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Just ate a raw egg. Literally water that you can chew.

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that is dumb as hell

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rocky balboa ovah here

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I hope you're ready for salmon hello

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The 8 glasses a day meme is a Jewish GayOp. Raw eggs, raw milk, meat, and organic veggies and fruits have plenty of water.

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Enjoy your Sam on Illa

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did she die

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>t. americlap

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>putting the egg in her right before sex


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So ice..?

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>getting salmonella from raw eggs
Do Americans really?

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My buddy ate a raw egg once when we were kids. Right after he swallowed it he got this strange, perplexed, almost dumbfounded look on his face. All he said was "wow, I suddenly feel very full"

Then we went on with our day. I think we went to the local high school and we each took a shit on the bleachers just to fuck with high schoolers. Good times.

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Any backstory to this?

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egg fort king's detractor

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I would eat(swallow) around 4 raw eggs because I was too lazy to cook for a period. Asides from horrible farts later, nothing really happened because I didn't have shitty eggs.

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It's from a Japanese movie. No explanation needed other than that.

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You shouldn't be allowed to post on /ck/ if you haven't seen our official film.

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isn't this a Japanese comedian

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>Soup's on baby

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I drank raw eggs too before because I wanted to feel like a badass but it wasn't that good. It just didn't feel like anything.

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raw yolk is good but raw white has anti nutrients that inhibit biotin absorption from the yolk

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Soup's on, baby

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Soup's on baby

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she has to eat all the eggs

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