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Burgers please explain to people why we douse our desert in gasoline and light it on fire before we eat it

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>Burgers please explain to people why we douse our desert in gasoline and light it on fire before we eat it
Yes, that wholly American invention of finishing a dish "en flambé ".

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To show the other countries we have so much oil we can burn it.

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wtf is that

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Americans don't have to explain anything to anyone. Fuck inferior nations.

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French guy here, please teach us your ways burgers

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Is the bottom piece a chocolate pizza?

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Its the power of American ''melting pot'' to degenerate the crepe Suzette into just a spectacle.

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Do Americans really?

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Ribbit ribbit ribbbbiiit riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiibit

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BECAUSE, back in The Revolutionary War, The King of England lit a church full of innocent pilgrims on fire and barred the doors. And so to thank George Washington for stabbing the tyrant king to death with an American flag, and saving freedom for the entire world, every 4th of July we light things on fire, including cakes. YOU'RE WELCOME EUROPE

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Anyone who would use sheers on food is a fucking autist

Sheers are for hair, paper, and shrubbery. That's it.

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A good, sturdy pair of kitchen shears are the manliest fucking thing out there. Also, learn to fucking spell.

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I know you wear thick rimmed glasses, have a pompadour, and use product on you're mustache.

Nobody has ever mistaken you for a man, and not a faggot.

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they're great when you're prepping fish and chicken wings and stuff

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This looks like some shit straight out of kitchen nightmares.

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Why has nobody posted WHAT THE FUCK THAT IS IN THE OP

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That's what knives are four

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calm down guys i'm sure we're missing some context here

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it's an unfertilised alien egg from area 51?

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>my face while watching that webm

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it's flambeed placenta

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Its a henway anon, we used to show them on this board all the time back in 2014

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try it out sometime. it's nice just clipping the wings in half. i've got these chinese ones that have a curve near the mouth so you can apply more leverage

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why do you think the desert is so hot dummy?

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What's a henway?

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Not much, what's up with you?

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pretty sure it's actually in korea. some shitty dessert pizza dome thing. the fire serves no purpose other than spectacle and if I had to guess the filling is some sort of non dairy cheese bullshit and maybe sweet red beans

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It looks kool and tastes better

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Tortoiseshell, just straight hair, and glorious fucking full-on viking beard and you still can't fucking spell.

You supercilious twat.

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cottage cheese and currents served in a round pillowcase, delicious

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Thank you based poster

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i can't be the only one who thought it was a big rock in the beginning

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Why do they light the upper half of whatever that is on fire, only to cut it off afterwards and take it away?

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what IS that?

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pick one

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you're a bigger faggot than the one you were describing

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who is this uneven titty bitch and why is she hook gripping a fucking back squat

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I wanna grab a hammer and smash that thing.

God it would feel so satisfying.

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Weird Rock

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to be fair, they do that too

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Then you had better go catch it!

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