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Doriloco/Tostiloco thread

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this is why mexico is #1 obesity

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Most of those look rock hard. Its all made of the same shit right just different colors?

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>pickled pork rinds
>gummy bears
>same dish
um, no thanks, Mexinigger

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I don't care what these tastelets think, I want to try this someday. Sin osito de goma.

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Had it before, a couple times, it isn't good. The peanuts/candy combination is really off base and the spice that is supposed to add balance, just does nothing.

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this is just obvious poverty food
i can't believe there exist people that look forward to eating this garbage after a long day

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Looks like thay just thrown in all expired shits they found nearby. Mexicans really eat out of garbage bin.

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We just keep adding more toppings ese because we are a child like low end people

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Just go to the flea market. They sell them there.

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What the fuck? Unironically worse than a lot of ja/ck/s cooking. Can't believe there are CHAINS that sell this.

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Do you have a version of this for people who don't speak beaner?

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Straight up LOCO

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chilangos and norteƱos eat shit like that.
Funny they tried to put it here in Jalisco and never took off.

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I'm (north) Mexican and I have eaten this, the last time was about 2 decades ago. I only tired them because it was a "novelty".

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so we just gonna keep on adding shit till we run out of imagination?

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no wonder beaners are so fucking fat

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you gotta be a retard if you can't recognize the shit they're putting in

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I assume is a poor/low-middle class snack, I haven't seen a place that sells this shit in years.

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oh Dios mio, la abominacion de las americas

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genuine slop o' shit

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How are you supposed to fucking eat this

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That cashier cute. I wanna racemix

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Dios mio
Why eating so much salt and carbs? You won't even feel full, barely any protein.

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I love how Mexico and scotland have overtaken murica with obesity.

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