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Gold on food, is it a meme or legit helpful in your diet?

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It's just something stupid rich people do to impress other stupid rich people.

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Adds nothing but presentation.

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just eat aluminum foil, you'll have better poops too. pre-wrapped poops.

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Actually it's also something stupid poor people do to impress other stupid poor people as well believe it or not.

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its a meme, it adds zero flavor or nutritional value
just something tacky nouveau riche do

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No, that was just goldschlager. They're taking it way further than that now.

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it's pretentious and pointless

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Keep working on the English, Chang.

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you mean niggers

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It adds class to any dish

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No, I've worked in places that do this bullshit and I'll tell you exactly who buys this shit. It's 2 demographics, kids of rich parents who are out spending money without giving a fuck and poor ass people trying to act like they're rich.

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What an absolutely arduous process for something that seems worse than a much simpler recipe would. Also surprisingly disappointed at how the presentation looks like something a housewife would make.

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Just imagine, in 40 years we'll have the next gold rush. Prospect miners going down into the sewers and sifting through shit.

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super cute couple

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I truly wish the worst for these people.

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But it's like 20 cents worth of gold.

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I don't think any restaurant would be making those. I'm pretty sure it's exactly housewives making a fun kitschy thing for a PTA meeting.

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I fucking hate social media

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It's a waste of money but one of the fastest way to know for sure that the person eating it is an enormous dumbshit.

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poorfags will say its fake

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Last time I checked a bottle of glitter shit cost $1,000

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That's just edible gold foil, I just did a quick look and 20 4cm^2 sheets are $7.50

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what the absolute faggoty fuck

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this, and it's mostly those
poorfags save money for months to brag on instagram for a second

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Good on the Salt Bae dude for raking in huge profits by capitalizing on his social media fame. He even lets his clients do the salt thing! Smart businessman for sure. A clown, but a smart, successful clown to be sure

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If the main attraction of a dish is stuff that's pre-prepared, it's a shit recipe.

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>A clown, but a smart, successful clown to be sure
Hear that Donny? Get you McPriorities in order

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