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Best margarita recipes?

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Tequila, half a lime, ice, salt

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is bitter caffeine water good for you?

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2 parts Patron Silver (yeah, yeah, your tequila is better)
1 part fresh-squeezed lime juice, with pulp bits
.5 part triple sec
.5 part simple syrup with a pinch of salt
Small ice cubes, shake aggressively, pour over a large ice cube and rub lime peel on the rim of the glass and then toss it in. Best margarita, guaranteed.

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2 parts tequila. 100% agave. Get some decent stuff don't skimp.
1 part orange liqueur (I prefer Cointreau)
1 part fresh lime juice.
Shake over ice, serve however you like.
If you want a sweeter drink add a bit of agave syrup

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>go to Mexican restaurant
>order margarita

It’s 10/10 OP

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> Port bow, port bow! cries out from the crow’s nest

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Dayyyymmmn. Thats the perfect amount of thicc. Shame about the face tho

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i like 'gritas

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imagine if a girl put her milk in your margarita lol

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but like as a joke lol

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Pizza base, tomato sauce and cheese.

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