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>bought a bunch of Kit Kat and Reese's Cups
>store it inside my closet
>get back from work hoping to enjoy some chocolate bar.
>they all fucking melted

Are these salvageable? I'll never buy chocolate bars during the summer ever again

>> No.14189694

yeah of course they are
they're hermetically sealed, just fucking freeze them you retard
are you literally underaged or brain damaged or black?

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Are you fucking retarded?

>> No.14189701

you can eat them if they're still in the original packaging. store them in the fridge or freezer next time.

>> No.14189703

Reese’s cups are better straight out of the freezer anyway

>> No.14189706

Freezing won't re-temper the chocolate, so it will get soft again if not kept cold.

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Are you a child? Have you never had chocolate bars melt before? How have you lived this long?

>> No.14189734

Nah...freezing them after they’ve melted just ensures they’ll be permanently fucked. Chocolate shouldn’t be frozen ever, not necessary.

Putting it in the fridge will work but even better, just put it anywhere that’s below 80 degrees and let it solidify again.

Drastic changes in temperature absolutely fucks chocolate up. Either let us return to room temperature or put the melted concoction on ice cream or something

>> No.14189740

Unless they were hot enough that the chocolate actually boiled then they'll set again just fine.

>> No.14189743

>something will thaw again after it unfreezes
Well, no shit, sherlock.

>> No.14189764

Tempered chocolate is solid at room temperature. If you melt it, place it in a freezer, and then leave it out at room temperature, you'll have soft chocolate.

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He says they're melted and inedible because its a gooey fucking mess. So you freeze them, take them out, strip them and eat them or do whatever because now they're frozen.
I can see you have autism young man.

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yeah thats right don't reply to me you BITCH

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Get rekt scrub

>> No.14191296

Use them in some baking. Make yourself some chocolate-bar-based snacks.

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You're all testicles and no shaft

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If it's hot out, put them in your fridge you moron.

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Reese's cups aren't tempered anyway

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