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Can we have a thread about pasta and pasta recipes?

Also pasta making and tutorials.

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I’ll start with a recipe to make the pasta in the OP, here’s the archived thread


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Another fish pasta, clams and mussels

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I really want to make my own pasta but pasta cutter attachments are expensive.

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Another (!) fish pasta, with octopus.

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use a knife or just make ravioli

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Looks ok

This looks great, what's the recipe?

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Crustaceans pair with mushrooms very well, they make a sauce called “mare e monti” (sea and mountains)

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Ingredients for 4 people:

>pasta (spaghetti, linguine, etc..) 320-400 gr
>clams 500 gr
>mussels 500 gr
>garlic 2 big cloves
>fresh parsley chopped
>salt (only for the pasta water)
>1/2 white wine glass
>[OPTIONAL] pachino tomatoes 10
>[OPTIONAL] chilli peppers


>clean the mussels and remove the beard
>put the clams in a bowl and cover with cold water with sea salt (make it salty like sea water) and leave them rest for 1 hour or more then change the now dirty water (they release the sand they have inside) with clean water and salt again then let them rest some more time
>take a big pan and pour generous EVOO with a garlic clove cut in half
>put the mussels in the pan and cover, put a lid on and turn on the stove on high
>as soon as the mussels open sprinkle with pepper and pour the half glass of wine, shake thoroughly and let it go for another 30 seconds
>turn the stove off and immediately reserve the mussels
>filter the liquids in the pan with a colander and reserve it in a bowl
>remove the mussels from their shell and reserve, filter the broth under them and put it in the bowl with the others one
>do the same steps with the clams but discard the wine and the pepper not to overpower everything
>filter the broth and merge it with the mussels broth in the same bowl
>smell it
>wash the pan to remove the pepper and the debris

These steps are optional if you want to make a sauce with fresh tomatoes and or spicy

>pour EVOO in the pan and fry the garlic and the chilli peppers (if you want them) following the steps (inclined pan) in the recipe of the pasta with prawns and saffron
>remove the garlic when golden and add the tomatoes chopped in quarts, let them go until they soften and press them to make them release the juices
>salt A LITTLE


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At this point you have to decide if you want to boil the pasta 100% in the broth + added water or if you want to cook the pasta for some minutes and finish it in the broth the last minutes, it requires some experience to deal with timings.

My golden rule is to have a total liquid part of 400 ml every 100 grams of pasta so up to 1,6 liters if you cook 400 grams of pasta.

In this case measure the amount of broth and add the remaining water to reach the desired quantity.

If you want to use the other method then boil the pasta for some minutes (use a pasta that cooks more than 10 minutes), let’s say 5-6, then toss it in the pan with the broth and add some ladles of cooking water rich in starch.

For both methods the goal is to make almost all the water/broth evaporate and to finish with a creamy sauce.

When you’re almost finished toss the clams and the mussels (you need to remove the shells) and mix thoroughly for 30 seconds then turn off the gas.

Add the fresh parsley and EVOO oil, mix and eat.

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>pasta with seafood in it

No. How about a good chicken alfredo or spagn meatballs fagg

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What about a pork ribs ragù?

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I want the recipe to this.

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paccheri alla carbonara i made for lunch today

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Awesome, thank you!

What kind of white wine is best?

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>1 octopus possibily bigger than 1 kg because they’re the best ones
>tomato puree (quantity depends on how much sauce you want to make)
>chopped carrot(s) + celery in a 1:1 ratio
>2 cloves of garlic
>1 white onion cut in half
>1 peeled carrot
>a bunch of grains of black pepper
>1 glass of white wine or 1/2 glass vinegar
>3 stems of fresh parsley
>salt and pepper


>in a big and tall pot add: the onion halves, the parsley stems, the peeled carrot, the grains of pepper, the wine and pour enough water to cover the octopus and some more
>bring everything to a boil
>clean the octopus (remove the beak and the eyes)
>hold the octopus from the head and quickly submerge the tentacles in the boiling water, do this for 5 times until they curl
>drop the octopus set the stove on low in order to keep the water simmering, put a lid partially open on the pot
>the octopus needs to cook circa 30 minutes per kg of weight but it’s indicative, always stick a thootpick in the thickest part of the tentacle to check the doneness
>if the meat is soft turn off the stove and completely cover with the lid then let it rest for 1 hour or more in the same water
>take the octopus out and remove the head and the tentacles, chop everything into small pieces and reserve (head included)
>in a pan add EVOO and fry the garlic cloves cut in halves as usual then remove it when golden
>add the chopped carrots + celery mix and make a soffritto like base
>insert the chopped octopus in the pan and stir everything with moderate fire for 1 minute, do not use high fire or exceed because the octopus would become stiff
>pour the tomato sauce in the pan, be generous, and let everything simmer and reduce on low fire to spread the flavours into the sauce
>at this point you can also drop a whole clove of garlic, with its peel on, in the sauce (remember to remove it before finishing the pasta)
>the more the sauce goes the better results, it’s up to you just don’t reduce it too much

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>boil the pasta in salted water until al dente or completely
>transfer it in the pan with the sauce and mix over high flame for 30 seconds
>if the sauce is too thick add a little bit of starchy water
>turn off the gas
>sprinkle the chopped parsley and add EVOO
>mix and eat

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Thank you. This will be my first time cooking with octopus.

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Dry white wine, use the same wine you will eat with the pasta.

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Imma ask my sister if she can make me her Alfredo sauce. It’s super authentic and hands down the greatest Alfredo pasta I’ve had in my life. May God forgive me but it’s better than nonna’s

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If it’s the first time then I’d suggest you to eat it alone without pasta and sauce.

Follow the recipe until before chopping it, then

>separate the tentacles and the head
>cut the head in stripes and the tentacles in chunks
>put them in a casserole
>add EVOO and pepper then mix
>peel some potatoes and cut them in big pieces
>boil them in salted water until they’re soft inside but make sure that they’re not too soft and crushing
>put them into a bowl and add EVOO
>do not touch them or mix
>take another empty bowl and gently transfer the potatoes back and forth between the two bowls 3-4 times
>this allows you to coat them with oil without disintegrating the edges
>transfer them into the casserole with the octopus
>lay two cloves of garlic cut in halves (remove the green stem) between the mix
>cover with plastic film and refrigerate overnight
>take everything out the fridge
>while the potatoes are cool pour another EVOO and fresh chopped parsley over the mix and gently stir (the potatoes drank the previous oil)
>let it rest before eating to make te everything become a little warmer

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It's pasta with canned tuna. It looks really glossy, but was very creamy. I started making aglio e olio type emulsions by using a shitton of pasta water and reduscing it to the consistency of a cream. Using small volume of water to cook pasta and adding a lot of it into the pan with olive oil and garlic allowed me to really concentrate the starch. Looks digusting, tastes heavenly

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Canned tuna is good for pasta.

Make a sauce with tomato purée, peas then and tuna.

Sauté half a chopped onion in olive oil the add canned peas and cover in tomato purée with a whole clove of garlic dropped in and the tuna (do not add the cheap tuna oil in the sauce). Let it simmer for minutes and remove the garlic before eating.

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Sounds nice, Imma try it out. Thanks a lot

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Wait, to be clear. By tomato puree you mean the concentrated stuff or regular passata? I've seen that term used in both ways

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You’re welcome, the sauce is so comfy you can est it alone with some toasted bread without making pasta :D

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I mean passata straight out from the bottle/can, make sure to buy a neutral one without added flavours

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Okay, thanks for clarification, mate. Tomatoes are such a based fruit. Imagine a world without them

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Fusili in salted boiling water for 10:30 (I used an organic pasta which has a higher recommended AL dente time, 9-10 minutes is the typical time)
chopped kielbasa, dropped in a hot pan for a few minutes
Combine with a glob of Ricotta and a tablespoon of butter
Handful of chopped basil from your insanely overflowing hydroponic basil garden
Grated parmesan


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