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Internet says 200-225 until the internal temp is 180 and its juicy/bloody when you cut it.

Debating doing homemade french dips. Not sure I wanna risk fucking up a 20$ piece of meat.

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I thought it'd work better braised than smoked. Round is pretty lean and it might dry out if you smoke it, even if you don't cook it well done.

I make crock pot french dips that are pretty bomb. Salt and pepper, sear it on all sides, then drop it in the crock pot with onions, garlic cloves, some french onion soup, and beef broth (can substitute part of this for consomme if you wanna be a little fancier). Cook it on low all day, pull it, shred it, and throw it back in the broth for serving.

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>180 and its juicy/bloody when you cut it.
180F means grey, not at all like your pic.

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Smoked eye of round at a bbq restaurant, always did it same temp as everything else (165F-170F), always did it same time (7-8 hours). Ran it through a deli slicer once cooled down, and reheated in sautee pan with butter and bbq sauce.

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