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Gonna be living off of $150 food budget for the next few months. What are the bare essentials I need to buy? I’m scared bros, I’ve never eaten off of so little before.

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And before you ask, it’s $150 each month.

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Rice, beans, peanut butter, water
That will keep you alive for a year.

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Rice, beans, frozen vegetables, chicken. now stop being a faggot

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That'll easily feed two people eating bougie organic hipster overpriced bullshit how fat are you

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What can you stand to eat? Do you know how to make rice or dried beans? Can you bake at all?

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Only eggs

Two dozen in a big carton, and they are like 4 dollars

Eat 8 eggs a meal, so a double carton a day



Eat the fucking eggs anon

>you have to

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I don’t really know much, but it can’t be too difficult. I can always use spices.

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rice and soy sauce.

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I don’t think this is true.

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>t. fatty

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Have you ever been in a grocery store?

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Every week.

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i bet you go a lot dont you fatty?

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Look I don’t have a lot of experience buying food for myself so I’m not sure how to budget correctly. I’m not fat.

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Like what everyone else itt is saying, rice and beans will be your staples. But even with that, you can buy so much more. If you go grocery shopping once a week, just have a budget of $37 to buy all your supplies. I personally budget $50 a month but normally spend around 37 even when I'm not trying to be super frugal.
Stop being a bitch about it, bitch

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Do it per week, then average a day.
150 p/m is
37.5 p/w
5.36 p/d

So as long as you average that it will be fine.
Remember that buying in bulk while looks expensive usually averages out.
A 20lbs sack of rice is usually around or lower than $20. That's around 80 portions or 0.25c per portion.
Then you buy veg, basic meats in bulk, you start seeing your dollar stretch further.

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it's funny that op is such a retard that he couldnt figure this out on his own. sad

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that's enough for 30 little caesar's pizzas each month, you're set m8. might be a little rough for the months that have 31 days, you'll have to stretch the last pizza to two days. then again, february will be a true feast

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reddit spacing

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buy vegetables at a greengrocer. the ones frequented by immigrants are usually cheapest. eggs are good. beans and lentils are good. minimise processed foods, because they aren't a good value.

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Little Debbie's zebra cakes have more than a day's worth of calories in a box and cost $2.99 where I live. That's $90 a month and a box of zebra cakes a day! With an extra $60, you can buy 12 pizzas at Little Caesars to bulk up too so you won't just maintain but gain! Little Debbie and Caesars would be a tasty month, anon.

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I would be dead before month 2.

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This is exactly the kinda shit people are talking about when they say "empty calories"

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Malnutrition won't set in for a few months from what I've read about it. Also, you could get multivitamin supplements if you have 10 instead of 12 pizzas. And if it gets bad enough, learn Spanish, go to the ER, and pretend you're an illegal immirgrant. They'll fix you right up and you won't pay a cent. Just repeat "la migra, la migra" with wide eyes and fear in your voice when they ask for identification, they will understand and are forced to help you.

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>T manlet twink.
I bet you don't even burn 5000+ calories a day.

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3 Taco Bell bean burritos a day for 30 days. 90 burritos. $90

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you can easily do this with chicken rice and beans and various green vegetables. plus plenty of budget left over for snacks. Drink only water though, you probably need it fatty.

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I have had to do this multiple times and I do not recommend it.

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Basic foodstuffs, primarily beans, lentils, rice,potatos. i also like to use flour for bread or noodles, its more flexible and something fun to do yourself. aside from that vegetables, and cut beef in favor of chicken or porn, generally reduce your meat consumption

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* pork

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Fucking racists. Just because he wears a dress doesn't mean his bag will explode.

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I spend about 100 dollars a month, where do you live where you think you need to budget out 150?

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Maybe if you live in bumfuck nowhere.
Not OP, but I spend at least $100 a week on groceries & I'm a skinny fuck (6 foot 3 & 130 lbs).

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being a lanklet is worse than being a fatty

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cheap alcohol to stave off hunger

pick cherries/mulberries from trees because they're in season

cheap white bread and peanut butter

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eggs, black beans, rice, peanut butter, whatever meat that is the cheapest in bulk(probably chicken and/or pork), whole milk, and a whey and casein protein powder is usually very cheap per serving in bulk, so you could use a scoop or two of those as a meal replacement. if whey+casein is more expensive, casein protein alone is probably a better investment than whey, as it digests slower and will keep you full longer

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from a buidget and nutrition standpoint, this is isnt terrible advice. but eggs seem like one of the easiest foods to tire of if they are a main staple of your diet

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>24 eggs for 4 dollars

There like $1.25 for 18, do you live in Canada by chance?

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What do you buy? I spent that much when I was bulking.

At my lowest I was basically spending $20-$30 a week. Bananas and oatmeal for breakfast ($1-2/week), chicken breast for dinner ($0.99/pound) with stir fried veggies, and then something simple for lunch. Even with eating out I wasn't spending $100.

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He threw it the building while yelling allah hu akbar and ran away.

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I'll give you some tips on how to cook some of these staples

boil in 50% water, 50% Pace mild salsa. I've tried with hotter Pace, and better quality salsas, and they dont come out as good as with Pace mild

most people soak them for a few hours or a day before cooking, which isnt entirely necessary, but will cut down on cooking time(rinse them once to clean them, then put in the water to soak them, and dump that water in with the beans to cook, there are some good nutrients in there). I haven't had a lot of success with good beans by themselves, but chicken stock is definitely a step in the right direction for them

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buy a bag of rice, a bag of beans , 3 chicken breasts that you cut into small portions and freeze, 2-3 cans of tomatoes and some cheap candy for your sugar cravings

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Breakfast Sausage/Eggs/Cereal & Milk for breakfast, 2-3 frozen breakfast bowls for when I'm in a rush before work.

4-5 Frozen meals for lunch at work (Need something high in calories/protein since I often don't get breaks till 8 hours into my shifts) plus a couple boxes of Larabars so I have something to munch on throughout the day.
4-5 Yogurts as well.

I typically buy 4-5 apples, a bunch of bananas, and about 4-5 various other fruits (sometimes orange, Kiwi, pears, etc).

I'll usually go bougie for dinner once a week, buy some kind of protein, a variety of vegetables, & occasionally refill my regular cooking supplies (shit like honey, rice wine vinegar, whatever).

Usually 1 pizza, a couple soups, & sandwich materials to fill for the rest of the dinners that week.

I also usually eat at least 2 meals out per week, most often on my hour drive to home from work at 23-00 when I don't feel like making something before passing out.

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>which isnt entirely necessary, but will cut down on cooking time
thats how you save time and gas bro. I soak my beans at least 12 hours before i cook them

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I've lived on $3 a day for several months when I had to. You can buy anything you fucking want, that's a lot for a single person

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How about this
Get a job

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of course, but plenty of times I decide to make something without foresight and just rinse and cook the beans right away. its smart to soak them, but if you lack foresight and need them beans, its not necessary, though more wasteful. Idk how much gas a cooking range uses in say an hour at medium or low and how much that costs. luckily for me, my utilities are rolled into rent right now, and my rent is already below market price

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Rice, potatoes, beans and onions.

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Rice, beans, chicken (especially cheap parts like liver), whatever your store's cheapest veg is (probably won't be frozen), and some cooking oil. Use what's left to get seasonings, peanut butter, bread, eggs.

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eggs and frozen veg in ramen
tomato, garlic, and spring onion in rice, add coconut milk to help it along
get a large lot of frozen cheap meat to combine with your dishes
party pizzas

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I live on $30 a week, its easy if you live near an aldi

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$150? Are you Brazilian?

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Left: Tastes good
Right: Tastes bad

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>100g "beef"
>100g "beans"
What cut of beef? What kind of beans?

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Took me a second to figure out what was going on but then I had a hearty laugh.

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third worlder here
the minimum i spent on food is around 12 usd per week assuming you have already cooking utensils

per day is
1 usd for chicken breast(around 1 kilo)
.5 usd for chicken breading/oil
.5 usd for anything like 1 pcs of seafood or fruits/vegetable

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buy whole chickens and cut them up yourself, you'll save a lot of money

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Potatoes, lots of potatoes, you can fucking live off potatoes and milk. Why the fuck would you waste money on empty calories like rice when you can have a potato with actual nutrition?

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Buy dry goods in bulk and make them the foundation of your meals. You can do grain + legume + meat + veg a million different ways. Seasonings are hugely cheaper if you buy in bulk but they often degrade over time so there's a trade off there. A hundred and fifty a month is a reasonable budget, you shouldn't have much trouble as long as you're not eating out.

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>$150 food budget
>I’m scared bros, I’ve never eaten off of so little before.
Fatty please... I spent 85$ on food last month. Your fat ass will be okay

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>$150 a month
Do people really consider this difficult?

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chicken and beef
dried pasta
canned tomatoes

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Buy 1 mcd cheeseburger for $1.00. full out the survey receipt for a free mc chicken. Sometimes they will give your a new receipt with a coupon on it when you pick up the sandwich. Do not buy anything else there.

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That's like 800 calories a day, assuming he gets the coupon every day. That's not even enough for a short woman.

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Potatoes, le macaroni , consider eating the buckwheat its popular in slav countries and a fucking awesome dish if you just add salt no need for anything else. If you want meat go suck dicks or buy chicken probably idk

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agree but It's one of the cheapest things out there, who is the wafe?

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It's also only $30 over the course of the month, obviously the other $120 can be used to cover the rest of the calories/nutrition he needs.


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You can't really technicality your way into meat having fiber or other significant nutrients by saying 'well use a different cut of beef'. Especially right now when meat prices are skyrocketing due to low IQ Americans thinking they need to have enough ground beef to make a meat loaf every day of the week in their fridge.

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rice and beens. Start looking for commodity and food bank programs

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Think about lentils.
You can cock them, but you can also spout them in less than 4 days.
It's a very simple and daily source of fresh veggies in the spout form.

Full rice, some veggie (feozen keeps longer better), and chicken/eggs/fish/prawns whatever is cheap protein in your country.
Also some form of fat. Olive or sunflower oil is good, whatever is cheaper and edible is better.
Eat before doing your shopping, it will help prevent impulsive buy.

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36 eggs and a multivitamin every day

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Avoid carbs like rice and bread at all costs. They will make you hungrier. On a keto low carb diet you can easily go days without food. Get on-sale protein and bags of frozen veg.

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Did this for almost 9 months when I was a broke ass student working 2 jobs. 15 years later and I still can't eat taco bell.

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Look for things marked down for being almost out of date like bread or fish. Make friends with the people at the meat counter so they know you're looking.

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rice, beans, eggs, apples, frozen veggies, milk, chicken breast. hot sauce for flavor. I've been living off this shit for years

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>cocked lentils
>spouted lentils
No thanks.

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