we were getting an advanced reading while he was inbetween some filming was going on.

Enjoy some prose. He knew how to capture all the senses when describing his perspective. Good writer:

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Based and aenima-pilled

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Unreadable trash.

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bruh my father in law is proof that your statement is bullshit kek

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Have you ever done a drug in your life? Because that's not how any of that works. And the closest would be trying to simulate a NDE when you want a DMT trip, which is equally outlandishly retarded.

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It's just a theory. a lot of people cling to it because the whole thing doesn't make a lot of sense.

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seethe about your downvotes some more. hating websites doesn't make you cool

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Suicide rarely makes sense. For all of those struggling to move and finally ending their misery is a Mr. Smith with a great job, wife, tidy house, and kids whose baseball games he wouldn't miss for the world. Next day he's found with his brains splattered in the woods.

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Not him, but fuck off.

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Didn't he eat kids or something?

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I miss him too. I enjoyed his books and his tv show. Do you think he really killed himself?

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Ya, sticking around for his daughter wasn’t worth it if he couldn’t have this too. Really left behind a shining legacy kek

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No, that's just you >>14191228

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You don't become magically happy because you're white or wealthy.

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who is this?

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>anthony bourdain

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Maybe he didn't, but he should have.

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Ive just watched his episode in Noma, but as a line cook and aspiring chef I cant fucking understand the hype... He showed a fuckton more of emotions eating shit in the middle of Congo than in the restaurant. Besides that, with that italian douchebag sucking redzepis dick on every scene I really felt that the nº 1 restaurants of the world are phony as fuck and Bourdain dropped the only shit he was good at, being true to us... Anyone has an opinion or been to noma to help me out here? I cant see a dude taking a bite of a flower sandwich and some hippie bullshit and believe that is actually good, but as a cook I will never have the money to go there and try it.

I may be half drunk and pissing on mine beer bottles around me already, but wtf?! Are these lists and hype unrealiable? After El buli all went to a hipster shitfest without bases, its all about eating weird shit and going ow wow on camera, fuck the standards- I will stop here, Im ranting like a lil bitch, just answer this:
nvmd Im reading throught the comments and you all dont know shit about what Im rambling about, cut your fingers off you pieces of shit.

belgium/isralies/americans detected.
No Im not black, dont reply, you should just stick to shitposting on twitter.

yeah, this board is for debating what is the better recipe for SPAM. stfu you fucking radioative prolapsed orangutan.

actually colonization started when europeans started competing for the other continents, so you should probably stfu if you never read something beyond a 4th grade history book.

>never left his home
>the literal equivalent of have sex in international travel

best opinion in the thread

typical /b/ shitposter

he also said something about exploring the illegal workers
"No one understands and appreciates the American Dream of hard work leading to material rewards better than a non-American."
He was a shit cook/chef/restaurateur

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Fuck off massreplier.

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>new maymay of 4chan that never existed
The smegma man has spoken and created a new rule for this zimbabwean coin printing board

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He was insufferable to listen to when he was alive.

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Never watched his shit. Never cared. He seemed entitled and like an asshole to people. Like discount gordon ramsey.

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>marries a child rapist
yeah what a shame he's dead

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That asia argento bitch. His gf that left him and taunted him about fucking some other guy right before he killed himself. She was the one who fucked the 17 year old and Anthony paid him the hush money even tho he sued her anyway later. No wonder he killed himself...

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He was based

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Pieces of shit don't like people to have a humble perspicacious opinion. It makes them feel stupid. Which they are. They feel like they've under performed compared to a drug addict.

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He was just an idiot libertine. If you found anything he said insightful you must be rather dull yourself. If he seemed humble to you, your perception is definitely lacking.

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you really need to go back

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you too, to that apes crotch you came sliming through you useless npc with pre-made sentences.

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