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Does anyone else here still buy Taco Bell? They got rid of so many good items, but I think they knew that there’s really nothing out there to fill the void (yes, yes, I’ve still yet to try Del Taco), so they really won’t lose too many customers by raising the prices to match the competition. They’ve kind of conditioned us (not really, though) to expect frequent menu changes; I honestly don’t know if it was a long game thing or just a covid thing, but the value menucaust still just doesn’t make sense to me. The fact that I can get a “free” Bell Grande once a week is a bitter consolation.

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No. I call them Taco Hell. Sometimes I walk in and shout "this place is really Taco HELL," and then I walk out.

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They’ve completely fucked their menu

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Just had it today, though I feel like magic is gone when I eat it, doesn't taste as good when I first start eating it. I hate how they took away the volcano menu and that you can only get the quesarito in their app now.

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you guys complain so much about taco bell changing the fucking menu. did you know michelin restaurants change the menu up to 4 times a year? that's right. this is some fine dining shit they're doing with their menu

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did you know changing a menu and reducing a menu are different actions?

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>michelin restaurants change the menu up to 4 times a year? that's right. this is some fine dining shit they're doing with their menu
That’s a very disingenuous argument, and also factually incorrect (most Michelin restaurants, even the one stars, change their menu weekly, at least). Taco Bell’s strategy for the past decade plus has been to introduce LTO items to stoke hype and market artificial scarcity – despite literally everyone agreeing that their entire menu consists of 10 different ingredients arranged in different ways. The difference is that they recent got rid of two thirds of their most beloved staples, many of which have been menu standards in living memory if you’re under the age of 40. It’s gotten so bad that I can’t even rely on getting a decent meal there, so have to make a burger – for good measure. Pic related. It’s the burger I made.

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>10 different ingredients arranged in different ways
uhh have you looked at other cuisines?

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Taco Bell in particular is notable for how many of its products don't use any new ingredients.

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>you can only get the quesarito in their app now
I honestly don’t understand why more people don’t use the app. Like, wow, they’re harvesting your order data to enter into an algorithm to further streamline the menu to increase profits. A guy at the window the other night told me that maybe 2% of customers use the app (he was confused that I had a free Bell Grande, because he was completely unaware that they introduced a rewards program months ago). I almost always ordered a fritos burrito and triple layer nachos, but they got rid of those. Here’s what the world looks like when you don’t vote with your money. The empty bullet points should say, “grilled”, obviously.

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This is huge soul. Craigslist ads asking for attractive females to stay at their homes for free are cringe.

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It drains my phone battery and takes up space.

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Where's your sad looking nachos you fucking faggot

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I have been buying the same menu items from Taco Bell for 6 years and now they're all gone.

So yes, for someone with Aspergers, this is a very BIG DEAL.

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kill yourself fat faggot

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Don't you get tired of eating the same exact burger?

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fuck off and kill yourself you fat fuck

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dude learn to be self reliant so no one can take something like that away

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>They got rid of so many good items
I've gotten the same order for the past 20 years, and I'll keep on getting it. 2 bean burritos with no onions, 2 crunchy tacos, and a large Baja Blast.

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Both of those items cost a dollar each, no tax where I live. What the fuck?

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>10 different ingredients arranged in different ways
>have you looked at other cuisines
Taco Bell is a fast food restaurant, not a cuisine. I have a dozen different taquerias in the area between the three main Taco Bells I frequent, and they all have different salsas and carne asadas, despite all “using the same handful of ingredients”. A better analogy would be to compare Taco Bell with something like Subway, which offers the illusion of choice – and actually offers more options than Taco Bell – but tastes like stale cardboard no matter which combination you choose. Slight variations and modifications at Taco Bell can actually make or break an item, which is kind of their entire genius.
>for someone with Aspergers, this is a very BIG DEAL
This guy gets it. You don’t go to Taco Bell to reap the corn fields of culinary exploration; it’s a comfort food, and an old friend and standby, which is cheap and consistent, and just a nice drunk food to pick up on the way home on the side of whatever else you had planned, for good measure. When someone says, “lol, it’s shitty fast food, who cares”, it’s as though your favorite cigarette brand went out of business overnight and someone said, “lol, who cares, cigarettes are bad for you”.
Every location I go to has different pricing. This one charges a dollar for those items, but adds 10 cents for onions and 45 cents for pico. One of my places introduced the beef burrito at $1.50 and has kept it there, which is crazy since it's almost always tiny. Fortunately they were all decently sized tonight.

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>drunk food to pick up on the way home
How pathetic do you have to be to get drunk when you're not at home? Jesus, do you ever enjoy anything at all? Fucking disgusting outlook.

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taco bell has pico, breakfast salsa, mild, hot, spicy, diablo, verde. who the fuck are you to criticize subway? you eat raw hamburgers and taco bell every night and pass out in a drunken stupor

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pretty sure they bought it with the intention of being drunk, but who knows. taco bell lard ass killmepls fag has admitted to drinking and driving on more than one occasion

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>drains my phone battery and takes up space
That has to be the biggest copout I’ve ever seen. It’s a tiny app, that doesn’t do anything when it’s not open or track your location if you don’t check that box.
It’s only Monday.
>tired of eating the same exact burger
I change it up from time to time, but after having tried almost everything I’ve settled on this as the perfect burger, and when you strike on perfection it quickly starts to feel unironically self-deprecating to forcefully expand your horizons for the sake of “growth”, or whatever authenticity meme word you want to use to validate your lifestyle choices.
>who the fuck are you to criticize subway
Someone who has eaten at Subway in the past decade?
>you eat raw hamburgers and taco bell every night and pass out in a drunken stupor
You can’t, “pass out in a drunken stupor” if you’re already in bed, silly. Here’s the beef burrito – grilled, add onions – looking good, eaten in bed.

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Where's the bug plush from?

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Nah, I'm pretty much in boycott mode, they pissed me off for thr last time

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good lookin boyga

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You and cabin boy should get together and sit in a garage while eating junk food with the car running and all the windows and doors shut tight.

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Yeah, I’ve been pissed at them before but the last round was too much
>no more fritos burritos
>no more triple layer nachos
>no more potato grillers
>”well at least the new double stack taco thing is substantial and cheap”
>discontinued immediately
>”well at least the chicken quesadillas are still-“
>local place doesn’t make them anymore even though they’re apparently still on the menu
>”I guess bean burritos are still pretty g-“
>Jacked up to 2 bucks apiece now
Fuck em. I really don’t know what they were thinking.

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This. I went into an airport taco bell once, and they had a severely reduced menu. They didn't have something I wanted, even though they clearly had all the ingredients.

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You have fine taste in movies and literature my friend.

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Don't forget to sign the save the Mexican pizza petition, fagits.

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>>”well at least the new double stack taco thing is substantial and cheap”
>>discontinued immediately
what the fuck, I didn't know they were discontinued already. I moved recently and don't like the taco bell by my new place as much. those were the only good things left on the menu, how did they fuck it up that quickly? literally zero reason left to go to taco bell.

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you wanna know how I know you're fucking lame?

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Yeah dude, they took a bunch of good stuff off the menu. I can't wrap my head around why they fucked up the menu so much. everything seems smaller now. no more beefy fritos burrito, replaced with a tiny shitty beef burrito. the grande stacker is fucking impossible to eat without it spilling out everywhere and its mushy af. no texture, just beef and cheese.
WHY TF CANT THEY PUT ONIONS AND CILANTRO IN ANYTHING? its just shitty meat rice and cheese wrapped up half a dozen ways. fuck taco bell. fuck them in their stupid asses

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Dude, you need to commit suicide

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Your meat is raw BTW, You should try cooking it next time

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Yeah I still go, honestly I bet what they'll do is bring back all those items for limited runs, kind of like how McDonald's has the McRib at various times per year when pork prices get low. We'll see "Quesarito month" and things like that to drive short term traffic imo.

But to answer your question yes I'm still getting taco bell, and actually more than I had ever done so before. Why? you might ask. Well, they changed my schedule at work and I have to be there at 6am now.

I decided to try Taco Bell's Breakfast and it is absolutely god-tier. Makes all other fast food breakfasts, even McDonald's and Wendy's look like absolute garbage in comparison.

Get the Bacon Crunchwrap. It's bacon, free range eggs, cheese, and hashbrowns rolled up in a crunchwrap. It's only $2.99. You can make it a meal and get two delicious cinnamon ball things filled with cinnamon bun topping and a coffee drink all for under $6.

Not only is the Taco Bell breakfast tastier than others, but it is also a better value because you get more food and more calories for less money. It's so good that I legitimately think "breakfast crunchwraps" will become a staple of American cuisine outside of taco bell. Just like you can get an omelette at just about any breakfast restaurant, in the future you'll be able to order a crunchwrap from any breakfast restaurant. They are that fucking good I'm not memeing or joking around

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>there are people who don't go to TB JUST for the Gordita Crunch
Two or three or those with some Dew and sauce and you're set

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>in the future you'll be able to order a crunchwrap from any breakfast restaurant

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okay I know that part was meme-ing but I really do kind of believe it. The crunchwrap is taco bell's greatest culinary innovation. I mean, there was a time in the USA where you couldn't just go get a taco or burrito anywhere, but now you can, even sometimes at places that aren't explicitly mexican/latino restaurants. I really do think that the crunchwrap is unique and in the future we will have gourmet versions that far surpass anything that exists today.

Imagine a crunchwrap but like with salmon and capers and goat cheese instead of taco bell ingredients. The possibilities are quite limitless

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I used to go just for the Quesarito. For me it was the perfect item from TB but I would also get a cheesy gordita crunch here and there. I still can't believe they are getting rid of both of them. At least their breakfast makes up for it, but yeah I haven't gone to taco bell for something other than breakfast in like 2 months, when previously I'd go at least once every 2 weeks if not more

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You know how you sometimes get to the end of a burrito and the last bite is nothing but tortilla folded over on itself? It's like Taco Bell took that idea and designed a burrito around it, like the "all crust" brownie tin of fast food - except that nobody actually wants tortilla folded over on itself. That's the crunchwrap. It's literally a burrito that emphasizes all the worst aspects of burritos, such as bad ergonomics, poor ingredient distribution, and it's all end bites.

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Better staging on this photo than the living room table threads. Keep up the good work

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I love how burger guy is more articulate than the average joe

>> No.14894068

Have you actually had the breakfast crunchwrap though? Everywhere I've gone they always put way more food in it than a normal crunchwrap. Maybe it's just because the eggs are fluffy but the breakfast crunchwrap is fat af, at least as much food as they put in a quesarito, definitely more than a gordita.

I think this is for two reasons. One, Taco Bell is trying really hard to capture the breakfast market, so they're pulling out all the stops. And two, I still don't think a lot of people know about TB breakfast, so they always have lots of food they need to use.

Meanwhile, regular crunchwrap is one of their most popular items, and it's more likely they'll stretch out ingredients and make them skimpier.

Otherwise I understand the general premise. There is a fairly big difference with the breakfast crunchwrap. So, with the regular crunchwrap, the "crunch" comes from the flat tostada inside which provides structure.

In the breakfast crunchwrap there is no tostada. It is replaced by a large hash brown which is softer and less crunchy, but much more delicious. I'm telling you, the breakfast crunchwrap from taco bell is the best fast food breakfast you can get bar none. Only thing that was ever comparable were breakfast bagels at mcdonalds

>> No.14894089

I make my own crunchwraps and put lots of different things in them. they're good for low carb burgers because you can put the patty and everything together and seal it in on a skillet

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>only thing that was ever comparable were breakfast bagels at mcdonalds
I don't know much about Taco Bell's breakfast menu since I don't go to Taco Bell when the sun is up, but you almost convinced me to give it a try, until this last bit. I've had McDonald's bagels once or twice and they were one of the lowest quality, most disgusting things I've ever tried.

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they have a walkupwindow right by liquor shop. haven't had it in 6months cause no car for drive thru. shit was pretty gross.then again it was a $1 burrito

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>no mention of them cutting the Gordita Crunch
Not that i don't believe you, but sauce plz? Just panic read through two of their menu changes bs pr stuff and no mention either way of the Gordita Crunch

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How often do you use the word 'crunchwrap' in your life?

>> No.14894157

>I've had McDonald's bagels once or twice and they were one of the lowest quality, most disgusting things I've ever tried.

I think the tb breakfast crunchwraps are superior for sure, but back when McDonald's had breakfast bagels I felt they were of higher quality than typical egg mcmuffin or bacon egg and cheese biscuit. I can't think of another fast food breakfast item that's better. Sonic breakfast is low quality, wendy's is actually pretty good imo but it's really greasy and makes me feel degenerate.

I still haven't had Chick Fil A breakfast, I hear it is amazing but the idea of chicken for breakfast just seems weird to me.

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I might be wrong, I thought they were getting rid of it too

not often, only when talking about taco bell breakfast

>> No.14894175

Lovecraft has indescribably horrendous prose, you pseud faggot.

>> No.14894182

But don't you get the breakfast daily on the way to work? They're gonna start calling you 'Crunchwrap' dude

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more more pics of the isopod please

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yeah I guess I do say it when I order it. I don't go every day but probably at least 2 or 3 times a week. It's at least 750 or 800 calories for $3.36 after taxes, and it tastes really good. I don't know of a better fast food breakfast value

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I'm on my work computer but I downloaded a pic for you guys anyway. This is what the bacon crunchwraps actually look like. They are truly incredible

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Haven't had taco bell in over a year, but apparently they got rid of the XXL grilled stuft burrito, the quesarito, and loaded grilles? Sad, I used to buy 2 of the XXL grilled stuft once a week when I was too lazy to make dinner.

>> No.14894627

> I was too lazy to make dinner.

how hard is it to make ground beef with pasta and sauce. Literally takes 20 minutes. Probably spent 1 hour & more $ just because you needed excuse to be fat pig

>> No.14895003

If I'm gonna put myself on a time table to pre-order some shit from Taco Bell or any other restaurant, I might as well go all the way and pay someone else to get it and leave it at my door. It's like half-ass DoorDash.

>> No.14895016

I was done with them when they got rid of the Grilled XXL Burritos. 2 of those babies and you were set for the whole day.

>> No.14895029

Are you making fun of my Aspergers?

>> No.14895073

They just reduced the menu. If they dropped the quesarito but added some new cruchy double cheese spicy burrito I would have been fine. All they have left are garbage bean paste and plain tacos. I should ‘t need to order a dozen of anything at a fast food joint to sate my hunger.

>> No.14895081

I think I tried using their app and it was annoying to get working so I gave up.

>> No.14895090

They didn’t listen to the beefy fritos burrito petition, they’re sure as shit Not listening to this one.

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Lies! Baja blast hasnt been around for 20 years.

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are you trolling?

>> No.14896952 [DELETED] 

No. It was released in 2004. I didn't remember it existing when I was in highschool, but definitely did in college. You can search baja blast history

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>they have a walkupwindow
>haven't had it cause no car

>> No.14897277

I love Del Taco and choose it 8/10 times over Taco Bell, but it's still not Taco Bell. Sometimes you just want fucking Taco Bell, and something being 'better' than it in some ways still doesn't make up for it not being Taco Bell when you want Taco Bell.

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It's occasionally a bit shoddy, but 19 out of 20 times it works just fine. Did you sign up when they were giving away a free 5 layer a couple months ago, and then everyone complained because the app crashed? The rewards program is pretty much their only saving grace after nixing the dollar menu, and I probably wouldn't go nearly as often if I couldn't get a nice meal like pic related for three dollars and change.

>> No.14897983

I have an electric car

>> No.14898112

>it’s as though your favorite cigarette brand went out of business overnight and someone said, “lol, who cares, cigarettes are bad for you”.
they are and you smell like shit

>> No.14898115

>I have an electric car
spotted the homosexual

>> No.14898123

The cabin guy has a honda civic, though.

>> No.14898142

Liar. No way you ham planets could fit into a compact car.

>> No.14898913

Nachos look less sad than usual

>> No.14899428

>ywn have a triplelupa box with mango tea again

>> No.14899480

I stopped going there after they joined blm

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Yeah, they were good. Usually I just add onions and red sauce (and frequently jalapenos), but I was kind of tired and drunk and had been blanking out on things all day, so ended up adding pico instead without thinking. I'll definitely stick with that in the future, since it still keeps the price of the nachos under a dollar.

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isopod plush?

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How quickly we forget what they've taken from us.

>> No.14899662

That's a lot of food, my guy. You're gonna share all that with someone, right?

>> No.14899675

Stick it to the man!

>> No.14899685

It's time to venture out and try new fast food chains.

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oh look it's the fat taco bell alcoholic that makes the same burger every week.
>can't rely on getting a decent meal there.
none of their food should be considered 'a decent meal' you lardass. Go to a real restaurant, support local businesses instead of gorging yourself. I used to laugh at your posts now I just feel bad about how delusional you are. Take care tubby.

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>> No.14900268

>go to a real restaurant, support local businesses
Restaurants are doing just fine. People need to stop going out as much until this whole pandemic thing calms down.

>> No.14900383


>> No.14900389

I only like their steak quesodillas but that's all. Their beans and ground beef and chicken are all bad.

>> No.14900788

ground beef > grilled chicken > refried beans > shredded chicken > steak > black beans

>> No.14900846

The chalupa was always my go too back around 2000...its was like less than 2$, now its almost 4$ where I live no way I would get that over a taco truck 2$ special.

Although now they do have these 1$ special soft taco with cheese sauce wrapped hard tacos, which arent the worst thing. 3 of them is a pretty full meal.

>> No.14900885

>now they do have these 1$ special soft taco with cheese sauce wrapped hard tacos
I have some bad news for you, anon.

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what place delivers wings in a metal bowl like that??

>> No.14900944

Your counter is so fucking cluttered, holy shit.

>> No.14900958

My god. How is this fat faggot not dead yet?

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File: 1.36 MB, 2420x2420, counter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah, that's tidy.

>> No.14901124

Taco Bell Pico is utter shit other than that not a bad tray of ‘chos

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>Taco Bell Pico is utter shit
I think it just gets a bad rap because people compare it to non-fast food pico, whereas with everything else at Taco Bell people just think, "it's fast food, dood; it's completely different than the taqueria down the street and shouldn't be compared". It's not good pico, but it does add flavors and textures you wont get with most menu items.

>> No.14901428

Oh no it's retarded

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I think what really throws me off is the cilantro, there’s just something really off with it

>> No.14901671

I agree. The cilantro feom taco bell is absolutely garbage. It is not quality and definitely not fresh.

>> No.14901697

Been a long time since i visited /ck/. Amazing that you haven't died yet, still eating this same crap and drinking too much every damn day. degenerates like you should be fucking shot.

>> No.14901705

i miss craigslist personals. It's a crime they got cancelled.

>> No.14901720

can u send the specific name of the plush?

>> No.14901723

You can't have been gone for long if you only got here in 2016.

>> No.14901804

The only reason I ever got their food was the mexican pizza. So, nope.

>> No.14901835
File: 53 KB, 600x800, 1573988201440.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sent ;)

>> No.14901870

2016 was 4 years ago gramps.

>> No.14901904

>How pathetic do you have to be to get drunk when you're not at home?

Surely if anything getting drunk alone at home is more pathetic than drinking at a bar or party
At least there's some social element involved and you're not just getting blitzed because you can't cope with living

>> No.14901916

the wet spot really sells it

>> No.14901919

Never had taco bell because I'm a bong, but they opened one in the next city over. I've got something I need to do there next week, is it worth popping in and giving it a try? it doesn't look amazing but my experience with mexican food is basically making some enchiladas occasionally

I know it's not authentic mexican food, that's fine

>> No.14901940

Hope you're prepared for earth shattering disappointment.

>> No.14901984
File: 253 KB, 487x836, 0D9B2AD3-4E89-4FF8-99A6-408F85D8FA6A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get whatever $5 box they have. If you like cheese and seasoned ground beef you’ll be in heaven

>> No.14902211

I hate...and I mean this, I HATE everything about this picture. Fuck you, op. You're the worst of the worst.

>> No.14902577

I am glad to be in NJ, you can get a freshly baked everything bagel with bacon egg and cheese for 4 bucks. Find a local deli, you can get way better quality for your money

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>> No.14902652

There's one near me in Australia. Probably the only one in NSW. It's very mediocre, the gooey cheese in the Crunchwrap is unpleasant, and it's not even a cheap fast food option. Their pricing here is as high as better Mexican franchises, which are all fairly expensive for what you get. The waiting time is also unfavourable, as the lines tend to be surprisingly long.

But there's also something addictive about it, and I go out of my way to have some once a month even though I regret it every time. The only thing I'll never eat there are the chips, which are just awful.

>> No.14902863

My expectations are low, I know tacos are basically ground beef in a shell with some raw veggies on top, nothing amazing

I like burgers, so I assumed a different configuration of the ingredients would be okay at least

Yeah it doesn't look cheap but it's still affordable. If this thread is anything to go off the appeal is buying like 7 things for $10

>> No.14902920

>if this thread is anything to go off the appeal is buying like 7 things for $10
OP is actually cheap as fuck, and almost exclusively buys value menu items and LTO deals, while abusing cheap/free modifications and redeeming rewards points for free items. Whatever you do, don't buy a combo meal; those are way overpriced for what you get.

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It’s honestly really difficult to recommend a “must try” list for someone who’s never had Taco Bell before, especially a foreigner. While the general quality is miles beyond something like, say, McDonald’s, the quality control is Russian roulette tier. I’d say out of 5 average orders spanning 3 different locations, 3 will be average, one will be spot on and overloaded, and one will be tiny with a few things missing/messed up, or otherwise low quality/effort. As I’ve been eating Taco Bell somewhat regularly over the past few years, and hearing other anons’ thoughts on the matter, it’s also occurred to me that different people – all of whom say they occasionally enjoy the late night, drunken Taco Bell run - have vastly different ideas of what’s good. I don’t know what the (assuredly limited) bongistan menu looks like, but these days I’d say the best value, with caveats, is the $10 (7.69 monopoly monies) Taco & Burrito Cravings Pack; pic related. It comes with four 5 Layer Burritos – my personal favorite menu item, somehow still on the menu – and four basic beef tacos, which come hard shell by default. They raised the price of the 5 Layers gradually by ~$1 (~0.77 monopoly monies) a couple years ago, which was a big hit, relative to how little we knew about how bad things were going to get.

>> No.14903283

I miss my smothered burritos, bros

>> No.14903288

Not since they got rid of my baby the 7 layer burrito.

>> No.14903292

Are you autistic?

>> No.14903296

Everybody is. It's a broad spectrum.

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The one thing I would universally recommend is to get all burritos grilled; it doesn’t cost extra and makes a world of difference. I add onions and red sauce, which are also free at most locations on this side of the pond. I get my tacos soft and fresco, which removes the half ounce (14 monopoly monies) of (often stale) processed, shredded cheese product with their (admittedly low quality) pico de gallo. I would recommend trying a taco, and a hard shell, as it’s kind of their flagship item, but I’m personally not a fan. (And the Doritos tacos are disgusting, overpriced salt bombs, but some people love them, so I don’t even know.) Aside from getting all your burritos grilled, it’s also a necessity to get sauce, and I’ve tried all of them but exclusively use Fire. Try a few, but ask for extra Fire, because it’s objectively the best (none of them are actually spicy). I also don’t drink sugar water, but many people consider Baja Blast a major draw, so try that if it sounds like your thing (Islay whiskey honestly pairs much better). Tonight’s Craving Pack is a little on the light side, as they generally range from 3-4 pounds (1.3-1.8 monopoly monies), but fortunately they tend to only skimp on the tacos, which I like to think of as a mere bonus item.
I was born in those brief few years in the mid-80’s post-genX and pre-millennial. Everyone from my generation has some form of mild aspergers.

>> No.14903381

it is nothing like mexican food, it only resembles it keep that in mind

>> No.14903385

Mexicans only ever emigrate to USA because they only ever have to walk there, so it doesn't matter.

>> No.14903622

It's more like a fast food version of Tex-Mex. If he was making enchiladas that's most likely what he already considers "Mexican Food".

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