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Why the fuck are all lentils and the tofu marketed in this cringe soy gay way?

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because only cringe soy gays eat that shit maybe? idk just an idea.

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Tofu time! :p

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They do it to make faggots like you buy it. Sluta köpa fjollgrejer och pallra dig i väg till willys eller orientlivs

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Super cringe.

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Most I see are plain containers that just say what they are. You must be shopping at cringe stores for cringe people because you're cringe.

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Lentils come in boxes there? Are those regular dry lentils, or pre-cooked for people with disabilities?

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italian here, we all grow our own lentils. i have literally never seen boxed or canned lentils in real life.

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Soy gays will eat it up and real men don’t care about the marketing. Only a handful of autists are upset.

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Is that uncommon? I see dry lentils in boxes pretty often. Sometimes they’re in boxes with 100g bags inside like bagged rice, sometimes they’re just directly in the box.

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fake AND gay

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Maybe I've seen them but tuned them out because they cost way more per unit.

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Imagine not getting that stuff from winco bulk foods section where there is never soy packaging or jacked up prices

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It looks like its being marketed to indians and eurotrash.

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Don't be ridiculous, yurostains don't have food

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I, preferring whole beans, don't eat tofu, but this is what most of it looks like in Minnesota.

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Most of the time I look at those it costs more per unit than convenient bags. Sometimes there's exceptions, like rye flour. Way cheaper than Bob's.

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Lentils in bags are also commonly found, those boxes are most likely part of a big series of products, where all the boxes share design and size. There's like 40 different gogreen ones at my store, containing everything from durra to chickpeas and chiaseeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkinseeds etc etc. It's pretty dumb since you need to buy like 5x the amounts of boxes for certain products.

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yuropoor unit? what is that like 1 gram?

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You must be bad at math cause that's wrong

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There's no WinCo here. Bulk bins at other stores tend to cost more, especially when they add "for sprouting" to the bean bins.

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>theres no winco
Maybe stop living in a terrible place

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Imagine being triggered this easily

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It's marketed towards women, and people who are about to become women due to phytoestrogen

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