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When will stuck up hipsters finally stop putting overwhelming spices on everything?

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White boy can't handle a little pepper?

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Watercress. Horseradish. Mustard. Raw Garlic.

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>spicelet cope

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Yes very good, those are indeed all foods. What was the fucking point of listing them?

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Eat them, and come back to me. Describe the taste.

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Is that a pepper grinder? Those were considered fancy in like 1981

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What the fuck are you even talking about? Did you forget to take your meds this morning?

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Upboated and retweeted. Food should only ever taste like melted cheese or mayo.

All white people

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yea i also hate this totally new phenomenon of seasoning your food

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Hello ESL

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I'm American and what you're saying makes absolutely no sense in context to the conversation. How you been schizo?

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Reported for racism

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All of those things are spicy, peppery and can even be painful to eat in some cases. All of which are common in European cuisine and are all native to the region.

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Reported for announcing a report. Learn the rules buddy.

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The absolute state of wh*teoids

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Those are all extremely mild, thanks for proving my point sissy.

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Watercress is peppery, not painful. But the other stuff I listed can be painful.
Go and bite into a horseradish and come back to me.

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That's not hipsters, it's non-whites. They're incapable of making good, high-quality food so they have to mask that fact with an entire rack of spices.

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Shut the fuck up cumskin. No one gives a fuck that you are upset your mayonaise sandwich tastes like eggs and oil. Just cut your dick off like the rest of your kind so you can finally go extinct.

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Those are all delicious.

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People in general are fucked up about food, they eat like it's a hobby. I eat plain nutritious food based on my daily needs and I don't drink. Like eggs fried in butter with green onion and seasoned with salt. If someone can't be satisfied with that, they're spoiled.

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Twitter black people told city whites that their food is bland so they gotta pretend they like shitty food for a while.

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Horseradish isn't the same as capsaicin, i can down hot peppers for fun but horseradish tastes like satan's dick

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>reee my food has taste

Go back to eating glue

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wow look at me fancy pants over here. can't just be satisfied with a boiled eggs, needs butter and onions too.

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No one eats straight up horseradish, you retard. It's a condiment

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>why do people take pleasure in simple things

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If I wanted salt on my boiled pork tenderloin I would have put it in the water, now stop complaining

There is enough ketchup for everyone at the table

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you ever wondered how spices got invented? Like someone just bites into a log of horseradish or ginseng and reels back in pain, then somehow decides to keep eating it but in smaller doses

tfw black but love mayonaise. I fondly remember when I first discovered what it was after biting into a mcchicken

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>I hate eating food so everyone else should too
You are complaining about people eating 'as a hobby' while talking about your own diet as if you have some sort of moral high ground. You might as well go vegan at this point.

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Well I can't speak for horseradish because I've never tried it, but
Christ, you're pathetic.

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This is amazing
I hope you’re serious

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Yum. Whats your point?

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>911 Help I'm overwhelmed by black pepper on my salad!
>Please send a board certified spice therapist

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OP's worst nightmare

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Hello again

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holy based and saltpilled...

>I'm just gonna feed ya shit m8

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>White men display pain tolerance by eating garlic RAW
>This incredibly spicy ingredient is something most whites are very proud to be able to withstand

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a yes let me bite into this whole red pepper next to my mutt wife

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imagine getting out of the pool and falling down the mountain

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There is unironically nothing wrong with veganism, don’t lump us in with that guy

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go eat a broccoli stem and be quiet

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>vegetables icky!

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I don't mind stuff like clove and cayenne but garlic is fucking gross. Too much of it in cooking.

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This is gourmet cooking

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