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Why should we bring back mandatory Home Economic classes in America?

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Squirt those big titggies into the mixture yeaaaaaaassssh mommy giv me a sipppie hehehehe

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Teaches basic cooking skills and food hygiene. I completely forgot I did this shit a few times at school.

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functional young adults turn to somewhat functional adults. It helps reduce the burden of society to pay the way of people who are too stupid or careless to care for themselves.

If someone is given the tools to do things for themselves, they are more free. Freedom is healthy. Freedom is thoughtful. Something as small as being able to bake bread from scratch is a huge self-esteem builder too.

It's sad, because American parents gave up on teaching their kids from the 90's til now - they trusted the public schools, tutors, and established organizations do it for them. Ask someone to change their own oil. Or locate their dipstick in their car at all. Ask them to describe how to clean out the u-bend in their sink. They're HELPLESS, and it's manufactured helplessness. There's so many reasons to help educated people in ways to educate and take care of themselves, but it's falling away at the seams.

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do they not have those? As a millennial we definitely still had those

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Were they mandatory or an elective? Most schools let kids decide if they wanna take it or not, if they do they think it’s an easy A since they just fuck around and make cupcakes

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Considering the average millennial/gen Z survives on Uber Eats, yes this shouldn’t even be argued

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I've changed my own oil lots of times when I was driving my first car, but now I'd just rather pay someone to do it for me because it turns out I'm not saving as much as I thought by buying the materials and doing it myself.

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More the principle, I guess. Whether or not someone /can/ do it themselves, instead of being required to go out for a service.

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Because 20+ year olds not knowing how to cook basic food is embarrassing.

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I do my own oil changes, but yeah, it's really a value issue. For me, it's easy enough to find an empty lot, throw out my ramps, and deal with all the shit at dirt cheap prices. I like spending some time on my car, just like bikefags spend time on their cuckycles.

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Uber eats is clutch tho

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I always wanted to take home ec. I think it should return to schools, people need to know basic food science, nutrition, how to upkeep and care for their home, minor repairs, and home budgeting.

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Home Ec needs to be retooled into a basic adult life skills class. Not just how to cook dinner or sew on a button, but how to do your taxes, how your credit rating works, etc.

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They actually don't, more people cook at home now than did in the 80s or 90s.

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>more people cook at home now than did in the 80s or 90s.
that's only because there are more people in general now, you stupid shit

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Home ec was optional when I was in school, but I took it anyway hoping to learn some valuable skills. I didn't learn shit, we only followed recipies to the T. Buncha cute girls though, so that was nice.

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having young adults understand how student loans and credit cards should be essential in the modern age
too many financially illiterate people hitting 18 and being led like lambs to the slaughter by the banking industry

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How about we take the bankers and push them into ovens?

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there will always be people who will exploit others
the best we can do is equip our children with the knowledge to prevent them from being taken advantage of

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>They're HELPLESS, and it's manufactured helplessness.

Not my job to help the useless. Those who take an interest in learning how to live a decent and functional life, can easily teach themselves. The resources available to those people is enormous. You can teach yourself almost anything these days, from sewing to making dinner to baking bread ... But only if you take an interest.

Most people are lazy assholes, and I could give a shit about how they live, what they do or if they are having fulfilled lives.

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what if parents were the ones exploiting their children be purposely not teaching them anything?

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because most retards, myself included, cant cook worth a limp dick and are learning basic shit through trial and error

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You cunts don't have home ec? Lmao

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Feminism happened and started making women want to focus on higher careers so the funding for home ec gradually got lower and lower and cut completely in some schools

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So bitches learn how to cook instead of watching some "as seen on tv shit"

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I agree.

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Why you ask? Because self sufficiency is dead in America, kids can't do a damn thing for them selves.

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Its not "dead" its that there are retarded niggers and h1bs retarding down everything.

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>How to do your taxes
Iunno about you, but here all you have to do is make sure the govt has your bank details and they can calculate the rest themselves without you having to actually do anything.
Then a few weeks later you get an email telling you how much they're gunna send you.
"Doing" your taxes hasn't been a thing since the 90s.

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This is more or less bullshit. Auto shop disappeared the same time as did Home Ec, as did wood working and metal shop.

It's just cost cutting.

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Quotas and h1b crap really dumb the shit down out of pretty much everything.

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There is no need for that. Just learn to follow recipes. There are a ton of very basic cooking tutorials on you tube.

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I took drafting, it was a requirement in HS.

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You obviously don't know what "exploit" means. Back to grammar class with you.

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One needs to learn to use a compass and such tools, only then can you do tool stuff or write code.

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a compass and a magnifying glass is fun

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Not enough diversity in that image. My social studies professor Mr Schultzstein told me all about this last semester.

Choose another more inclusive image or I'll have you investigated by Stop Hate Online.

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Once learning that then you can navigate, and that's the most important thing.
"Any fool can steer a ship, but it takes a navigator to know where to take her."

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You can't burn the candle at both ends!

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Home ec was where I learned about basic nutrition.

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the concept of the food pyramid is outdated. imagine eating mostly bread and pasta

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Carbs, especially complex carbs like whole wheat, are a good source of the long-term energy you need throughout the day. Of course your diet should be rich in them. Vegetables have essential nutrients but aren't calorie rich enough and meats and dairy can lead to heart problems if consumed in excess.

I was taught this in a public school btw.

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while what you're saying is not incorrect, we no longer live in a situation where we need calorie-rich foods to fuel or twelve hour workday in the field. we are fortunate enough to have an abundance of food to fuel our sedentary lives. for a sedentary lifestyle, if you eat too many carbs (complex carbs included), youll get fat. a diet richer in proteins and vegetables is better suited for the modern lifestyle

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Mandatory Government brainwashing (and nigger daycare) """"education"""" is one of the major causes of that.

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To say it in this manner is entirely disingenuous, you oven dodging fuck. It's not "dead", it's actively and continuously suppressed.

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Fuck you. Fuck your stupid culture and your stupid middle age crisis. Fuck your stupid movies and your stupid groupies. Fuck your stupid Nazi ideas. Fuck your stupid fucking everything. Fuck you.

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The US could easily do that but companies like H&R Block and Turbo Tax lobby to keep the tax code complicated so they can make money off of doing people's taxes for them.

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I'd start by fixing kid's poor logical and reading comprehension skills first, but it wouldn't be a bad idea compared to stupid shit like art or music.

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Only thing I learned in home ec was to check the inside of the oven before turning it on.

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Along with civics and cleaning, yes.

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Changing break pads is the real money saver. Just need a wrench set, a stand, and a c clamp. As long as the calipers aren’t rusted through no need for a mechanic

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I've changed my own tires and brakes before, too. It's suprisingly easy if you have the materials to do it handy

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We had that as a class separate from home ec. It also covered things like budgeting, insurance, loans, and how to fill out a check. They cover very different sets of life skills that wouldn't work well as a combined class.

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Because more wide spread homecooking will reduce the proportion of fat fucks.

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>not choosing home ec just to be around all the hot girls

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>Not my job to help the useless.

It is. You unironically live in a society and that is what society does. I bet there was a Neanderthal who went, "well he broke his leg it's not my problem why should I have to help him???" Then the others just beat him to death with rocks and helped the injured one.

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