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How do I cook a frozen chicken breast without defrosting it?

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it takes like 15 mins to desfrost retard

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Maybe he wants to cook it while frozen

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You got a fucking problem?!?!

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Microwave, you can cook anything in that future machine

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this but don't wait too long to clean it afterwords, otherwise it gets full of maggots and you have to throw the whole thing away :(

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Pressure cooker if you want pulled chicken

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boil it hard for 1 hour

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Pressure cooker can have some nice results depending on what you're using it for

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Now that's what I call

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It will take a while and the result isn't very good
but just throw em directly in the oven and let em
be there till they are done and have some bernaise
for dipping....don't judge med :D

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You can sear the outside and then simmer them in a tomato sauce. Tomato only gets better the longer it simmers anyway. Obviously this isn't the best way to cook but it's very edible.

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British cuisine, everyone. Mmm just like ‘ma used to make

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Poach it in broth with aromatics. Keep it at a simmer, not a boil. Thn eat it as is, or put it in chicken salad sandwiches, ramen, other salads, etc.

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Is that a British thing?

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slice it thinly and make some chicken bowl with it
add soysauce mirin sugar garlic ginger scallion onion pepper whatever then stir fire the shit out if it

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Bake it

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You are all WRONG.
You *CANNOT* "cook" frozen chicken breast without defrosting it.

You think you can keep the frost on the outside with liquid nitrogen while injecting lava in the middle or something? Fuck sake people.

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You’re an idiot, mate.

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Rent free you nonce

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bake it retard it isn't in the danger zone that long .

you can probably get away frying it too but it's gonna take forever and burn at that point, not to mention I don't know how anybody cooks anything frozen without getting oil everywhere

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I stick them in an airtight ziploc in 140°+ tub of water for half an hour, cycling the water once. Frozen chicken doesn't have any play.

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based retard

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That would only soften the outer layer. The centre and length would still be rock solid.

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