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How can I make yeast from home? I cannot depend on the local grocers to have it in stock.

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You can likely just order it online.

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Google up "potato yeast" and get going.

>> No.14981176

make sourdough
just leave some flour and water out and feed it once in a while

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Tell your mom to wipe her pussy on the kitchen counter.

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buy online, buy cake yeast from a bakery, or go to a dollar general next to the projects.

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literally just throw some yeast now into a jar of flour.
give it more flour when it gets hungry
wow impossible

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your mom is a breeding ground for yeast, you should take a sample from her

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Yeast is in the air. You can just mix flour and water and cover with cheese cloth and pray that you get some decent wild yeast to culture before bacteria can grow. Might take a few tries. Then keep feeding the starter and make sure it doesn’t get contaminated.

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