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I am from germany and I have nearly no clue about german dishes. I know Maultaschen, Grünkohl, Kassler and stuff like that, but my knowledge of german food is very limited. I am also interested in scandinavian dishes. Please share regional and seasional (hope I used those words right) german and scandinavian recipes, preferably with recipes.

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how can you be from Germany and not know German food?
Wo wohnst du?

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Meine Eltern haben mir einfach nie richtig was typisch deutsches gezeigt. Mein Vater kann tk-Waren zubereiten und meine Mutter schmeißt irgendetwas zusammen, gibt ne Tüte Maggi oder Knorr dazu und denkt, man könnte das Essen nennen.

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Just pick a recipe and then go for it. I suggest starting with stews such as Linseneintopf or Warmer Kartoffelsalat or Erbseneintopf.
Spargel with potatoes is also piss easy to make. Then you have pies which are seasonal because of the fruits and berries within them.

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>chefkoch sagt er

Hast fu irgendwie eigene Rezepte?

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Nein, du Kartoffel!

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Trotzdem danke faggot

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You're a disgrace to your people


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google the recipes if you want but only the last one is worth making from scratch unless you are obsessive. You can buy Knödel mix in a box and you just have to mix it with water. Käsespätzle you can get in the refridgerated section, usually near the Maultaschen.

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I bet you know a lot about turkish dish

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am i just one sick fuck or does the thumbnail looks like a limpy black cock?
also the woman i imagined BLACKED on that boat.

i need to lay off the porn

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black cocks are never limp, they always work at max capacity

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Für diejenigen die es nicht ganz nachvollziehen können, evtl. habe ich es auch unschlüssig erklärt. Grundsätzlich sind mir schon einige (vorwiegend bayerische) Gerichte geläufig. Mein problem ist, dass diese Gerichte meist, nicht ohne Gewürze aus Asien auskommen. Mir ist der regionale Aspekt wichtig. Am liebsten nord-deutsche Gerichte mit vielen Kräutern und selbstgemacht. Danke für die rege Beteiligung. Chefkoch ist übrigens nach meiner Erfahrung damit aus dem Rennen.

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Ich bin eine Neger mit die grose Schwanz

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>i need to lay off the porn

You absolutely do.

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ein* einem* großen* .*

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K faggot

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Brudi what i'd do is just literally look up "norddeutsches essen", pick something that looks appealing and then look up a recipe and try to make it.

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It's supposed to be funny that these people were intercepted trying to start a new life? What's wrong with you

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>I have nearly no clue about german dishes.
Excellent. I've wanted to learn about German food for a while.
>Entire thread is in german
God fucking dammit...

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man just throw your vote to biden and shut the fuck up

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They are not saying anything worthwhile lmao

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you're right it would have been much funnier if they all drowned haha

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Obviously kaïsekraner
Swedish-> make motherfucking wallenberg or

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himmel un äd. blood sausage, mashed potato, apples & onions

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Labskaus ist doch aus deiner Gegend.

t. Schweizer

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1) take fish
2) leave it outside
3) Scandinavian cuisine

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Mmm så gott. Bamsebrain over here

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He might be autistic but he isn't a potato

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Königsberger Klopse
Eier in Senfsoße

to name a few.

Also if you are from the north:
Bremer Knipp
Kochfisch mit Meerrettichsoße

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make eisbein.

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stop bashing scandinavia

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Men faaaaaaan. Så hungrig nu. Saknar Sverike

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Some Asian spices have been imported into Europe for many centuries, for example a lot of ancient Roman recipes call for pepper.
If you want recipes without any of that your best chance might be medieval peasant foods since they often were too poor to afford imported spices and instead used stuff like mustard seeds to season their dishes if I recall correctly.

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Gothia towers kan säkert skicka en räkmacka till dig.

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Hela vägen till usa? Nej. Gothia towers kan sug min kuk, du kan få mycket bättre i Skåne. Men nu, när jag kan inte gå tillbaka, jag ska gör min egen räkmacka och det ska bli absolut skit på amerikanska bröd.

I'm saying this in English in case someone can help. Whoever can find the pågen recipe for bread (swedish bread) I'll send feet pics as thanks

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He is unable to do that or he would have used chefkoch to look up recipes.

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pågen limpan?

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This is the closest i could find.
The recipe for this one.

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Skogaholmslimpa pales in comparison, but I'm actually impressed you tried. Have you been looking the whole time?

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yeah pågen is different but seems to have the same ingredients. just different proportions.
No i found the recipe right away..

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seems difference is Pågen use wholemeal sourdough. Skogaholm regular sourdough.

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You came close! I felt bad you were looking the whole time so i was gonna deliver even though you didn't lol. Was gonna send more than feet ^^

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You mean like knees?

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Haha! That's cute. Yeah something like knees.

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lets see those skånefeet

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this article and the linked articles in the regional section have a lot of dishes relevant to german cuisine.
get the name from wikipedia and the recipe from literally anywhere else. chefkoch for the housewife aesthetics. just don't dive too deep into the göga-isms

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Where's the recipe? :p

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C-can it be knees?

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