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Does anyone have any more of these webms? Thanks.

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Only other one I have

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Got this too

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A bit too /pol/ but always makes me laugh

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>step 1: paint corn with primer

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Angloids are literal subhumans.

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As a mexican I fucking hate this fucking garabge. Mexicans have the worst fucking diets ever. I hate tostilocos.

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the fucking irony with this retard is too much

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Are those box meals available in england or is it a scottish or irish thing?

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tacos are based fuck paul zioneph watson

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second part

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Your thread has been hi/Jack/ed

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man that elote looked great up until whatever the fuck went on top from that sloppa

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no fuck you

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Take the bell off and put in a bun

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How do you call this thing I want to read what the ingredients are because I'm very confused.
Is this shit sweet or savory? Or uh-mummy?

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This is violently Scottish.


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spic nigger

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Why are they all Mexican?

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Waffles are fucking cancer.

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Seethe anglo. I'm not Mexican, but I can recognise that British "food" is the absolute lowest dreck that exists.

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It's a cultural thing.

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>like 1/4 of your daily caloric intake

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What is the fucking appeal? Why continue to add so many sauces/juices to the point where the chips get sogged up to shit and the only crunch you get is out of the gross shit they add on top?

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this is the first time i've ever said this but SERIOUSLY
>imagine the vinegary shits

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Is that beer?

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It's soda.

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It's called sabor gringo. You wouldn't understand.

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Haute cuisine

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>corn with crema, cotija, and chili
>ok this looks good
> much like everything else in mexico they dont stop adding shit on top.

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at least this one is close to actual food

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these things look tastier and tastier as time goes on.

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I'm a spic and hate all of this

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I guarantee none of you have ever eaten beans on toast with some nice cheddar grated on top. It's great. Tacos are fine too though.

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Lmao this is some retarded Chicano shit I've literally never seen any Mexican snacking like that

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It's called elote. It's savory, with sweet corn in the center, mayonnaise brushed on, and dusted with cheese and chili powder

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It isn't. My friends and I used to eat that shit when we were kids.

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I think the point is they both look like sloppas, but tacos are popular with a far wider audience, while bean and cheese toasties or whatever you call them is a pretty specifically UK thing.

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mexican chinese food are the best

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here's part 2

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We have less extreme versions in australia, is this not just a fishermans basket?

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Mexicans are the master of snack foods.It the reason coca cola and everyone tests shit in their market first.

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>hate them
kys now faggot chewy pig is great.

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>spic nigger

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that looks fucking amazing

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Dude what even are the stuff theyre adding?

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Nigger that's the northerners, the beasts you are exposed to and what you think of when you hear "Mexican". They are demons and hated everywhere, much like their central plains cousins the chilangos. Loath them.

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Is that fucking tripe

>> No.14670087

It doesnt make any sense and México will remain a shithole till the end of civilization

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baked beans on toast is a thing here in Australia too

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wtf is she getting out of that huge pot?

>> No.14670899

>the box has holes in the back big enough for some fries/chips to fall out and sauce to escape

truly big brain time

>> No.14671072

The point is that he only dislikes tacos because it's Mexican cuisine, despite liking literally the exact same thing (meat inside bread) when you call it British. Bongs only really have had access to authentic Mexican for maybe a decade so I guess this makes sense really.

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>Unmelted cheese just randomly on top of slightly sweet beans with barely toasted bread
>British people genuinely wonder why they get mocked for their cuisine

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literally peasant food

>> No.14671142

Why would anyone give a shit if someone doesn't like something I like?

>Haha you eat tacos!
>Haha you eat beans on toast!

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We have that type of thing in Ireland.

Also Trips checked.

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PJW associates tacos with liberal Americans and their politics, because those are the people who he probably sees talking about tacos all the time.

>> No.14671220

So he's such a smoothbrain he can't try food because of the politics of many people who enjoy it?
What a retard and this is coming from a right-winger.

>> No.14671228

>masters of snack foods
>It's all appalling garbage

>> No.14671309

Yes. Plus there's also the element of Mexican food being introduced into the UK by Americans only recently, so he sees it as a foreign invasion and thus bad.

>> No.14671325

what in the name of barnacles

>> No.14671348

Halal Snack Packs are unironically tasty though, and actually have cooked food in them, unlike mexican packaged chip abominations

>> No.14671622 [DELETED] 

Kek, I love how niggers complain about racism but on others minorities throats to make themselves look better.

>> No.14671636

The point isn't that it's bad, the point is that they're structurally almost identical to tacos (carb, beans, cheese) yet one is shit and the other is excellent, and the poster failing to recognize this is humorous.

>> No.14671823

>They were retards saying British food was better than Mexican in the answers.
Tasteless faggots.

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No fucking way.

>> No.14673018

I mean it's dirt cheap street food but you'd be an actual retard if you thought taco carts had bad food. Especially compared to most the Mexican food you get in the US outside California.

>> No.14673151

Damn, they just keep going in for more.

>> No.14673167

What in all that is Big and Chicken is going on here?

>> No.14673184

only fat smelly fannies eat this shit

>> No.14673604

Maruchan ramen with:
Juice of two limes
Sour cream
Two kinds of hot sauce
Another kind of cheese
Two more limes

>> No.14673612

Actually a fairly apt description: peasants ate simple food that was relatively good for them and had varied diets when they could, the rich ate nothing but fatty meats, sugar, and complex carbohydrates that caused a multitude of health problems (eg gout)

>> No.14673918

what kind of hungry do you have to be to eat these?

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breh im 5 weeks into a fast and looking at most of these are making me gag.

god fucking knows what drives a person to actually pay for any of this 'food'

that first gif is probably one of the worst, some cheap shitty ramen with shitty doritos coated in some shitty looking cheese product and like 3 sauces and a watery salsa? what the actual fuck.

>> No.14674057

sour cream actually
>chili powder

>> No.14674071

>5 weeks into a fast
i did this once and almost lost all of my hair

>> No.14674262

can you translate to English please?

>> No.14674642


perfectly normal, its called telogen effluvium and you don't lose your hair permanently, your hair has multiple growth phases (the hair follicles on your head are in a constant anagen (growth state) but change to a telogen phase (non-growth state) in a state of energy deprivation/physiological stressors arising from fasting) or emotional stress (traumatic event in your life like a near death experience)

think of the hair on your eyebrows or arms, they're in a telogen state determined by your genes with a predetermined/encoded length (also cases of allele mutation/defects when peoples eyebrows never stop growing as they're in a constant anagen phase)

but to get back to the point, you don't 'lose' your hair in the sense it never grows back, the now existing telogen hair follicles go through Immediate telogen release when you break a long fast leading to the premature reentrance of follicles to anagen, which causes a massive release of telogen follicle hairs (hair loss) and new anagen hair follicles pushing through the scalp.

to liken it to a similar event, some animals go through seasonal coats of fur like winter/summer (dogs/cats) and shed hair but they're not losing it permanently.

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I had to Google this reaction image because it was the only thing that accurately explains how I feel about that webm

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This one

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>that'll be $3.89

>> No.14674811

Looks too dry for me.

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Tiny little snackie

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Real sloppa HSP

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this happened to me during a bad time and I even lost my pubes. All grew back and now I'm just an alcoholic

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>> No.14675234

It's not tripe it's pig skin. The best I can describe it is flavorless jello with a snap at the end of the bite.

>> No.14675240

I still don't know why munchy boxes haven't caught on yet in the US. They'd sell like mad in college towns.

>> No.14675349

They will eventually

>> No.14675421

english, please?

>> No.14675522

Americans get really whiny about food that is this bad for you, oddly. You wouldn't expect it but we do.

>> No.14675540

Some do, sure. But drunk college kids wouldn't care.

>> No.14675605

most mexican people have brain damage, emotional problems and mineral deficiencies
they constantly need to self stimulate with hard crunchy things, chewy things, sour things, sweet things and extremely salty things
it helps placate them

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>> No.14676545

Not to Mexicans. No ones fault you're white garbage that gets a heat stroke from hot sauce.

>> No.14676648

>Food tradition is just "put a shitload of processed food together"
It's garbage. It's like the shitty food Midwesterners eat.

>> No.14676694

pull open bag of processed junk, add artificialy flavoured condiments, some more perservatives,
you can just feel your liver/kidneys shutting down looking at the gif

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