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Have you ever gotten the SECRET menu /ck/ ?

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Hey laowinners!
(I want to fuck his wife)

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yes, it was much better although they had some things i would never order.

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post the image pls

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seconding this

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shes fucking gross

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She has the face shape of a orangutan

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Let's see your face

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serpentza's wife is way hotter

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She has such a fucking unfortunate face for an Asian. I guess she's Vietnamese or a Thai ladyboy.

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>oh look it 's a /polfag/ bait thread

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Why do they look like that?

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hahaha nice cope twink ass white boi
>t-the asian affinity

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Shit genetics.

We should have let Japan conquer all of the mainland and then nuked them 100 times instead of just twice.

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Anon can be ugly too but it doesn't change the fact that she looks fucking hideous

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is the ccp fucking poisoning his ass? Viv is based af tho, she keeps it so real

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le monke face

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I worked at a deli in college. We had a secret menu but all it consisted of was stuff we discontinued but still had the ingredients to make because we used them in other foods.

So you could order the Patriot, which was roast beef on a baguette with tomato sauce and provolone, since it was just a combination of the roast beef and baguette for our french dip and tomato sauce and provolone from our meatball sub.

People would still act smug as fuck when they ordered from it though.

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Yes when I had briefly dated a Chinese girl in college. Lot of vegetables if I remember

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Ordering from secret menus gives me visible boners. Often, I purr like a kitten and gyrate at the wagey. Give me that secret sauce slave.

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I want to stir-fry her eggs and have her birth the anti hapa desu

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>when you look at her while shes sleeping
>then you think to yourself
>damn she do be kinda ugly

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soy overconsumption

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