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is this the epitome of burgers?

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>taller than it is wide

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>play thicko mode by Travis Scott

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I'm sure every element of that burger is superior than most restaurant burgers.
But you can't put that all together and expect it to work together.

Most experienced chefs have this problem. Gordon does this all the time.
>If I focus on each piece separately and make them gormet that means the whole thing will be perfect when I put it together right?
You might aswell eat each piece separate.

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ratios all over the shop. disaster.

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>this thread again
Hey, fuck you, OP.

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how does he keep getting away with it

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You're meant to eat the top one, while the bottom one is for Instagram.

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The one on top could have had a better presentation, being served a burger like that implies that you're meant to eat it exactly as is without cutting it first or unhinging your jaw

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>without cutting or unhinging your jaw
Bet you were the target in many poofta bashings.

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Do people really prefer burgers without cheese? Cheese such a great extra layer of flavor to the thing

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So the one on the bottom is clearly meant to be cut into little bits and eaten like hamburger salad? Or is the idea to take bites of one ingredient at a time? Or to try to smash it flat?
I want to know how people who make burgers like that actually eat the fucking things.

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Any of that stupid west coast bullshit sucks the big faggot dick.

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I'm not paid by these cunt west coast faggots wearing their vans and sketchers so I don't have to pretend to like their fucking crap.

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I also dont have to wear a stupid hat backwards and pretend to like niggers.

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>too tall to eat comfortably
>bread looks hard and stale
>no cheese

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My older brother has that problem on airplane seats, he's tall and their very unconfortable for him.

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The top and bottom slices of bun don't even look like they were sliced from the same whole bun.

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Thats funny. Youre a funny guy.

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my mouth is dry just looking at that

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