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What's the best tasting type of non mixed alcoholic drink?

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These linguistic hoops... do you mean the best tasting spirit? Or like a layered cocktail that doesn't need to be stirred or shaken?

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Speak English, retard.

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For me, it's St. Germain

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There are types like beer, wine, gin, brandy, sake, etc. and I want that kind of category. By mixed drink I mean something like a cocktail. I've drunk a couple but somehow I don't get what all the rage is about. I can tell the difference between drinks, but it's always just the taste of alcohol, then dry, sweet, and/or bitter, and an aftertaste of whatever they shoved in like fruit, spices, or wood. So what's all the argument about?

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Just realized I worded the post poorly, again. I can tell the difference between drinks, but I don't see why there's such a large culture and industry around it, when the main taste of alcoholic drinks is about the same and the difference is in the aftertaste. I'm looking for drinks that will change my mind, but a mixed drink is cheating, because of course a soda mixed with an alcoholic drink has an initial taste like soda.

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Right, I don't think you ever had a good alcoholic drink. The issue of what you're looking for is that I can compare and contrast, say, a bunch of different rums, and they'll give completely different flavors, because their methods of preparation, aging, and all that, that is different. Scouting out a good booze will take certain skills, and what goes into each type will mean that all boozes are different, and that's kind of the point. At much lower levels, all you'll get will be the alcohol. Once you start putting more money in it, you'll get more out of it. For instance, I have a good Calvados. I am not good at detecting tastes, but I can get a strong apple flavor (as it is, because Calvados is distilled cider), then dark chocolate, and a hint of oak. There's probably more notes in there, but those are the main ones that I get.

A good cocktail will bring forward the flavors of the booze, not backwards. So there's that in consideration. I can't tell you "this will change your mind", because I don't know what you've tested. Some of the stuff I like, for instance, is Hamilton Pot Still Gold, which is delicious and relatively cheap, with very little in terms of alcoholic flavor and no additional flavoring. A good rye whiskey will also be surprisingly cheap and damn tasty.

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Definitely not that shit in your pic. Tastes like bad blended scotch and tequila had a chainsmoking baby.

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Incredible how marketing brainwshes us to actually believe the garbage that we say
Can you hear yourself?
>notes of dark chocolate and a hint of oak

the truth is alcohol is just that alcohol, it is a poison so naturally the taste is initially abhorrent.
It just becomes an acquired taste, for liquors that is
Beer is different because the alcohol is in low concentrations and the taste is masked
People just regurgitate what they think they're supposed to say like Mr hint of oak (lol), its the emperor's new clothes but on a massive scale

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>Incredible how marketing brainwshes us to actually believe the garbage that we say
>Can you hear yourself?
Yes, yes I can. They don't have "this tastes like dark chocolate" on it, I just like going and trying to figure out flavors, and going "hey, what does this remind me of". I know it sounds pretentious, but whatever. I enjoy it.

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i'm tired of drinking, falling asleep, drinking

i'm drink coffee most the time from now on.

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That's two to try out, thanks m8s

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>a strong solvent solution that's been sitting in charred oak barrels can't possibly have tastes from those barrels
t. galaxy brain free thinker

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Lads what's the absolute best bourbon in the 30~ range? I thought WT101 was meh.

Some I'm looking at are
Nikka from the Barrel
Eagle Rare
Four Roses Single Barrel
Elijah Craig Small Batch
Woodford Reserve

Is there like a big difference between these?

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The worst goes to soju

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>when the main taste of alcoholic drinks is about the same and the difference is in the aftertaste
You sound like you have only tried bottom shelf liquor and can't get over the alcohol taste.

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Probably absinthe, or whiskey, but do you consider adding water to absinthe a cocktail?

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I like Tequila (blanco).

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Fuck back in grad school there was this Chinese dude that would always bring soju to parties, shit was nasty but we inevitably ended up drinking it as the night went on.

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