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I've had one. They're nothing special. They're also way smaller than I expected.

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holy shit i can't wait to not CONSOOM that BAR-S mystery rib meat coated in a sickeningly sweet sauce

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This. Idk why people go crazy for them. I've had the same shit in my high school cafeteria.

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>In a high school cafeteria
Do americans really?

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Is- is that a fast food product? A LIMITED fast food product that's never been introduced before? Oh God I'm gonna.... I'm gonna MOONCH!


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so whats the hype? is this another szechuan sauce meme

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>A LIMITED fast food product that's never been introduced before?
Need to be 18 to post here champ

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>can't detect obvious sarcasm
Too much fat's fried your brain, moonch boy

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Christmas Eve, 2013.
I was alone as usual.
I was hungry after getting off work. I had three options: pick up a shitty pizza, eat some cold cereal at home, or swing through the Golden Arches. You all know what I had to do.
It was a holiday after all, so I decided I'd treat myself. No Dollar Menu shit this time (sorry Buffalo Ranch McChicken).
I decide to go inside for some reason, place is empty. The young hispanic girl at the register is pretty cute, nice change of pace. Merry Christmas to me, I thought.
Behind her, the menu caught my eye. Double Quarter Pounder had just gone out the window because there sat the BBQ-drenched sandwich of a better time.
"Welcome to McDonald's, what can I get for you sir?"
I look around, there's no other customers. The based black man is putting fries down. I am a king, this Christmas.
"Yes, hi, I'd like three McRib sandwiches, a large order of French Fries, a large eggnog shake, a bottled water, and four apple pies, please."
"Anything else?"
"Yes, actually. Add on your favorite items, money is no object. Tonight is Christmas Eve, and a meal with you is my present."
She laughs, such a bright smile, I can feel the snow melting off my duster.
"That's romantic, but I'm just 16, and don't have a break coming up anyway."
Ah, another time then, my dear. I wave it off, ask her to make it to-go with the excuse that I don't want to mess up the clean dining room, and wish her a Merry Christmas.
The black man hands me my items as they come up, freshly-made. I thank him in turn and wish him a happy holiday. I tell him to protect little Rosalita there with everything he's got, and he laughs and promises to do so.
I leave $300 on the counter, as a gift.

I made my way through the blizzard then, my mind fixated on that holiday treat. '96 Explorer. Control-Trac. Heater on full blast, but before the heat is up again, I have that tangy sauce all over my face. There are onions on my collar. Salt and grease stains my face as tears fall. Sadness, and joy.

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This McRib is so fleeting, I think as I unwrap the second one. Like Christmas joy, or Rosalita's smile, they will be gone again soon. We don't know when they will be back if ever, but we keep hoping.
Eggnog imitation and pickles is a better combination than you'd think. I toss back the fries, filling my empty Christmas with the salty goodness, but I still am empty.
As I dunk my apple pies into the shake, the heat kicks on. The shake becomes nice and soupy. Just my style.
I flip the headlights on, and peer through the frosted window. The hispanic chick and black man are just hanging out, but I can see the joy of receiving a gift in their faces.
I could wipe my face before heading out, but to do so would be to wipe my memories of the McRib and thus my memories of the best Christmas ever.
As I toss my garbage out the window into the snowdrift, Feliz Navidad comes on the radio. This is a scene out of a holiday classic, I can feel it.
Prospero año y felizidad, huh? Rosalita loves this song I bet.
I shout out the open window at all who can hear "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Goodnight!" as I speed away from the BP and feel my AWD engage.
Whatever happens, I'm better prepared for it now.
That, my friends, is what the McRib means to me.

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All year round cunt
How do Americans even deal with this?

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I had the aussie one when it came back, really fucking underwhelming for a seasonal shit, their chicken burger patties (not mcchicken shit) actually taste the best overall

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How you sposedta eat it wiffout biting into bone and chippin your teef?

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teef :)

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That's not an actual rack of ribs, it's shredded meat that's been pressed into a rib shape.

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do americans really?

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Nice prose, when can I buy the book?

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I know a few ppl who love this abomination, including my own brother. I just can't get around the whole having fake bones shape to make it look like real ribs.

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Okay, is there any bones in them?

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Yea. They have access to every fast food chain in all elementary schools.

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yeah you need bones to hold the meat together.

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well hello there darling ;)

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hello my honey, hello my bunny

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That's so stupid, they could've just used real ribs if they wanted to make a rib sandwich and how the fuck are you supposed to eat it

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>shredded meat
lol its a pink paste, pressed into a mould roughly resembling a rib shape
still yummy though

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It's the law in most states that children have a diet of mainly mcdonalds and soda.

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Well, Canadian beef is a plus.

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its not as bad as expected. its minced pork picnic

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open wide :D

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we used to get this small burger like patty doused in some sweet sauce and bread for lunch. It was really good. Guess that is what the mcrib tastes like. Not worth $5 though.

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No, what he said was fine. What you said was fucking retarded, please hang yourself immediately stupid bitch

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I'm going to get so much reddit gold for this.

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Rent free

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Not bad. There should be little stories like this in the newspaper.

You're gay, lame, and uncreative, but it is what it it

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I wish they would not do this. Celebrating a pork product is disrespectful to our Semetic and Islamic cousins.

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I had a 96 Explorer too!

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Lol, keep replying, it'll make my r/4chan post that much better!

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>This is what passes for American tradition

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Funny enough, the McRib is actually a permanent menu item in Germany because it sells well enough there. McDonalds in other countries have it as a promotional item because historically it didn't sell well as a full-time item.

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>As I toss my garbage out the window into the snowdrift
Thanks for the tale, Fren.

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How is that possible? The McRib isn't halal

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Pig consumption per capita in Germany is probaly second only to China. Time to stop listening to /pol/.

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The McRib in that image looks nothing like the actual McRib you get in the store (why is the sauce so light? why does the patty look like chicken?). That is obviously something that was made by someone who heard about a McRib but never actualyl had one.

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Only around 4.5% of the population of Germany is Muslim, so I doubt that affects their sales in any notable way.

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my high school snack bar had a ribwich. it was identical to the mcrib. i'm pretty sure you can find these in the frozen section at any major grocery store.

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Yes yes yes!!! Ahhhh fuck!!!!!!

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I thought the animal they used to make that went extinct?

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everything's just a fucking joke to you, isn't it?

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It only exists in captivity

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The McRib is nasty but the sauce itself is pretty damn good.

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they use non-diseased meat from diseased animals

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too much sauce for a sandwich that will be eaten in a car.

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Har har har. I can give you a real American school cafeteria horror story though.
>grow up in rural Tennessee town
>school policy prohibits students from bringing their own lunch
>students must pay for whatever slop the school is serving or go without
>if caught bringing your own lunch it will be thrown away
I graduated in the mid 2000s, so the policy has probably changed since then.

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What type of absurd school you go to? Why would any school prevent kids from bringing in food from home? What parent will agree to that shit policy?

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Straight jewry policy. They wanted that lunch money. I'm sure parents stirred up some shit about it at some point.

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Also keep in mind that this is one of the most redneck parts of the country. The only private schools within driving distance were biblethumper schools that were worse than the public ones.

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the generic mcrib they served when I was a kid was my favorite school lunch

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That was the Whatchamacarcass sandwich.

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This is pasta, but it's so delicious.

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the areas with the highest McRib© sales directly correlate to areas with non functioning shake machines.

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and they say Trump didn't make America great again...

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My McRibbies

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McDonald's should have said McRib is coming back IF Trump returns to office.

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OK, did it. Now what?

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they taste like someone chewed up a pork chop, spit it in to a mold, then uncaringly slapped some onions and some crappy cheap bbq sauce on them.

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That would be so fucking great. The hate boner towards trump will finally force people to make a stink about how corporations influence politics.

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>mystery rib meat
It's just pork shaped like ribs. McDonald's already uses 100% beef for their burgers and pork is cheaper so there'd be no reason to use some weird mystery meat. McDonald's has plenty of unhealthy food but the meat isn't really the issue with that.

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Is this post for real? My Mcdonalds has this sandwich as a promotion every year around winter/fall. I thought it was like this everywhere.

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does she have down syndrome
also the pickles are what carry this sandwich. mcdonalds pickles are top notch for any sandwich, but god damn are they good in this combination

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I ordered a Double Cheeseburger yesterday and the lady punched in McDouble. After I got to the window she changed the receipt but they gave me a McDouble.

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In Germany, we can buy the mcrib anywhere, year-round

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How do they taste different from supermarket glass jar pickles?

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i dont know man. they just do. maybe because they are a bit warm? either way i'd love to know where they get them

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My only wish is that it will still be around in march so i can wash it down with a shamrock shake!

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They had a golden opportunity to box this up with two extra large fries, a diet coke with no ice and christen it the "Harold Ramis Memorial Meal" but alas....

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I think we can find an answer to this, actually.
One of you are or know a MCD manager. Give us the source to them pickles.

Have this picture of a happy weasel in return.

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It depends where you are.

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Then tell us the provider where you are.
Any specifics are appreciated.

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>McDonald's should have said McRib is coming back IF Trump returns to office.
If you think about it the tarriffs Trump put on pork leading to a drop in pork futures are probably the reason the McRib can be on menus nationally again

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Ive never had one and when described to me it was "a vaguely pork like meat slab"

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December 2nd can't come soon enough

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Mandela? I distinctly remember ordering a McRib in 2016.

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unsurprisingly it's massively overrated by retards who fall for marketing

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Last yime I went to order a mcrib I just ordered 2 sandwiches. They wanted nearly 11 for that mystery meat patty. I went right past the pay window and left. Fuck mcd

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>Mandela? I distinctly remember ordering a McRib in 2016.
They do it regionally from time to time, theres a pack of retards from ohio that will go buy out any McDonalds within 2 states if they hear its there

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It hasn't had a nationwide release since 2012, but it was last released October 2019 in limited markets. It comes around ever year or so, but this is the first time in awhile they've promised ever restaurant will have it.

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I don't believe that

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Yeah but then you have to live in Germany

>> No.14990932

Anywhere with a McDonalds, of which there are over 1500 in Germany.

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True. Tbh I've never tried it. I may venture to the McDonald's at ostkreuz tomorrow and report back
At least it's not Poland

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I can get a McRib ANY TIME I PLEASE but why would I when I can go to BK and get a big king instead?

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It's all meat, Baby.

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