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Why are American school lunches so horrible compared to other countries?

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Do Americans really?

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there's profits to be had!

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My school lunches were way better than that and that was over 10 years ago. Must suck being an inner city poorfag.

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Because they're lobbying wars for which distributor gets contracts with schools for cheap.

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Yea ... it looks like a rationed out American prison lunch.

See how they subtly indoctrinate and brainwash their citizens. American's are literally groomed from a childhood age to be a possible slave prisoner.

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It used to be good back in the day but the government castrated it so bad in recent times. Don't you remember the whole Michelle Obama "healthier" school lunch program?

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>Don't you remember the whole Michelle Obama "healthier" school lunch program?

No - one cares. Melina is bringing in the all american childrens lunch program. Borscht soup, sour cream, sturgeon eggs, and fish dumplings!

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Michelle Obama

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Because you read a biased article written by a self hating american trying to convince you that third world countries eat pic related for lunch every day while Americans subsist of nuggets and milk

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Because schools outside of white middle class areas are poorly managed. I never ate shit like that in public school.

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>fat free
Whole milk is objectively healthier than skim.

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because you cherry picked a picture probably taken by some dumbass fat fuck autist kid that retardedly only asked for two items because 99% of foods trigger his faggot ass and pretends to start crying and gagging in an exaggerated manner saying he will throw up and doesn't stop until someone calms him down with soda

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>source: dude trust me

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It's probably due to the sheer amount of children they have to feed daily. When I used to live in a small Mexican town the lunch ladies made the food on the spot.
We were allowed to go outside the school to buy something from the vendors so the lunch lines weren't that long.

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Those meals come with a handgun as well.

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Because for some reason we like to pretend that niggers are human and let them have rights.

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Americans have horrible taste in food.

pic related

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Americans are fueled by greed so saving $ is more important than having a functioning brain and body from proper nutrition

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Yes it sucked

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Fake and gay, even back in the day when I went to a NYC public elementary school the lunch wasn't that bad, yea they were bland no frills, but way more variety and food on the tray than that. Pic related, same shit :^)

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it's sad you think that's a good meal, your diet must be really unhealthy

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It's good your reading comprehension is shit, I actually say it's bad, just not that bad. It is what it is. Only unhealthy thing here is your mental retardation after the fact, unless of course you were only pretending to be retarded the whole time. Right? :^)

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That lunch would be illegal if served as the full menu. Federal law says a public school meal has to have a vegetable dish, a grain dish, fruit, milk, and protein. There should be a slice of toast and some kind of vegetable with that. And ketchup doesn't count as a vegetable, that was an email hoax from the 90's

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Lmao some news site actually tried to claim Brazilian school lunches look like that? Brazil, a country where poor people in the interior still eat monkey?

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seething, I read your retardation just fine faggot, that meal is garbage

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Never seen such a terrible school lunch in my entire life. This is probably Canada.

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no that's not really cherry picked, it's pretty spot on

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schools only provide 2 menu items during lunch? fuck off dumbass

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you've never lived here have you
I wouldn't quit your day job

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is that a yes or a no? or are you just too much a lying bitch to answer the question? oh yeah that's right, you are

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The same companies that contract out food service for schools contract out for prisons as well. Why is this surprising to you?

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you're mad and my point still stands, try another day

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You've never been in an American school have you? If your lucky your school will let you have two sides with your main "dish" and a milk or juice.

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you have no point, try not being gay

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I'm a teacher and I love to cook, but always make too much. I feed 5-15 kids a day. I'm no master chef, but the kids like it better than the school food. I also would bring in my 1st hour baked breakfast goods like doughnuts and cinnamon rolls. I blame my insomnia for that. I had a teacher in high school that did the same thing.

What it comes down to is how cheap the school can purchase the food and how much effort the short staffed and underpaid lunch ladies are willing to put into it. People see the videos of Jamie Oliver preparing school food and don't realize that when you scale that to some of the larger schools, it's either impossible, or it becomes a lot of effort to plan out massive scale meals every day.

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Jesus fuck you're retarded. I'm not even involved in this conversation and I'm offended at how retarded you are

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You're not a teacher in the US are you?

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If I was given an overcooked steak and that was the only thing I had to eat, I'd prefer A1 to kind of save it, ketchup would be another contender I guess. At that point I'm not enjoying the food, just surviving.

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I'm a US teacher.

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feed their children this?

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How is that tolerated with you bringing food to kids? I'd assume it would be a tremendous liability for the district. That's really very nice of you to do, though.

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looks about the same to 2007. they would give us a bunch of mixed salad greens tho, so I would get the greens in ranch and hide a puddle of ranch for the nugs on the tray so I wouldn’t get charged

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desu I don't tell anyone. I always had kids hanging out in my room at lunch. They would avoid the school lunch because it was gross because of policies enacted by Michelle Obama (this shit really ruined school lunches). One day I took on cooking because I got sick of eating pre-made stuff and I watched a bunch of youtube videos and bought utensils and stuff and when I started bringing stuff in I was just like "hey you guys want to try this?".

I wasn't stupid, I asked the kids if they had allergies, and learned to avoid ingredients and found "creative" solutions.

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What sort of stuff do you normally make?

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No, they pay other people to feed their children this.

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definitely not school lunch, we used to get some crackers and the same cashew fruit juice everyday, sometimes when they were feeling generous we would get yogurt
however, that's definitely what the average Brazilian lunch looks like anywhere else, a but more sloppa though

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I was about to say, yeah, it's probably just Aramark.

>Aramark Corporation, known commonly as Aramark, is an American food service, facilities, and uniform services provider to clients in areas including education, healthcare, business, prisons, and leisure.

I see.

> It operates in North America (United States and Canada) and an additional 20 countries, including United Kingdom, Germany, Philippines, South Korea, Chile, Ireland, and Spain.

Gottem'. I guess you guys "really" as well.

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In France de had the following 20 years ago.
-3 choices of starters, usually salads or half pomegranates in small dishes
-2 choices of main dish, usually meat. They'd be careful to have non pork meat if the other option was fish for example. No vegetarian option
- 3 sides you could combine. There was fried every day, the rest was a rotation of vegetables and carbs
-fruits, mostly apples pears and bananas
-a dairy, cheese or yoghurt

You had to pick one of each and we had as lib bread and water.
Wasn't the most balanced shit, you could eat fries every day if you wanted but it could be pretty healthy if you made the right choices. Quality was okay.

Now I see what my nephew's eat and it's pretty wild how things have changed. So many options ! Also it's mostly locally sourced and organic. Back then it was.mostly reheated industrial preparations while now it's all cooked on site from fresh ingredients.
They live in a privileged area so it might not be like that everywhere but on average things have improved a lot

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>raw strips of chicken in the fucking bowl
r u fucking srs america? wtf is wrong with you? i hate children too but this is too far

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So I always made either cold meals or things that could be heated in a microwave.

For cold meals, I'd make wraps, cold pasta and meat salads, and stuff like that.

For other stuff, I found that chinese food, indian food, mexican food, italian food, and some african dishes reheated well in a microwave. I'd make lo mein, butter chicken, tikka masala, burritos, carne asada fries mole chicken, lasagna, various pasta dishes with sausage, veggies, and beef. The only african dish I make was a harissa red pepper chicken recipe with couscous and greek yogurt which reheats really well and tastes great.

I can make better stuff, but some fancier stuff doesn't reheat well in a microwave.

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It's the beauty of capitalism, man. The same company feeds you from cradle to the grave. Whether it's in prison or a hospital.

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They really arent when you compare it to real examples of other countries. Generally US lunches used to just be actually made by dedicated school staff now its all done by prison corps. Along with this like others have said the push to make lunches healthier fucked shit up, its easy to pump out half quality tendies but impossible to pump out any quality version of weird health food.

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Yeah I don't know much about Brazilian schools but that looks more like an average lunch that what pupils would get at school

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That all sounds delicious. It's also really very sweet of you. I hope you never get caught by your principal. What are some of the fancier things you like to make?

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>Brazil, a country where poor people in the interior still eat monkey?
are you that dumb or just larping?

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I actually just remembered, I would make salmon and asparagus and mashed potatoes a few times as well. That reheats decently in the microwave.

Well I cook christmas dinner and thanksgiving for my family now, and I'll make like 8 course meals. Everything is done from scratch. I'm making a Beef Wellington this year.

I'll be honest, I don't care what my principal thinks. They're kind of dumb, and with the whole virus thing going on, they're looking more like the dipshits they are.

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I have, in the one I went the lunch ladies would always heat up whatever the lunch company provided. I didn't like it so I always brought from home.

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Your poor people eat roadkill. All countries have people that bring shame to the whole

>> No.14724853

Why the fuck would anyone want just corn by itself? What are you supposed to do with it in that meal?

>> No.14724857

Its common to just eat it like that, especially for children.

>> No.14724866

This is accurate except for the fancy bread and salad

>> No.14724868

you eat the corn, its sweet and buttery.

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American government food is a supply chain.
It goes like this:
Federal Prisons
State Schools
State Prisons
Animal Roughage
Whatever doesn't get used after that is discarded by the navy and/or used in nbc research.

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Corn tastes like nothing. I would have preferred some mixed veg as a kid. Just some carrots, peas, broccoli, cauliflower, anything. Not fucking corn.

>> No.14724924

>My family
I knew you had to be married with kids. It was impossible for you not.

Take care kind, teacher. You're doing God's work. :)

>> No.14724931

No they don't. That's a meme from old TV shows. No one in the US eats road kill, or if they do, it's just for shits and giggles and not because they're actually hungry.

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because there's something fundamentally corrupted about the food supply and/or americans' attitude towards food for 70% of adults to be overweight or obese (40%)

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because they are free, public, meals for niggers served direcly by michelle obama.

>> No.14725332

Is making chicken veggie soup and rice/bread really that expensive/laborious compared to all the pre packaged frozen stuff?

>> No.14725334

yes. i went to the best public school in my district with the most funding and pic related is pretty accurate. it cost me $2

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I went to school in the 2nd or 3rd richest county in the country with well funded public schools. So this is probably as good as it gets

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That's trash.

>> No.14725405

Which is why I always brought my own lunch or just didn't eat lunch, only a snack I actually liked. A lot of kids (cause their parents could afford it) bought food in the morning from elsewhere and brought that as lunch

>> No.14725407

They don’t care about children or education.

>> No.14725424

>Blacks get in the Presidency
>Make things even worse for blacks
>he wuz a gud president and moochelle too

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Oh fuck those apples looks good!

>> No.14725521

The success of that piece of propaganda still blows my mind
Shit was everywhere for years

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What the fuck is that on the left?Is that raw chicken strips?

>> No.14725750

nothing wrong with that, saves time and money that way and kids love it

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American parents don't make lunchboxes for their kids?

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Pretty sure that’s fruit

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My public school lunches in Miami in the 80s were utterly amazing. Local women in the elementary were all from the same sorta hood neighborhood, and bought crops at the earlier versions of u-pick by the sackful, and shucked beans for a smoky simmered (overcooked) dish in ham hocks, made dough for fluffy milk rolls, and cooked all the farm-to-table foods on their budget. Everyone ate their lunches. It was like eating at Cracker Barrel. The worst day was the square pizza day, the only thing they served that wasn't homemade.
High school was even better, with choices. Outside the cafeteria food prepared was parent-teacher volunteers who daily manned BBQ grills on patios, stir fry stations, and probably a 25 item salad bar with pita bread which was the crowd favorite. There were days where you could get a fundraiser fresh salt bagel with toppings including veggie cream cheese with salmon in the mornings. My favorite day ever was falafel day. Out of the fryer hot falafel tucked into a pita with tons of pickled red cabbage, cucumbers, schmear of hot ground green chilies to make it spicy before the tahini drizzle.
What happened since then were truly lazy school kitchen teams buying frozen food by the boxes for the cost savings and just making the usual like your picture.

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I think it's cooked sweet apple slices

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Looks fine to me

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That sounds pretty /comfy/ anon.

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Honestly this was the best fucking school lunch we would get. I always enjoyed the salad we would get with our lunch. *chefs kiss*

>> No.14725870

Not everyone can make their kids lunches, especially if both parents work. My mom was a stay at home mom but we never cared if she made us lunch. Our school lunches were good. We would eat breakfast at school in the morning as well. We were happy kids at the time and enjoyed the food most of the time.

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Michelle Obama fucked them up.
Also, be careful, because a lot of images you see of "school lunches from around the world" aren't school lunches from those countries, but rather professional chefs recreating them, so of course they look fucking good.

>> No.14725915

they didn't even bother to cook the tortillas kek enjoy your raw flour faggots

>> No.14725926

>whining that his tortilla is cold

What's being a bitch like?

>> No.14725948

>fat free
but not sugar free I bet. I consume a shit ton of butter and never put on any weight. Good for me I like my coffee black and not much of a sweet tooth, most people like sweet more than I do.

>> No.14725953

Most kids pack lunch up to high school then you’re on your own.

>> No.14725954

>sugary fruit in syrup (sugar)
>sugar water (fat free milk)
>some processed chemical sawdust disks
>sugar sauce

Typical amerilard kid "food" imagine the insulin rollecoaster and inflammatory hell from eating like this (and the numerous, wondrous "medicines" for the sick brain) no wonder they are mad all the time and shoot each other in the school or burn down cities

>> No.14725956

You ok?

>> No.14725972

it's more than just cold dildo breath, it's uncooked

>> No.14725976

No it’s not retard. That’s what a flour tortilla looks like.

>> No.14725980

it's what an uncooked flour tortilla looks like

>> No.14725988

When I was in school our chicken nugget day was 5 nuggets, mashed potatoes, corn, and peaches/apples, with a dinner roll.

>> No.14726004

Here come the addicts out of the woodwork. Sure I am, I have realized long ago that sugar (and seed oils) is the root cause of modern sickness: I was obese, prediabetic, addicted to eating, irritated, manic then depressed, walking in semi-sleep, mentally stunted. It lifted up in a few days after removing sugar. It is pure evil that must be removed, especially from hands of children. Now over ten times more sugar is consumed than just a hundred years ago, the same goes for poisonous, inflammatory seed oils.

>> No.14726009

No, it's what a cooked white flour tortilla looks like unless you burn it.

>> No.14726015

Calm down.

>> No.14726016

you can't cook

>> No.14726023

I can. You can't.

>> No.14726028

you shouldn't ever cook again if you think that's how a tortilla is supposed to look bitch tits

>> No.14726031

You've never cooked a day in your life, nigger.

>> No.14726034

kek seething

>> No.14726036

>u mad bro?

>> No.14726042

you can read, congratulations einstein

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>> No.14726053

Retards like you make me regret learning to read

>> No.14726074

>"regrets" it
>continues doing it
the only retard here is you kek

>> No.14726083

I'm not still learning to read, retard.

>> No.14726184

damn my lunches were 50 cents

>> No.14726216

Crazy. Cause you hear about how America wastes trillions of tons of food per year. But then you'll see shit like that pic served in public schools with kids complaining about how they go home still hungry. A backwards country.

>> No.14726235

Only the green ones deserve the words "homemade lunch", the first blue one is a bunch of stuff you buy on a store to eat from the bags, the first red is a bunch of sliced stuff the

>> No.14726237

they're not state funded
but >muh communism
makes every child in america appreciate the garbage they are fed on a daily basis :)

>> No.14726294

Way too fancy to be a school lunch in brazil. The average school lunch for a public school is white rice and beans and maybe some meat and lettuce and tomato salad

>> No.14726299

It isn’t a real school lunch. It was a lunch prepared by chefs for buzzfeed

>> No.14726544

nigga, i literally live here, no one eats monkey

>> No.14726686

My school had catered food every day. Must suck to be poor.

>> No.14726750

The idea of school meals came up in the US at the same time industrialised food production was en vogue. with the problem being later compounded by the US's comparative unwillingness in relation to education spending.

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I don't have kids, but I talked with some mom at work and she was bitching about having to load a shit ton of money into her kids school lunch account. I asked her why she doesn't just pack the lunches because it would be cheaper and better, and she told me that the public school doesn't allow them to bring their own food. It's under the guise of "muh peanut allergy" but you know it's just jew nonsense forcing them to pay like 5 bucks on a 50 cent meal. Also, those lunch pics are probably worse case scenario, something like pic related was a typical lunch . I was a milfag child so I was in schools in great areas, and poor as fuck rural areas, there really wasn't a world of difference in the food.

>> No.14727164

Yeah my elementary school regularly served expired milk and nothing was done because the school was good at sweeping shit under the rug.

>> No.14727215

The public school board mafia? It's more likely your parents just didn't give a fuck about you.

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/ck/ is becoming /int/ tier with the amount of threads made about America

>> No.14727228

you're mentally ill

>> No.14727235

third word in post is a clue

>> No.14727238

>t. has never been outside of the usa
i am an american and americans are the second worst tourists only behind chinese tourists

>> No.14727246

I feel sorry for a lot of Americans. It’s a beautiful world but so many people just want to remain trapped in their bubble.

>> No.14727260

when i went to europe two summers ago, people would always ask where i was from and i would just say i was canadian so they wouldn't start asking me about trump/americans being fat/gun violence/etc.

>> No.14727264

Not really. A lot of countries prefer Americans over the Chinese droves. Most Americans never leave the US because there's not really a reason to. America is big and you can see so much without a passport.

>> No.14727265

Lol as a Canadian I don’t blame you.

>> No.14727268

So, surely a thread on /ck/ will fix the school lunch crisis?

>> No.14727272

>i would just say i was canadian
lol you're a fucking bitch

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>> No.14727281

i don't want to be labeled with the group of idiots stopping to take selfies in front of paintings at the lourve like yourself

>> No.14727284

No Americans are hated all over the world now. Seriously last 4 years has been bad approval ratings are only ok in Israel and a bit in Brazil.

>> No.14727288

you're not American

>> No.14727295

You do realize that the USA has more Asians than Canada right? And black people for that matter. I’m not even Asian lol but I don’t blame Americans who lie and say they are Canadian when they travel. Surprisingly despite our close proximity to the US we are hated a lot less. Probably because we don’t invade other nations under false pretences and riot en masse in the middle of a pandemic.

>> No.14727299

So what? You should lie while you travel on the off chance a mentally ill individual accosts you because they dislike your president?

>> No.14727305

neck yourself faggot
that's also more of a case of other countries people being gigantic cunts. It doesn't matter where you are from if you are clean and respectable. If some europoor want's to REEEE at you just for being American, that's just an unwelcoming shitty culture on their end. Look at people bitching about visiting the US. What's the number one complaint? That we are too fucking friendly?

>> No.14727309
File: 3.23 MB, 237x240, 1574661277830.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you have to go back

>> No.14727310

>Implying tourists from every country don't do the same shit.

>> No.14727316

So because I don't feel a delusional amount of shame I must somehow be an obnoxious tourist? You need to get over your self-loathing.

>> No.14727318

US is about 6% Asian, CAN is about 15%.

>> No.14727319

born and raised in the great state of texas

>> No.14727322

>*clap* *clap* *clap*

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File: 2.99 MB, 550x310, Weird white American couple .webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>21 million Asians in the USA
>6 million in Canada
>42 million blacks in the USA
>1,198,540 blacks in Canada accounting for 3.5% of the total population
Granted yes, we do have a smaller population than the USA overall but daily reminder Canadians don't do shit like webm related. For all I know you're a Mexican.

Just accept that the USA is not the best country in the world. You guys really went downhill the last 4-5 years.

>> No.14727359

Because they have to give it out for free.

>> No.14727377

>but daily reminder Canadians don't do shit like webm related
This is literally the most Canadian thing I've ever seen in my life. Just look at practically any news article of your PM practically fellating some brown person near monthly. We may or may not be the best country in the world, but for fucks sake root for the home team. At least I know we are better than you hoser faggots.

>> No.14727383

>race bait webm
>starts ranting about the demographics of blacks when no one mentioned them
>believes there are no liberal weirdos in Canada despite holding multiple race protests and rioting over a shooting that happened in America

I'm generally convinced there isn't a single normal Canadian poster on 4chan. Across all boards you're easily the worst posters.

>> No.14727400
File: 204 KB, 293x398, Donald Likes to Watch .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Right except that it's American. You have a flawed view of Canada probably because you spend too much time on 4chan. I'd bet my next CERB payment that you've never even been here before lol.

And you mean this guy? The guy who was embroiled in a racist black face scandal shortly before the election and still became the PM? Sure thing buddy. Go soak in the fact your president is a pedophile who associated with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell (literal child sex traffickers) for 15 years.

>> No.14727416

>believes there are no liberal weirdos in Canada despite holding multiple race protests and rioting over a shooting that happened in America
I'm a liberal in the sense I voted for Trudeau because he is based. Most liberals don't give a shit about Americans. We had a few protests here yeah but no riots like in the US. A few BLM/far leftist protesters tore down a statue but our liberal prime minister condemned them, along with a ton of other politicians. Meanwhile in the USA, don't a good chunk of your politicians encourage such barbaric behaviour in a so called democratic society?

>> No.14727430

I've been to Toronto at least a half dozen times. And visited Montreal once. Canadians are some of the biggest sacks of shit's I've ever met. I'd rather chill with Brits or Aussies. At least they have balls.

>> No.14727433

>Representing Canada
Yeah you haven't been to Canada. Try going to places that are not big city shitholes that are essentially San Francisco North.

>> No.14727437

>two biggest parts of the country
>you haven't been to the country
Canadian education everyone

>> No.14727438

That's like saying "you've been to Anchorage and Dallas, so you've seen America."

>> No.14727443

Pretty much this. Montreal and Toronto are shitholes.
You're not very bright lol

>> No.14727445

Thanks for proving my point.

>> No.14727452

It's better than 95% of the faggots on the internet that are experts on the USA even though they've never left their own containment continent.

>> No.14727460
File: 131 KB, 1160x770, direction brain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do yourself a favour and never discuss politics. You're a retard like most democrats and Republicans who actually think their vote will somehow make the USA better.

>> No.14727473
File: 2.90 MB, 640x640, American Cuisine .webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is all we need to know

>> No.14727474

Because of the way government contracts work in this country. The contract goes to the lowest bidder, and the lowest bidder is a multinational mega corporation that is able to bid so low because they are able to turn agricultural byproducts, mass produced monoculture grains that cost negative money to produce because of an endless cycle of lobbying and subsidies, and industrial meat production scraps into food products that are extremely low cost.

>> No.14727481
File: 1.87 MB, 400x400, American Cuisine 2 .webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And of course we have this beauty right here

>> No.14727486

What in the hell is going on in the webm? Did someone have a nightmare and decide to make it into a recipe?

>> No.14727496

The only two things I object to are the frozen tomato juice cubes; that's pretentious, and "infusing" the grilled cheese with vodka. Otherwise it's just an over the top bloody mary with an appetizer.

>> No.14727506

The only dumb thing is coating the chicken with all that butter. Otherwise it's totally normal.

>> No.14727516
File: 2.93 MB, 640x640, American Breakfast .webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah but some pretentious hipster infused vodka with a grilled cheese sandwich so we need to hate it.

>> No.14727518

Well shit, I'm so sorry there isn't anywhere else worth visiting in your shithole of a country.

>> No.14727526

Fries are underdone here

>> No.14727538

I almost agree with you, but the peaches really made me doubt the sincerity of this recipe.

>> No.14727544
File: 2.90 MB, 400x400, Nice US park.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Haha spoken like a truly uninformed American. Anthony Bourdain was right about a lot of Americans I think.


>> No.14727551

>fancy bread
Do Americans really?

>> No.14727554

>File: American Breakfast .webm
>but it's from a restaurant in Germany
Okay, that's enough Redd/int/ for you.

>> No.14727557

Bourdain was a druggie faggot that did the world a favor by killing himself.

>> No.14727560

Spoken like someone who politicizes literally everything. Why are you so upset? You seem unloved.

>> No.14727570
File: 2.24 MB, 640x640, Do Americans REALLY.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

kek I'm almost out of webms from my Do Americans Really folder

>> No.14727572

It could work with something really lean like turkey.

>> No.14727579

I'm a spaniard that lived a few years in the US growing up. Lunches weren't as bad as that pic but considering that school was over at 3 PM, we mostly considered the "lunch" as a mid morning snack and my mother would prepare a proper meal (plate of veggies/legumes, a plate of meat/fish, and fruit for desert) for when we arrived from school.

Remember, in the US, the noon time meal, "lunch", is not their main meal of the day. It's just supposed to be enough to get through the early afternoon.

>> No.14727594

Once again, not from the US, but this is what Redd/int/ does to you retards.

>> No.14727596

Yeah but you still have the rice at the bottom that won't be fully cooked. I don't care what anyone says, you will have cooked and uncooked rice in there. Just use a rice cooker like a normal human being.

>> No.14727601

It's being cooked for an hour. Why would the rice not be cooked fully?

>> No.14727603
File: 2.43 MB, 1052x592, The Dilemma of the Indivdiual in Modern Western Society.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When did I say YOU were from the US lol

>> No.14727618

You didn't, but you did say:
>File: Do Americans REALLY.webm
Despite the image not being American at all. You Redd/int/ fags need to stop shitting up /ck/.

>> No.14727634
File: 2.84 MB, 240x240, The Dilemma of Industrial Society.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes because it makes you upset and I personally find that very funny lol

>> No.14727642

Cope. We don't have a national school lunch program, parents are expected to pack a lunch. High schools sometimes have cafeterias that make lunch but you have to pay for it so it's decent stuff.

>> No.14727648

How do I not appear as a retarded American tourist and be respectful?

>> No.14727652

One person is posting food related webms. Another person is complaining about what xyz is American or not. Which do you think is more important on a food and cooking board? Go back to >>>/pol/ retard.

>> No.14727656

>"u mad bro" tier humour
I just want you faggots to fuck off so this board isn't such trash.

>> No.14727660

Not enough moisture. You need some fucking water or stock. I did the recipe once it's shit. The rice was a mix of cooked and uncooked. I guess I could add another fucking 5lbs of butter

>> No.14727670

Stop complaining you're really annoying.

>> No.14727687 [DELETED] 

/int/cels are the new /pol/tards

>> No.14727696


>> No.14727702

actually worshiping a tv celeb

>> No.14727703
File: 102 KB, 1024x683, breaded_plaice_potatoes_green_peas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well if everything has to be the cheapest shit scraped from the streets...

I mean you can save up on a lot but i think the future generation of the US needs good food.

Saving up on that is shooting yourself in the foot.

I remember foods from allover the world, my favorite was breaded plaice.

>> No.14727722
File: 185 KB, 1200x1200, La abominación .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do Americans really?

>> No.14727734

I see many news sites in Europe are speculating if the US is about to fall apart.

Get the kids good schooling and good education and kick the superrich establishment in the balls or cunts.

Simple as that and future is safe :D

>> No.14727740

>3 bowls of food on a table where 6 kids eat
>the fat bully eats for 3
>steals everyone's desserts
yeah real nice
fuck germany

>> No.14727795

The strong get stronger preying on the weak?
Germany sounds fucking based.

>> No.14728850

stop posting your selfies on /ck/ you fucking autist

>> No.14728884

no ketchup, no thanks

>> No.14728912

the way it goes is like:
business LOVE Americans, they tip and are retarded so are easy marks for touristy products
a few people like you because big movies and pop-songs are made in America
asian people like you and will call you tall for being 5'10"
everyone else thinks you are illiterate dogs who eat too much and smell bad

>> No.14728930
File: 65 KB, 632x413, CDC overall obesity map of US.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Recognizing you're living in a shithole isn't self-loathing, it's the first step towards self respect.

>> No.14728934

>everyone else thinks you are illiterate dogs who eat too much and smell bad
We don't concern ourselves with the daydreaming euros who wait with baited breath for BBC world service to give them the daily dose of US smearing news nuggets to make them forget about their own shit lives for a brief moment thinking they might actually be better than the world power that owns them.

>> No.14728959

I'd just get a boars head turkey or ham sandvich and a can of strawberry kiwi snapple for $4.50 most days.

>> No.14728962
File: 6 KB, 224x224, images-5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw went to a Catholic high school and had delicious food everyday

>> No.14728971

I hate this webm so much

>> No.14728980


Other countries don't have gigantic populations of net negatives draining the government of resources 24/7. That's why.

>> No.14728985

american school lunches were made to help farmers/ranchers and not poor people retard.

>> No.14728995


Right and the food used to be high quality with people actually cooking, until gigantic populations of brown people started consuming more taxes than they put into the system, stressing the system and forcing budget constraints that resulted in the modern school lunch.

>> No.14729009

no it was always shit. the government would always buy the lowest quality meat and produce made by american farmers and ranchers (the majority coming from vertically integrated corporate farms so you know it's shit) so that way the farmers always make money.
all the meat is grade-d, everything is filled with preservatives. they were smart to feed it to niggers in order to profit off of it.

>> No.14729059

Mine did sometimes, but they were never consistent and would rather I packed my own lunch.
I never did, so welp.

>> No.14729102

Looks alright in the end, but it's kind of big waste of butter since it all melts off in the oven. I guess it all ends up on the rice and veggies, but coating the chicken in it is a gimmick.

>> No.14729617

You sound like a whiney batch. Clean the sand out of your mixed vag.

>> No.14729736
File: 93 KB, 600x842, url.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14729743

10 years ago it was exactly how you first described it

>> No.14729763

I'm Australian and most schools here don't serve children lunch. Children either bring their lunch to school in their bag or they buy their food either from a shop inside the school or you go for a walk to one nearby.

>> No.14729765
File: 59 KB, 700x456, 54d8d3d469bedd720abe0eb1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's not propaganda bro! I swear, every child in France totally eats steak and brie for lunch every day!

>> No.14729828


>> No.14729901

What would non-capitalism change? If you're not making your own food then someone else is.

>> No.14730201
File: 431 KB, 683x320, france.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's what they call it in the article

>> No.14730217

And one person is too retarded to understand that both of those people are the same person, due to them naming said food webms with said xyz is American titles.

>> No.14730226

Under real communism, not much desu, marx ideas aren't really that radical, they just greatly limit the ability to get rich and have others hold power over you.

>> No.14730234
File: 30 KB, 504x376, 3lrOdDo5jjn_gKVVP2ndEwcSnzWSfK7U5k_lLQCCsMA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>real communism

>> No.14730897

You're so full of shit rofl. 5-15 kids, per day, at a minimum 25 kids a week - 75 max. So we'll say 40 a week. 40 MEALS a week - 160 a month.

Youre telling me you spend upwards of 300-600$ a month feeding kids?

Ontop of that "I dont tell anyone" bullshit - if you're pumping out 400 meals a month, those kids are going to talk, they'll tell their parents or friends and it would have come back on you.

Quit larping you retarded faggot.

>> No.14730903

Went to private school in commiefornia. They gave us a a monthly food calendar of what was being served. If you didn't want the dish for that day you could just get popcorn chicken, pizza slice or a salad. Was pretty based.

>> No.14730906

Hes larping, thats why.

>> No.14730911

or one of the staff would fucking notice when they walk by the classroom and see a bunch of dumbfuck kids eating his faggot food, really none of them asked what the fuck was going on in all that time?

>> No.14730912

but anon, food doesn't exist in a true communist society because to enact one you need to nuke the planet rending growing food obsolete as aliens will finally help us achieve a tier 4 civilization

>> No.14730931

Spoken like someone who's never traveled anywhere in the world. Get the fuck out of here you little reddit faggot.

>> No.14730953

"He-y-y Teach...whats in those giant duffle bags?"
>tomato sauce dripping out
>15 kids slowly waddling into teachers class room during the most social and relaxed part of the day
"Oh-h oka-y-y Teach..."

>> No.14730976

I've never understood this
Why do the kids sit down to eat?
Do they pay?
Lunch for us was usually something from home and we took every opportunity to get outside and away from school.

>> No.14730979

>fat free chocolate milk
>Lets take out the fat
>add in lots of sugar instead
People like this deserve the rope.

>> No.14731019
File: 32 KB, 600x602, 1598141012913.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>1,198,540 blacks in Canada accounting for 3.5% of the total population
You don't say?

>> No.14731030
File: 53 KB, 310x310, 244-2441810_sad-pepe-png-pictures-trzcacak-rs-download-transparent.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We dont even get free cafeteria lunches in Oz land. The stuff that we pay for is as shit as your free lunches

>> No.14731058

>we do have a smaller population than the USA overall
We have a smaller population than just ONE of their coastal states. The thing is most of our niggers are immigrants glad to be here or homegrown Canadians, very different people than the Afro American baboons.

>> No.14731063

Montreal doesnt even count as Canada and Toronto and its surrounding areas is literally the mecca of hipster faggot zoomer culture, worse than Vancouver It's like going gaybashing in San Francisco 15 years ago and saying America is full of weak ass pussy twinks.

>> No.14731069

Canadian here , you're both being childish retards at this point but you're currently leading that race. Stop being an embarrassment to the True North.

>> No.14731082

My mother made me a brown bag lunch when I was in elementary school but when I entered high school I would just leave at lunch and get fast food like everyone else. Only poor kids and blacks ate the school lunches. Live in the USA btw.

>> No.14731176

That's not a lunch. That's a mere snack.
I'd be just more hungry after that.

>> No.14731206
File: 223 KB, 500x375, dogs-eat-dog-food.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14731224

Then get more. They let you pick how much you want. There were probably like 10 other menu items.

>> No.14731326

>this is a pizza burrito
>this is heart failure

>> No.14731490

Meme all you want, there's no way in fuck that black guy isn't gayer than Richard Simmons at a Pride Parade in Neverland Ranch.

>> No.14731501

I used to get it in my school lunches. it's good with pepper

>> No.14731531

Still looks better then the shit I got served when I was in school. We didn't really have a cafeteria so the "food" was ordered from a cheap catering service everyday, I still remember the potato mesh being thick and bad that we compared it to concrete.

>> No.14731599

Sorry you never had a taste of some good Sopa de Macaco (which is uma delicia btw)

>> No.14731632

Although I agree that this "lunch" is pathetic, people here are whining like they eat any better given their own choice.

>> No.14731642

>Washington DC
Nice try, Michelle. We all know that minus the politicians, DC is a gigantic nigger ghetto.

>> No.14731851

>before obama
>after obama

thanks obama

>> No.14731859

I've always wanted to try a boxed chocolate milk after seeing it so many times in american films, cartoons, books, and here. But it just doesn't exist where I live. Milk is always "just milk", never mixed with cocoa powder, let alone syrup.
I know I could just make it at home, but it wouldn't be the same

>> No.14731883

Jesus, I love vegetables but I would NEVER eat raw broccoli or fake tiny plastic carrots... No wonder kids think vegetables suck if that's what they're given.

>> No.14731916

>three kiwifruit halves

9/10 tho, would eat both as a kid and now.

>> No.14731942

Schools don't make food anymore. They assembled heated processed food into a tray for consumption.

It's shitty food, but tastes decent when you are hungry.

>> No.14732586

I became anorexic and saved up all of my lunch money in 8th grade so 9th grade year the boys and I used all of that saved up lunch money to eat nothing but cookies for half the year.

>> No.14732650

In my public school we usually chose between grilled chicken salad with pita bread, hamburgers, vegan nuggets, chicken sandwiches, and some days a hot dog or turkey breast. It wasn’t the best ever but it wasn’t terrible. They always made you pick a fruit and a vegetable with a drink along with the meal and all of us were fed no matter what

>> No.14732826
File: 1.03 MB, 600x600, 1592809928198.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>notorious for their bad health
>tries and fails to replicate food outside of their culture
>cheese tastes and looks like plastic
Does America have any redeeming traits when it comes to food?

>> No.14732964

>school lunch
SEA monkee here. We don't get free lunches. Lunch time was mostly sweet biscuits for 20 cents when i was a little kiddie.

>> No.14732979

Those are cinnamon-doped apple slices.

>> No.14733026

That's because Americans are retarded.

>> No.14733033

Bourdain got his fucking life together after being cripplingly addicted to cocaine.

>> No.14733042

Most American kids come home to an empty house since both parents usually work these days.

>> No.14733121

>you know it's just jew nonsense forcing them to pay like 5 bucks on a 50 cent meal
It's called capitalism, pol.

>> No.14733228

No, the companies with school contacts bribe the people in charge of who gets a contract. They could easily give schools enough money to buy fresh, local food from farms. There's no bribe money in that, though.

>> No.14733277

what the fuck are both parents working for then if it takes up so much time they can't even make lunch every day? at least one of them needs to take care of the kids or they shouldn't have had any to begin with

>> No.14733491

>pita bread
>vegan nuggets

You were born after 9/11.

>> No.14733529

>They'd be careful to have non pork meat if the other option was fish for example.
Why would someone be unable to eat both fish and pork?

>> No.14733556

too many niggers to feed to afford good food

>> No.14733579
File: 188 KB, 215x414, 1386963148315.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I went to private school and bought pizza every day.

Imagine being fucking poor and not white

>> No.14733598

They so that in Denmark? In Finland they just make healthy home food at schools.

>> No.14733616

They get it for free. Communist liberal terrible schools. Sad.

>> No.14733634

>i know, if i pretend to be american that will help my case!

>> No.14733661

>a giant hunk of beef and a $7 slice of brie.
this seems really fake. also the portion size, kids don't eat that much

>> No.14734262

where's the fries? I loved the fries at my cafeteria, I had them with every meal without fail, I loaded them with salt and pepper and it would make the lady at the counter sneeze
my favorite was when they had calzones for some reason, I didn't know what a calzone was and I never saw them serve it again before or since, I just pointed at this big meaty looking thing and said "give me that!" and it was the best school lunch I ever had

>> No.14734273

we don't have standards

>> No.14734740

Michelle Obama
Unironically, she fucked the entire thing up.

>> No.14734798

Charter schools were mistake

>> No.14734812

>locally sourced and organic.
that just means they used older deadly pesticides like DDT , and they rot faster because they refuse to use more modern methods to store them.
muh organics is an overpriced shill.

>> No.14734833

because you are showing me the free school food that niggers eat at nigger schools. at my school we had paid lunches where you just buy the shit that you want and it wasn't bad at all.

>> No.14734844

its garbage, nobody drinks it.

>> No.14734895

If you think kids weren't getting served shit like in the OP before 2008 you're beyond retarded.

>> No.14734904

Public school system is broken
Lots of kids to feed
Many of whom require assistance
Ironically the food was probably more filling, better for you and better tasting before changes under Obama
As a result of the above many kids will just throw away the food anyway and still be hungry or opt to buy something out of the vending machine/snack bar/school store
The only place to get decent food is in private schools or good public districts

>> No.14734929

I dont get why everyone hated on school lunches. Im amurrican and my lunches were the shit. I would always get the sandwich or pesto-basil wrap with pepperoni and turkey, spinach, tomato, black olives, red onions, green peppers and jalapeños every day.
Unless it was the day they served >>14725856 pic related

>> No.14734943

I just noticed how only the poor kids in our school bought lunch. Or the people with unstable homes. It’s like they will be eating like this for the rest of their lives.

>> No.14734980

He wasn't born before 2008.

>> No.14735055

because democrats import penniless third world people and give them free shit so theyll vote for them, including free breakfast lunch and dinner at schools, so it needs to be as cheap as possible because who the fuck is going to pay for it all?

>> No.14735285

Yeah thats why Americans suffer from from severe obesity and die in their 40s

>> No.14735291

you are not Brazilian

>> No.14735292
File: 77 KB, 719x960, 1431605494609.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You and the other underage b& blaming the cost-cutting on Obama are too much. School lunches have been shit for decades, and it was natural that they would become even more awful as soon as schools discovered that parents don't care if they pay to have Aramark garbage funneled down their little piglets' mouths.

>> No.14735460

>defending ketchup on steak
Anything for the god emperor huh 4chins?

>> No.14735528

chinese tourists usually stick to their own tour groups. americans shit up everywhere.

>> No.14735536

hmm, peaches, chicken and rice.

>> No.14735548

How can you look at this and possibly think white is the master race?

>> No.14735558

>let's just straight up ruin a pizza

>> No.14735607


>> No.14735613

because you're using a computer to do it.

>> No.14736392

That tortilla is cooked. Otherwise, it’d be raw dough or flour, which it isn’t.

>> No.14736412

Op is full of shit.
My school lunches looked way better than that. In highschool we even had a hot lunch and a cold lunch line where you could get a sub made to your liking.

>> No.14736415

Poorfag here, can confirm. I hope I die soon

>> No.14736432

>Rice isn't white
>beans without any bean sauce
>No mention of polenta
You can easily tell this is made by someone who never has been to Brasil.
or some northeastern nigger

>> No.14736594
File: 69 KB, 474x646, ncinet worm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Why are American school lunches so horrible compared to other countries?
americans believe in social Darwinism

if the founding fathers had not invented libraries Americans would call it a socialist plot !

>> No.14737042
File: 2.49 MB, 4134x3098, 6330E073-050F-498A-BB74-59844640754B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any relatively young uk anons will agree that this was the most based meal at lunch

>> No.14737101


>> No.14738088

zoomer or posh lad? it was chips,pizzas, sausage rolls etc when I was in school. They were actually quite nice too, especially the pizza.

>> No.14738305

>It's the beauty of capitalism
It is undeniably impressive that we are able to sustain such a vast amount of people at the same time in such wealth. These sort of shortcuts and efficiencies are what keep it all from collapsing. Running out of X? Well we just figured out how to use 50% less X in our process, so now the stockpile of X has gone up by 50%. Same reason we cant calculate the carrying capacity of the planet.

>> No.14738336

what is so wrong with just cooking the fucking vegetables? Aren't raw carrots devoid of any meaningful amount of nutrients?

>> No.14738352
File: 19 KB, 601x601, SUPREME.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>i would just say i was canadian

>> No.14738603

so this is the famous gyro i've heard so much about

>> No.14739049

This is straight up a lie, the US has had greater issues with food then the USSR ever did. In fact, their greatest shortage was due to the fall of the socialist regime

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