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foods that look horrible but are actually scrumtious!

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Those sandals must be tight as fuck

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this isn't even a sloppashit, i dont know what to call this monstrosity. looks like something the alien from cloverfield would shit out

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Is this that fucking party cheese salad?

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This looks vile. What is it?

What is that brown slop that got dumped on the cheese fries?

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If you can't recognize aunt myrna's party salad you should lurk the fuck moar before posting.
This being said, welcome to my block list, nazi.

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How does Aunt Myrna do it??? Consistently the best recipes and with cheap ingredients!!

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>This being said, welcome to my block list, nazi.
thx m8 i'm sure it's a very exclusive list

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You keep on doing you, just don't expect people to ask you to bring food to any parties

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What am I looking at?

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if they put cheddar instead of some american it would look bretty good

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Goulash or chili fit in that category. Both look like slop, but rich in flavors

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What a stale reference

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