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I have a can of crab meat. Unsure what to cook it into.
I'm thinking Ramen with Onions, Garlic, and Peppers

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wtf...is that real?

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Let me ask you a question anon, are you an idiot?

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The giant crab people are just biding their time before they take over the surface

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i just cook it in a pan with olive oil until its cooked and the shell is very light red with light roasted parts, sign that the flesh us well cooked. squeeze a few lime into it, turmeric, garlic, cayenne pepper

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Crabs can't catch diseases and are immune to cancer. There is no such thing as a natural death for crabs. Unless they are killed by a predator, they will literally just keep living forever and growing bigger. Of course some other animal or environmental act will usually kill them at some point, but theoretically it's possible some have never died.

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How long would it take to boil the ocean?

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its a giant enemy crab from feudal japan. very real.

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That’s probably a model train type setup

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How did they train that crab to get that big?

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never heard that about crabs. only knew it about lobster. doesn’t surprise me tho if one is immortal, why not the other...

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It's real, look at the shadows.

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Here's one of the largest crabs found.
it's 10 feet long from tip to tip and weighs like 40 lbs
Lobsters live incredibly long as well and can get up to 50 lbs after 100+ years

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ya, I’m not saying it’s not real. I’m saying the houses are tiny. or the people are tiny.

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If they were tiny they would have tiny shadows. Those are normal sized shadows.

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0.00000000001 seconds of you ise the son.

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Still waiting for the crab conspiracy pasta

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Yeah, you have to hit its weak point for massive damage

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where do you see a weak spot on this sea tank?
How could you even boil this monster?

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I could tell you the secret, but it will cost 599 US dollars.

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The eyes are an easy target but the real trick is to get it to eat something and then fire an explosive into it's mouth. The problem with that is this is one big crab so you need to feed it something huge if you want it to leave it's mouth open long enough to fire a missile in there.

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Are you EA?

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Unimaginably based

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Detonate a nuclear bomb in the water to make it boil.

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That will just make it bigger and more powerful!

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i made calculations and this kills the crab BEFORE mutation begins.

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>i made calculations and this kills the crab BEFORE mutation begins.

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Im not a crab im a scientist

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consider the consequences of a giant undead mutated crab

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sounds like my mother-in-law
am i right? Hahahaha

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When I was 10 I would just ride giant crab on my uncle’s farm. Never realized that was something uncommon.

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You what? did it have a tail?

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Not that I remember.

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i've killed like 14 crabs now. I just love it. they scared me as a kid so it brings me great pleasure to dispatch them with the ease of adult, brown male hands. one of my favourite things to do is to tear off their pincer and use it to cut off their other one. it's so funny to show the crab that their useless weapon not only doesn't faze me, but i can use it to further inflict pain onto them. after i'm done i crack them on the side a little bit and then finally stick the pincer all the way into their fucking faces. fuck crabs and fuck bitcoin

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where do you find live crabs? and fuck jannies!

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Try this one

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that's EXACTLY what a crab would have us believe
post pic of pincers

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Exoskeletal hands typed this.

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Happy now?

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I may never be happy again

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Lobsters eventually get too heavy to move and just starve under their own weight

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Nobody wants a crabby mother in law.
That's one reason why I'm single.

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Bet she's a lesbian trekkie

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nah, it's imitation crab

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/ck/ feelin a little edgy today?

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Mongo like crab

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I bought 3 packages of imitation crab meat, any suggestions?

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like pouches?
Instant dehydrated imitation crab meat?

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Imitation crab is a highly processed food made by combining minced fish with starch, egg whites, sugar, salt and additives to mimic the flavor, color and texture of real crab meat.

whatever you make, don't add salt

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3 cold packages. They keep in the fridge. I ate one packet just dipping it in melted butter. It wasn’t bad.

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how big are these packages?
I like the can o seafood because it's perfect for a single serving of ramen

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I had to get my own ice blue N64 controller because my brother kept getting imitation crab meat on the other one and it was gross

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