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Good stuff, or overrated?

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I love that glass...its pretty good though.

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The Red is delicious.

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It's good, a tad overrated as there are much better belgians out there that definitely don't receive as much praise, but that's to be expected since Delrium Tremens is usually one of the belgians beginners tend to get into

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Try Marc Dutroux VSOP instead

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k bro

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This the red one is like if spring time was made into an Ale. Also I want that glass.

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They sell it in their gift shop.
Bendy stem wine glasses are a bit of a winemom meme in general so you might find one in your local housewares store as well.

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Might as well use a bendy/silly straw with it.

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Pretty good. Haven’t had it in a while but I remember a strong pineapple flavor. For the price, go with one of the Trappist breweries such as Rochefort. Or Orval if you like fruit notes

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Most beer shops will have them on sale

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Favorite beer anon. Tastes best in the glass

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its great beer, but i'm sure as fuck not going to pay as much as it sells for

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You can almost smell his pine tar soap and see his waxed beard from here.

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I've seen this a thousand times, including today while I was picking up some St. Bernardus ABT 12 and Chimay, and didn't know it was worth much. I guess it'll be my next purchase. Need a based chalice, though.

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Beer reviewing for people who aren't compensated in some way for it is one of the dumbest things on this planet. Just enjoy the drink and get the good shit.

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