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Which is worse?

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is this not a cooking board? wtf is going on in here

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FOOD & cucking

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I like hungry howie's.
Caesar's is extremely convenient but it's just edible.

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Little Ceasers is perfectly fine especially for the price

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I unironically enjoy the extra most bestest that they've been making for the past few years. And I don't mean "at that price point", I mean I like it in general.

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Hungry Howie’s is leagues better, their cheesy bread is probably the best overall.

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I had HH once when staying at a hotel in Livonia, MI.

Got a ton of toppings, but somehow, it still managed to taste like nothing.

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Why do people try to pretend like little Caesars is the worst fast food pizza when it’s unironically much better than the other shorty chain pizza places? The only place that’s better than little Caesars is jets and if you count Costco then Costco is also better. Don’t get me wrong I’d eat dominos/hut/papa’s as well but I’d pick little Caesars over those three any day.

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I was once fisted in a Hungry Howe’s kitchen using garlic butter after closing

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Depends on the location. I just moved to delaware and the job market here is so incredibly bad that grown adults work there instead of white trash and hispanic high schoolers and here it's actually good. The adults actually try and don't cut corners or use yesterdays dough.

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People disagree with you, and rightfully so, that's why

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Are you super into figging now?

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Nah he's not wrong. Dominos = lil caesars >> papa johns >>>>>> pizza hut

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Holy fucking yuck

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Anytime I smell pizza I instantly become erect now

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But what is the butt play like?

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I doubt this is real DESU

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Hungry Howie's.
>Et tu, Brutus?

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Why garlic butter?

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Yes it's very bland

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It’s pretty much garlic flavored oil and extra slippery

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never heard of the one on the left. is it a regional chain?

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Hungry Howie's garlic herb crust blows the entre little caesers menu out of the water singlehandedly

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I used to drive by their headquarters to go to Costco

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It's Michigan based, just like many pizza chains apparently, I think it at least extends to Ohio not sure where else

They're famous for putting seasoning on your crust for free

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I know a guy who tried both and said Hungry Howies is one of the worst pizza he's ever had in his life with almost zero redeeming qualities.
Little Caesar on the other hand varies by restaurants. If its a good one that uses fresh ingredients, its usually pretty damn great.

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>5 dollar pizza
>uses fresh ingredients

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Gays may never say ANYTHING about straight people anymore.

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It's in the Gulf Coast too.

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Yes... not all chains are the same and the successful ones use fresh ingredients. Obviously not all of them do. But most Little Caesars is still perfectly serviceable pizza if you've ever ventured beyond the $5 deal, it is rarely if ever outright bad.

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If you need to put flavored oil on your crust for it to be “good”, it’s shit crust

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What I'm saying is, you really have to cut corners and use cheapest possible options to sell pizzas for as cheap as they do

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the answer is clear: 'tle 'sars!!
they offer high quality, hand-prepared 'zas at a price that simply can't be beat!!

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yeah it's everywhere down here. I think there are like 5 in my town

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Hungry Howie's is a gay ass name for a pizza joint. Never had it but I'm sure it sucks.

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only take out pizza i will order is little ceasers. just order online and ask for extra sauce, light cheese, well done. they give you a number that you put in a box at their store and out comes a terrific pizza. only 5$

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Howie's was always average tier and acceptable, but because of where I live they are the only one that will deliver to me. So I am bored to death of them. Also about a year ago they changed their crust, and now use less dough and the pizzas are all smaller and worse. They have a lot of gross shit on their menu too like BBQ chicken pizza and alfredo chicken pizza and Asian pizza, shit like that.

>be weirdo online
>order pizza every couple weeks for me and my grammy
>same guy always delivers
>he's friendly, one day asks to add me on steam
>add him, he's a turbo normie called 'zeus'
>a few weeks later Im playing ARK and I need to change my name all the time so I dont get tracked
>have weirdo friends online with my same humor sense
>change m name to Babbling Cum Faggot
>never see or hear from the guy again, stop ordering hungry howies

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holy shit, i finally understand why HH is better in Florida.

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yes on the cheesy bread...

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i used to order hungry howies friday drunk night. fuckin garlic crust, meat lovers with anchovies aw fuck that was dynamite

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I like how I've never been to a state where I didn't see flordia plates. You guys move everywhere and never register your vehicles and it's awesome.

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Little Caesars, while nothing special in and of itself, it's far far better than Dominoes, Pizza Hut, and (current) Papa Johns.

Never even heard of Hungry Howies. Is that some California pizza?

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Its retirees who live in florida part time.

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bro when i moved i let my tags go 2 years passed, never got ticketted. pretty sure its cus the blue boys know floridians are too hard.

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Chuck e cheese is worse

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