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>drink smoothie
>pic related

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>thinking that pubey bullshit looks good
lmao you deserve everything you get

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What’s a straw?

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straws exist,using them correctly will eliminate this issue.

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bro trim, also just get a fat boba straw

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>suck cock
>pic related

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you ever consider a shave and a job?

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Trim your mustache and beard you disgusting faggot.

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I know it looks like shit, faggot.
I'm shaving it this afternoon. My skin gets fucked off when I shave but I can't take it anymore.

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You have not suffered nearly enough for your crimes. GET BACK IN THERE AND DO IT AGAIN!

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This, except with tomato juice, was me just a bit ago. Not sure if I've got you beaten in the mangy hobobeard department, though.

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Tfw everyone thinks I grow out my beard as some sort of manliness thing but it's just equal parts laziness and sensitive skin. My facial pubes are as coarse as fucking needles. I think I've gone clean-shaven maybe twice in the last year, both times were for job sites with asbestos.

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I've had unkempt facial hair since I was 17. I shave every couple months. When I shave my head my scalp turns beet red. Oh well.

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Buzz it close then, dipshit. You don't need to act like a proud thirteen year old with his first fucking facial hair just because you get zits with a straight razor. That looks like it belongs on an ass.

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Just trim

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>My skin gets fucked off when I shave but I can't take it anymore.
I've been using single blade bic razors and my face doesnt get all that fucked up anymore. not sure if it will work for you but it works for me

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Been having the same issue, but still too lazy to shave or trim.

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You do know facial hair can be groomed, right? Like it's like the hair on your head, you can shape it and trim it. You can even style it.

Like what the fuck victorian gentlemen knew this shit how the fuck do you not know this?

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Ok groomer.

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I mean ok be a fat unkempt neckbeard.
I did do hair for almost a decade.

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OP here. It's done.

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handsome boy :)

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Unite the Right lookin ass

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Facial hair is for fatasses and chinlets

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You're a chomo

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Now take care of that pubey shit creeping up out of your neckline. For fuck's sake, why do you need to be told this shit.

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Unironically Looks much better. Your beard wasn’t the worst but needed a trim. Good chine line (or at least a good angle) my recommendation for you is to remain clean shaven

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Looks like you drank something else

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Cum on your mustache, I presume

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I wanna kiss you

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Lmao, I can't believe we tricked this faggot into cutting off his beard. You look like a 16 year old faggot that sucks off the janitor in the broom closet.

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Much better

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Getting cream on your mustache is a right of passage honestly. It means you actually have one.

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what the fuck is this thread even about
this isn't /ck/

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This. I trim my mustache with scissors once a week. No hair is on my lips themselves.

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Hot beard op, would make out with and shove my cock into/10.

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Onion boy/10 would not make out with and shove my cock into

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Post timestamped beard faggot

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My grandma had a mug with this built into it

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yeah, after menopause there are lots of changes in the body that we do our best to live with.

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Fuck off

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These are the people I post with on here. My god

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What did he mean by this??

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Brother, pro tip: Use a good razor and get fucking aftershave. There's a reason it exists

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stop gluing pubes on your face
it's disgusting

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