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Why do you have to post this every day?

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Because it took him all week to figure out how to make his shitty video editing software to make that, and he's proud of it damnit.

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Gordon is successful due to his TV persona, not his actual cooking ability.

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he comes from a lower class Anglo-Bongoid family. Childhood development plays a huge role in behaviour later in life.

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Were you born out of your mother's vagina perfecting video editing software retard?

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Because he got paid to talk shit about people's cooking
And honestly his burger looks 10 times better even though you need the jaw of a cobra to eat it

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Because it's always the stupid people who insult others and claim others are stupid. This one time a stranger kept claiming I was ret*ard and he kept claiming I see my father lives in the same country as me when he never met me in person and my father lives in his home country

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Radius of the patty should match the radius of the bun
The cowboy burger's patty sticks out way too much. Gordon is attempting to get a bite that includes all of the ingredients rather than just the slab of unseasoned ground beef.

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>eating food with your hands
You fucking animals.

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Multiple thin crispy patties are infinitely better than a hockey puck patty if you think otherwise you're retarded

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Because he makes TV shows for retarded fat American audiences, requiring him to employ a lot of formulaic devices repeated in every episode. If he didn't savagely rip into the food, find dirty stuff in the kitchen, drum up some sad personal drama around the owners set against some morose music to which he exclaims "fuck me", the audience would feel uncomfortable and may cease watching. The food then might actually be fine but according to show rules he had to find something to criticise.

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He didn't write the script and whoever runs his show wanted more drama/humor.

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>He eats sandwiches with a fork

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Do people really think the two are the same?
Yes GOrdon's burger is trash but not for all the same reasons as the other burger. Jesus christ you people are retarded.

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In all honesty his does look way better, I think he was just over dramatizing how big that burger is. Look at it, its a fucking massive puck, whereas his is big but, also proportional.

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What's more annoying is that he's okay with yelling at and insulting people he doesn't agree with, but immediately gets buttblasted when he receives the same treatment. What a douche

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Calm down Gordon

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t. Autism

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>Because it's always the stupid people who insult others and claim others are stupid. This one time a stranger kept claiming I was ret*ard and he kept claiming I see my father lives in the same country as me when he never met me in person and my father lives in his home country
what the fuck am i reading

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Fuck off Marco

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Pretty much all professional chefs are like that. They need to assert authority over a bunch of workers while pressed for time, it tends to create that sort of personality.

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That's never a good plan long term. It might produce a temporary effect but ultimately creates an unpleasant work atmosphere

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I thought the same thing when I first saw his borgah video, but now that I see them side by side, I think the issue was more the fact the cowboy burger had a tiny ass bun which didn't match the size of the huge slab of meat, while his borgah, while retardedly big, fits his bun perfectly. His is still fucking gay and way too big, but at least he seasoned the thing and fit it to his buns.

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Restaurants are always hellish to work in if you're a cook, especially high class ones where there's more pressure to keep standards high. If the chef is too soft the quality drops.

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No, you don't need to yell at people to get them to work hard.

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You do if you want Michelin stars. Hell, if the chef is a doormat they might even go out of business. You obviously don't know how a kitchen works or how stupid the average cook is.

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He's not eating the one he's serving people.

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Because anger and outrage sells

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Not yelling at people doesn't make you a doormat.

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because it gets him views

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No. In his early (English) shows he was compassionate as well as unforgiving when it came to quality. He really did look for the best in people.

I still loved that he tried to work with inmates. The show only lasted a season, it was so much work, but in the end those men were disciplined in the kitchen and took obvious pride in their work.

Gordon was very soft with them though. Don't want one of those guys flipping out and stabbing you with a spatula.

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You've wasted a lot of time watching some pretty stupid shit.

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The mind can't consume challenging information ad infinitum. It often requires a break to process things and (BBC's) Kitchen Nightmares is a comfy watch. Reality shows often feel manufactured and sterile, but a lot of Ramsey's early stuff was filled with an honest passion.

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Because he's a filthy porridge wog

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Honestly I think things started to go downhill when Ramsey came to America. I'm trying to escape LA, that's why I'm watching shows from other countries. If you soak up LA's atmosphere and hand it back to me, well now you're like everybody else.

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full agree.

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When I want to take a mental break, I go for a walk, you moron.

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He does it so sperm burpers like you can click on his videos and then post about it here.
A meaningful thread died for this.

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seethe harder, little boyyyyyyy

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Of which, you have neither......

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fuck off reddit

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what did he mean by this

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Ramsay's burger looks way more edible than the one on the top.

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im paraplegic

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Because the point of his persona is to be an exaggerated dick. He literally put 2 pieces on bread on that woman's head and made her call herself an idiot sandwich, lmao
also that burgie looks like shit compared to his
3 michelin stars since 2001 get fucked lmao

le ebin 4channers must show that popular man is really a fraud. so epic! we are in awe of your massive IQs

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If you eat crispy burgers you're retarded

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Meat is bigger than the bun

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My meat is bigger than your bun.

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those burgers are no where near the same, ramsays actually looks appetizing where the other one looks bland and greasy

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>he didn't have a 2020 mac pro with final cut in the womb

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