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what food should i eat to improve my appetite when i am not in the mood to eat? I have been on a calorie deficit for ages and i can't put on any muscle because many days i am so depressed and i won't consume more than 1000 calories or so for the day.

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>only gonna work for it when you feel like it
Most sincerely, ngmi

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i go to the gym routinely but eating has been my issue. today i felt quite dizzy while exercising and if i keep this up then i will die. i can't stop going to the gym though, it will only make my depression worse. help please.

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Just drink smoothies. It's "eating" without actually eating. Calories, vitamins, nutrients, protein. It's all there in your cup. No chewing required.

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Just eat, you weak-willed faggot. Nobody can do the work for you. Someone with a strong enough why can endure almost any how, and you're hear bitching about wahhhh, but I don't wanna eat.

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fuck you

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Weed bro

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Struck a nerve, eh? Sucks hearing the truth about yourself.

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Dude weed.

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drink milkshakes senpai
or beer, instant weight gain

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>spouts the kind of sports brand "just fuck her" nonsense "enthusiam" directed at niggers
>LMAO, you not enthused?

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get fucked with a cactus

i don't do weed

i don't want to drink my calories either

whatever it is, i managed to get off my ass and cook something, smelling the chicken made me feel instant hunger.
living alone sucks ass though, i really miss my mum, working abroad is quite difficult.

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Just drink skim milk fag

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>wahh I don't wanna eat
>wahh I missy mommy
>wahh I'm struggling dealing with the consequences of my actions
holy fuck, is it actually possible for you to be any more of an insufferable faggot? I'm really not quite sure it's possible

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You sound like a cunt

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so you're too depressed to eat but you can still make it to the gym every day? I call bullshit

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Just take estrogen and prep your hole

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My Grandmother always prescribed homemade stock to start a sick person back on the road to recovery. If you can be assed to make your own from scratch it's best. You want a collagen rich and flavorful stock. Sip on it half an hour before you intend to eat, or to get you in the mood to eat. After you have gotten used to consuming stock regularly, make sure you are eating healthy starches with you meals. You don't have to eat breakfast if you can't stomach it in the morning. Just a cup of broth is fine until you start getting an appetite back, but please eat lunch and dinner. When you are interested in eating again, Breakfast should have something like oatmeal made with cream with peaches, a scrambled egg, a slice of bacon or a sausage and a four oz glass of orange juice. Lunches should include two or three vegetable sides, the starch as recommended before, and a protein. Dinners can be lighter and it will help you adjust to being hungrier in the morning. I good,easy example of a strong lunch would be peas with butter, a baked sweet potato also w butter and or sour cream and cinnamon, potatoes or rice, a bakery or homemade yeast roll and a rotisserie chicken thigh. Incorporate dessert a few times a week. An apple pie or brownies. Have a glass of water when you eat, and snack on full fat yogurt, a glass of milk,fruit, or nuts later in the day. For dinner you can have a bowl of soup or a tossed salad with dressing, a grilled cheese sandwich and a glass of milk. You can prep stuff ahead of time if you want. I hope you feel better soon, anon.

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Holy shit you're a total fag

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Legitimate skeleton anon here, 112 lbs as of yesterday. I've always been skinny and would like to gain weight in a healthy manner, avoiding refined sugars and fast food. I don't mind drinking calories but I'm really not sure what other foods are good. Like the OP I'm not always in a hungry mood and can operate at a low caloric intake but I'd prefer to change that. Dude weed is not an option for me but I'm open to suggestions

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>because many days i am so depressed and i won't consume more than 1000 calories or so for the day.
Maybe you wanna consult a psychiatrist and not /ck/?

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You just sound like a faggot edgelord.

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What do you mean, not in the mood to eat? It’s not about being in the mood. Food is fuel, you need food to function. Set times a day you’re going to ‘fuel up’ like filling your car. The only thing you can do to improve appetite ironically is to eat and slog through it until your body gets used to it.

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