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Why did they do it bros?

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Christianity is offensive to others.

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Cancel culture is scaring people

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Wtf I hate gluten now

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Christian iconography hurts the feefees of green-haired freaks and other degenerates.

Don't buy from them anymore.

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If you're actually worried about a company's logo, you're an obsessive, manbaby faggot. Find a shred of dignity, please.

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Because it objectively looks better people will look for a reason to hate anything.

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Because a corporate boardroom of marketers decided right would make them more money than left. That's literally the only reason.

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The kikes got offended

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Saves on printing costs

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"Baking company" allows them to project a more diverse corporate image than "Flour". The logo is simplistic enough for individuals to reproduce, while the crown is 'empowering'. It's just soulless corporate marketing techniques.

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It's a cleaner, more brandable logo, good on em

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to test the limits of their abilities

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because theyre cucks. never EVER under any circumstances give money to cuck companies. let them rot because the people theyre pandering to wont give them money either.

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>why did a company eliminate an antiquated mascot that implicitly advocates violence and ethnic cleansing
Gee what a mystery

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I hate you hipster retards so much

Next you're gonna be like
>White container
>Black text
>So clean

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Of all the hills do die on, you pick this one?

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Sorry it offends my graphic designer sensibilities

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I dont know if you've looked outside recently, but graphic design has taken a fucking nosedive in the past decade. King arthur is 100x more memorable than any minimalistic hypercube-bullshit logo

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it's an employee owned company so whatever
i think king arthur is a pretty cool guy, and so did the guy who set up the company so i'll stick with them

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>I dont know if you've looked outside recently
I saw it in the conference room last week

>King arthur is 100x more memorable
Standard rebrand. Loses all identity. Stupid pretentious designer hidden joke elements. Less readable from afar.

I don't design, cook, or live with shit as my ideal. This is a "better than shit" redesign, yes. Is it good? Fuck no.

>graphic design has taken a fucking nosedive in the past decade
You already made my case. Thanks

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can't wait for the second holocaust, for real this time shlomo

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>King Arthur
>ethnic cleansing
The eternal C*lt cries in pain as he strikes you

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Never going to do shit :)

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New too, Lad

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>americans think king arthur fought against muslims

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Wasnt king arthur an Anglo-Roman? Who were genocided by anglo saxons to form the modern bog trogs of england?

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>if you don’t like everything being soulless corporate hexagons with no discernible meaning you are a manbaby

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as minor as such a thing is, it is certainly representative of the times, or a "sign of the times", the changing mindset and perspective of the peoples and the culture those people are a part of

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I fucking hate minimalist millennial designs and removal of ethic or religious symbolism from products. I hate my generation so much. I hate everyone else too though.

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another company rebranding to the globalist propaganda style. add it to the fucking pile

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King Arthur is nothing but a myth pieced together from various sourced of Celtic and Welsh legends. He was basically just an invention to create a British hero after centuries of Roman rule. Lucius Artorius Castus is an unrelated historical figure associated with the myth, akin to Ambrose Aurelianus (Merlin).

>minimalist millennial designs
The trend towards simplified company logos has been around since the dawn of dot matrix and inkjet printing. Most companies wanted an identifiable logo that could be printed in monochrome on their company letterhead.

Food brands which relied on character designs typically didn't adapt, almost precisely because they were "easily digestible, bright, iconic imagery appeals to uncomplicated minds". Any changes to the logo were usually just simplifications to improve mass printing quality, but they otherwise kept their detailed characters and mascots because that's what the laymen wanted to see.

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>an identifiable logo that could be printed in monochrome on their company letterhead.
This is kind of why you have a tonne of old computer companies whose logo is just (BRAND NAME) in bold letters with a little styling.

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I was just telling my mother about the logo change a couple days ago. It's the flour I was raised on and it's all I've ever bought. This new shitty logo isn't going to make me buy a different brand but I am kind of disappointed that the old unique iconography they had going is being phased out.

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Oh I'm sorry, did you forget the entire history of the way British people have gone to other continents and either enslaved or killed the native populations?

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>King Arthur
That's gonna be a kek from me.

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No, I did not forget how based the British were.

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I mean Christianity itself isn't offense, using it to justify your hatred of others is.

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King Arthure is an archaic hold-over from the days of toxic british colonialism. We should have abandoned that privileged dogshit ages ago.

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King Arthur isn't real, you obsessed mong. Congratulations, you have yet another bogeyman.

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Yeah, what could a crown possibly mean for a brand called "King Arthur"?

(hint: a hell of a more than a soldier on a horse does)

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What would happen if I started sellig biscuits called "niggers".

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I'd buy them for giggles.

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>KING Arthur flour
>Fucking Lancelot or something depicted instead
>New logo has an actual headpiece worn by kings instead and is much less busy in general
Oh sorry, excuse me, ahem:

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They recently renamed Coon cheese in Australia, even though it was literally named after a white guy with the last name Coon who invented the method of making the cheese. Worst part was that it was a Canadian company who had recently bought the brand that did it. Fucking leafs destroying our culture

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That character on the logo looks nothing like King Arthur though. King Arthur didn't wear white garbs with a red cross. If anything its closer to Monty Python's Sir Galahad which it itself is not the same as his historical depictions which only have the red cross on his shield and a smaller cross token on his armor. The character in the logo is clearly a Templar design and the Templars were pawns of the corrupt Vatican's Crusades and were named after a Jewish relic. The Templars were shit once they left their meaning of protecting Christian pilgrims.

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Your bait sucks dude.

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King arthurr is a legend from a post colonial britain. Its a symbol of people rebuilding thier culture after centuries of foreign rule.

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vote with your wallet.

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It's just a brand name for a mediocre cheese. Our culture is other things.

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The little guy in the logo is a Templar knight though, and the logo as a whole draws heavily from the personal seals of many individual Templar knights.

King Arthur, or at least the historical events that inspired the Arthurian myth, would have been like 600 years before the crusades.

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That's what I mean, the blatant racism/prejudice against Christianity is the reason for this. That's literally the only reason. Jews want to remove anything with a Cross on it. It's in their DNA to hate Christ. People ITT can babble about "muh /pol/" all they want, but at the end of the day Jews are SO SCARED of christ they don't allow the plus symbol (+) in their mathematics classes in Israel (﬩) because it too closely resembles the cross on which the King of Jews was crucified.

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This. Everything feels like an “app”. All apps are the same. Even corporate buildings. Click here, buy now! It’s all so tiring. Not to mention they threw away their identity because of identity politics, possibly.

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which is a reflection of the growing antipathy towards traditional values and icons

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Traditional values and icons have never done anything for me. The first can coincide with good values but it's not inherent just because they're old.

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>coon cheese

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its about the principle.

erosion takes place 1 grain of sand at a time.

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just another step towards white bread erasure

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>coon cheese

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>hurrr i did not read
yes, and?

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King Arthur was a Celt you mart sharting mongrel.

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The old logo has looked dated for over 20 years.

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>The old logo has looked dated for over 20 years.

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Arguably, he was a Welshman who got cucked by a Frenchman.

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The logo itself is kinda clever, but they should've kept the old font.

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This thread is about flour, why did you post juice?

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>The logo itself is kinda clever,
whats clever about a pic of a crown??

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It's a crown in the style of wheat.

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King Arthur wasnt real retard

>> No.14986840

If he isn't real why did Merlin say he would return in our time of need?

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the old logo isn't really a logo in the modern corporate sense of the word
it's got too much going on
that isn't to say i don't like it , but i understand why they changed it

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They changed it to eliminate Christian symbols because fag trannies and jews find it offensive

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But he was based on real people

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literally SOUL vs SOULESS

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it's archaic

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The right remains shackled to notions of similitude while the right breaks free of literal representation of form and literally seeks to distill soul you stupid fucking idiotic piece of shit moron.

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*left while right

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>modern art good
>deconstruction good
>everything is art, tee hee!!

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stop watching porn and other jewish media, its turning you jewish

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how does a crown in the shape of a wheat spike not have meaning? it actually makes more sense than the picture of some templar knight which is supposed to represent King Arthur somehow
god, you people are so delusional
it's a fucking corporate logo, not a holy relic

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left: artist is deftly skillful, its beautifully painted, with different textures and tones, and theres an obvious story along foreshadowing and even some intrigue

right: LOL just naked MULTICULTI crayola stick figures having an orgy, isnt that progressive?

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picasso was also highly skilled in conventional art though, he just deliberately wanted to boil it down to its bare essence, where composition and color is more important than realism
not all modern art is shock value conceptual "shit on a canvas" bullshit - the abstract can be skillful and beautiful too
as for the "lol orgy", all these baroque painters also painted naked women dancing, so idk what your point is (well unfortunately it's probably just le jews /pol/ schizo type shit and the only reply to this post will be a soiack but many normal people have valid grievances with modern art too)

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>distill soul you stupid fucking idiotic piece of shit moron

You can tell the garbage on the right is terrible because people without high verbal IQ struggle to illustrate why it belongs anywhere except in the hallways of cheap motels.

>where composition and color is more important than realism

I see Picasso subscribed to the same school of thought as my 18 month old son.

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>our culture

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HEY, hey... abbos have the Bikey Boys video on YouTube as well.

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>picasso was also highly skilled in conventional art

why do people keep repeating this meme like they desperately want it to be true

he was just very average technical wise, it was of no real significance. Its like being impressed that a chef can cook good fried rice-- but literally every chef worth their hat can cook a good fried rice, probably even sushi chefs.

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Failing to think of a single valid counterpoint, the echo of humanity chose to instead dismiss it all blindly and revel in ignorance as an infant plays with fecal matter.

>> No.14987794

>i-i'll just conjure up a word salad in an effort to seem c-cultured....

cringe and lame, you didnt address his points either.

>> No.14987805

He didn't make any.

>> No.14987939

>typing out an imaginary stutter
Pretty gay, bro.

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>Company modernizes their logo to keep up with 21st century branding principles and match the wider aesthetic
>/pol/ chuds FREAK OUT

you accuse the libs of being easily triggered when a lowlevel marketing decision is enough to get you to start bouncing around like a bunch of rabid trogs

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Yeah, well, we're ranting on a food and cooking board, not burning down courthouses and shooting cops. The comparison falls flat unless you actually take people on this website seriously, in which case, I have a bridge you might be interested in purchasing.

>> No.14988392

Even if you're not supposed to take it seriously it sure as shit looks like a lot of people are. "haha it's just a meme" 4chan died in 2012.

>> No.14988424

When you start taking anyone in this place seriously, it's time to reevaluate your outlook on life.

>> No.14988436

You laugh but 10% is a shit ton of money.

>> No.14988449

Ooga booga wyte man scary. Sheeeeeeeiiiittt.

>> No.14988452

>The comparison falls flat
Maybe you could plot to kidnap the King Arthur CEO and hold a mock trial against him in a Michigan basement somewhere. I hear that's all the rage among /ck/ chuds these days.

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my point is he didn't paint like this because he lacked technical skill, as some people claim

>> No.14989210 [DELETED] 

>You can tell the garbage on the right is terrible because people without high verbal IQ struggle to illustrate why it belongs anywhere except in the hallways of cheap motels.
I mean, it's not like you could explain why the painting on the left is good beyond "uhhh it looks pretty and detailed"
/pol/lacks pretending they're into classical art is pretty funny, I bet most of the (((modern artists))) you mock know about and appreciate classical art much more than you do

>> No.14989231

>know about and appreciate classical art much more than you do
they literally dont. Thats why they shit over it.

Do you think mumble rap artists appreciate classical music? lmaooo

>> No.14989343

>they literally dont
most of them have art degrees, anon, they've at the very least had classes on that and probably had to paint something more realistic for those classes anyway
meanwhile all your knowledge of classical art probably comes from "le art then vs art now - what happen??" graphics and maybe skimming through a wikipedia article on rembrandt once

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you can't really judge art from reproductions in books and on the internet anyway

>> No.14989617

>i get all my knowledge about art from youtuber right wing grifters

>> No.14989625

modern art degrees are trash. They barely touch on classical "old masters" studies and art history class is mostly wanking off about warhol and dadaism. Most grads cant draw for shit, its not needed for a passing grade.

t. design school grad

>> No.14989645

undergrads should come out with a basic broad understanding of everything from venus of willendorf on
what shitty school did you go to?

>> No.14990838

>staking their cultural heritage on brand logos
lmao, every time. newsflash: the free market hates you and sees you as nothing more than a food tube which must be manipulated to maximize profit

>> No.14990856

there are still realist painters today just google it moron

>> No.14990894

between this and the e coli, think I'll use a different brand

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how is that even offensive though

it's not even a christian cross it's just some medeival europoid riding a BBC (big black colt)

>> No.14990963

It's a knight templar who were known for being Christian zealots

>> No.14990988 [DELETED] 

it's just your average /pol/ schizo persecution complex
if you locked them alone in a room with only a paper bag and came back in a day they would tell you all about how the bag threatens european culture, mocks their christian heritage and is an example of cultural marxism perpetrated by the (((bag makers))), not to mention probably contains estrogen

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Anon, I don't want to alarm you, but there may be a boogeyman or boogeymen inside your head!

>> No.14991203

half of this thread is people moaning about how this change of a corporate logo from a knight to a crown threatens their christian values anon...

>> No.14991427

Only because it obviously does you fucking schizo.

>> No.14991428

>a gullible adherence to an dogma of artistry "rules" made by rich rich people
>a catharsis that abamdons the minutae of old dogma and asserting expression
They're both good in their own right

>> No.14991442

this 1st painting is also about expression, you know. You dont have to paint like a gorilla to express an idea. Speaking normally and clearly into a mic is better that screaming gibberish.

>> No.14991447

Is the /pol/ monster in the room with us right now?
Can you point him out for me?

>> No.14991499

>degree in design
>is somehow the same as a degree in fine art

>> No.14991505

of course they're both good
choosing picasso as the "evil post-modern talentless (((artist)))" just shows how little the author cared about art of any kind
probably only chose the other painting because it features a knight too because you know deus vult we wuz serfs and shiet

>> No.14991509

Not what he said, do you even into reading comprehension

>> No.14991559

picasso was a degenerate. If he was still alive he would be a raving blue checkmark on twitter

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>> No.14991994

Same people ethnjcly clensing whites are behind all yhe statues being torn down, names of schools, parks and buildings being changed. They're not worried about that image unless whites glorify it. 110 times I guess....

>> No.14992449

I still have yet to find a community more pissed scared of made up Jewish conspiracies than 4chan post 2012 and doubt I ever will without a time machine. It's like a bunch of people thought "the Jews did 9-11" meme wasn't a joke to make fun of conspiracy schizoids

>> No.14992475

Yeah, all the Jews working at the WTC were just coincidentally on holiday at the time.

>> No.14992596

got any proof?

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who cares

>> No.14992887

who fucking cares? guarantee none of you retards gave half a shit about some flour company before this

>> No.14992891

Their website is a pretty good baking resource.

>> No.14994155

this isn't a hill and nobody is dying on it you stupid nigger

hyperbole has been another knife between the ribs of language

>> No.14994162

then justifying your hatred to others is what is offensive. also, what does that have to do with flower?

>> No.14994167

part of me wants to believe the jews did 911, but then again they have like 3 holidays every month so theres a high chance that was just coincidence

>> No.14994185

Picasso was a degenerate pervert who was popular as much for his artist persona and lifestyle than his meme squiggle art.
Dwarfed in talent by Gaudi.

>> No.14994194

It’s ugly bullshit that fart sniffing urbanites pretend to like because they think liking ugly art and shitty sounding music makes them special and unique.
People get a sense of superiority from liking things other people don’t like. This is amplified in the art world where social elites can become taste makers just by attaching massive price tags to dogshit(in some cases literally) and causing a frenzy among midwits within the art world trying to rationalize what makes dogshit such great and visionary art to justify such a price tag.

>> No.14994229

King Arthur had no relation to the Knights Templar anyways, the crown is more befitting.

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What's an all around better all-purpose flour. King Arthur or Gold Medal?

>> No.14994274

For me, it's Torquemada Toast.

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