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Why is Chicago so against ketchup on hot dogs?

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>chicago dog pictured clearly has a tomato on it already


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But its not just for chi-dogs they are like that for ALL of them.

Also burgers also have tomatoes and ketchup. And this very dog also has relish AND a pickle. How is that different?

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Its all the midwest really, if you ask for ketchup with your dog once you cross the Appalachians it causes them to have an autistic fit

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Who cares what chicago thinks about anything. It is a shithole. I hate it when people like sports casters say it has a midwestern feel. I live in the midwest and chicago is an entirely different entity

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I've heard Chicago dogs are pretty good. I mean the sport peppers, neon relish, poppy seed bun, and all that look good. But the goddamn pickle spear the size of the hot dog itself seems so offputting.

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>Why is Chicago so against ketchup on hot dogs?
Because mustard is based

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Ketchup is a shit condiment and nobody should be putting it on anything.

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It'd take an italian beef over a chicago dog every day of the week

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Idk, I think those are just insecure people that need to make declarative statements to make themselves feel superior.

I just like good tasting food. Personally I don't think ketchup would add to the experience on a Chicago dog, but there are plenty of good times to put ketchup on a dog.

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Most definitely, as a matter of fact I had one this weekend, but I still kind of want to try it.

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Iowan here. Most everyone I know puts ketchup on their dogs.

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Im midwest and I dont do ketchup on hot dogs. I dont get why people get offended about it, but they do. You can pour gravy all over everything here, but ketchup on a dog is sacreliguous

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Iowa here too. I see more chilli on dogs than ketchup.

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What about their hot dogs though?

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>Also burgers also have tomatoes and ketchup. And this very dog also has relish AND a pickle. How is that different?
It's one or the other.
Tomato + mayo
OR ketchup.

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ketchup is for fries and meatloaf only.
if you disagree you are a negroid or a literal child(if this is the case,leave this site)

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Where you at in Iowa bro? Im west of Des Moines

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I like to mix ketchup and horseradish for shrimp sauce. Ketchup on meatloaf is gross

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They don't traditionally put ketchup on burgers in Chicago either. Polish sausage stands will only give you mustard on your burger

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It's pretty good as a sauce mix for glazing once it cooks down.

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>yank culture is just hotdogs so they scream about doing it wrong

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>pickle + relish is ok
>tomato + ketchup is not

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Nice! My buddy lives there. I'm in Iowa City

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Because it's redundant. The chicago dog does not need ketchup because you get the same flavour experience from the pickled stuff plus the tomato. other non-chicago style dogs in chicago can get ketchup, but not the chicago dog.

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I went to school at U of I. Good times in Iowa City!

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Yeah I live like 5 minutes from campus. What did you graduate with?

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>grew up in chicago
>as a child always put ketchup on my hotdog
>no one shit on me, I only found out years later about the no ketchup meme
>found out hot dogs actually do taste a bit better without ketchup

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Degree in finance with a minor in math. I lived in Gillcrest dorms when I was a freshman. A shithole house of Melrose by the stadium as a sophmore. The rest of the time in an aprtment of Gilbert street by a bar called The Vine. I graduated in 01

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I think most people are against it.

It overthrows the whole thing. It's fucking disgusting and doesn't complement the already-sweet hotdog and bun. Wypipo style ketchup belongs nowhere near any meat. Mustard adds some nice acidity without turning the whole thing into a 5 year old's dream cuisine, but sauerkraut is the GOAT topping, even on cheap steamed hat dags

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Ketchup is gross

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>wypipo style ketchup
As opposed to traditional Ethiopian style ketchup?

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Ketchup is from China, you fucking retard

>> No.15030949

Hillcrest dorms I meant

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Ketchup (ke chiap, gwai zap) is basically a pickled fish sauce. Wypipo tried to make it with fermented grapes and mushrooms and eventually turned it into the monstrosity that it is today, which is some sweet, juvenile tomato sauce

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Oh damn senpai, you've got some time on me, I was born in 96. Those houses by the stadium are shit though, my uncle owned one for a while and it was a dump, but it was always rented

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>this thing from 17th century China that is in absolutely no way related to the modern version of ketchup created by the British and Americans is ketchup because white people stole the name.

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There's also banana ketchup from the Philippines. It's much better than whitey ketchup.

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Buddy, you haven't had a Chicago dog? I don't even really like hot dogs in general but I'll go out of my way to acquire a good Chi dog, dawg

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I'm glad I finally forced you to google it and educate yourself. Yes, white people ketchup (as it should be called) is disgustingly immature.

They didn't so much steal the name, as they failed to reproduce the condiment faithfully. An unrefined white palate probably sees no problems with it, which is hilarious.

It's just like how they stole Worcestershire sauce.

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>Although original recipes used egg whites, mushrooms, oysters, grapes, mussels, or walnuts, among other ingredients
When something that disgusting exists, it is the white mans job to steal the name and make something actually edible

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American cooks also began to sweeten ketchup in the 19th century.[18]

I'm white, but white ketchup is unforgiveable.

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Reading comprehension fail. Those original recipes are the failed attempts at copying the original Malay/Chinese versions.

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Banana ketchup actually is really good. A bit more tangy, but more viscous so not as versatile for dunking smaller things.

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Your uncle wasnt a teacher was he? I dont remember the address, but the house was a shitty duplex divided between upstairs and downstairs. We had the magic bus in our backyard on game days

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Whatever, fegs. I'm sure what we have in the states is better than some bullshit fish goop they made 2000 years ago. Who even gives a shit?

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they enjoy the solidified ketchup crust better

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brown gravy on meatloaf is better

>> No.15031097

I prefer yellow mustard on fries

>> No.15031100

No he was in medicine and his house was one of the ranches. I remember seeing that bus as a kid though when I'd go to the games

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Cope. White ketchup is trash

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"European-Arabic theory
American anthropologist E.N. Anderson relies on Elizabeth David to claim that ketchup is a cognate of the French escaveche, meaning "food in sauce".[39] The word also exists in Spanish and Portuguese forms as escabeche, "a sauce for pickling", which culinary historian Karen Hess traced back to Arabic Kabees, or "pickling with vinegar". The term was anglicized to caveach, a word first attested in the late 17th century, at the same time as ketchup.[35]"

Wh*te people will come up with anything in order to try and strip credit away from Asians.

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Cope, cumskin

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Based, as they should. Americans make all food from around the world better

>> No.15031152

When are they gonna start doing that?

>> No.15031156

tex-mex>pure mexican food

>> No.15031179

what the fuck is that shit

>> No.15031186

A sandwich.

>> No.15031189

Not from Chicago or have ever been anywhere close to it, but mustard was the original hot dog condiment. Hince good German mustard. A child's palate can't handle mustard so that's why you shouldn't eat ketchup on one past the age of 6.

>> No.15031190

Its the hot dog perfected

>> No.15031211

Truth. Worst mexican food Ive ever had was in mexico. Got sicker than fuck too.

>> No.15031219

ketchup fucking sucks

>> No.15031227

Its so fucking bland and dry

>> No.15031245

Where did you idiots eat in Mexico? A fucking resort, no doubt. You have no idea how much better real Mexican food is compared to tex mex.

>> No.15031256

>bland and dry
There is not a single bland mexican dish. You got scammed somehow.

It's not my favorite cuisine but it's miles ahead of tex mex

>> No.15031272

Because it reminds them of blood and blood reminds them of their homicide rate, and they like to pretend it doesn't exist.

>> No.15031284

Keep defending authentic mexican food. Its unseasoned overcooked meat on a corn tortilla or it's a fucking 25 ingredient sloppa in a styrofoam container. Someone post the webms.

>> No.15031300

Bolvian food>>>>mexican food

I would suck a dick for some tuco

>> No.15031311

>Using anything but bratwurst, sauerkraut and hot mustard.

Who cares, Chicago sucks anyways.

>> No.15031312

No room.

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>authentic mexican food

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File: 2.97 MB, 600x336, 1501808833340.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Authentic non resort food

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Been there 3 times. Ate every where. Good fruit and margaritas. Thats it. Always got sick. Shit dirt and puked.

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Cum has a beautiful color

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That is way too much sauce

>> No.15031364

The worst is mexican street corn. Total garbage.

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i might be the only one who likes plain hotdogs. i buy natural casing and just want to eat the bread and the dog. if I get bar-s or something i'll use relish, onion, chili, whatever

>> No.15031378

Jesus fuck why do they use mayo!

And corn on the cob is such a poor carb base for toppings like that, you just get this big blast fo creamy taijin tang then you are just eating moist corn

>> No.15031379

I'm convinced Mexico isn't actually a country, it's just a giant open-air gas station.

>> No.15031410

Chicago is nicer than your shithole and I don't even know where you live.
t. Old Town resident

>> No.15031415

Its nice if you like getting shot

>> No.15031418

>gets shot

>> No.15031437

Chup is great on tendies.

>> No.15031450

My buddy found a great Italian beef crock pot recipe. Just a chuck roast with a whole jar of sliced peperoncini.

>> No.15031579

The tomato is already in there, bud. We put spot peppers on the dog. They are hot, but they have this peculiar sweetness to them that fills in the gaps

>> No.15031697

Shut the fuck up new york trash

>> No.15031707 [DELETED] 

>Living in a big city with niggers everywhere
I don't care what city you live in, city dwellers are fucking retarded and all cities blow

>> No.15031741

How did you come up with NY? Im rural.

>> No.15032209

shut up you rural kike

>> No.15032220

burgers, fish sticks, fries, and meatloaf, ketchup is a MUST

>> No.15032222

Chicago is full of violent black people.

>> No.15032233

i can't remember the last time i had a fish stick but i actually agree. you need tartar sauce also, though.

>> No.15032254

Same, I haven't had them in forever, so I went and bought the Gordon fisherman beer battered planks, gonna eat with some tater tots. hard nostalgia meal for me

>> No.15032322

Because nonces like yourself perpetuate the meme. That’s literally the only reason, OP.

>> No.15032328

Not enough Chinese population.

>> No.15032391

quads of truth

>> No.15032425

The fuck? People actually eat this shit?

>> No.15032506

The only exceptional Mexican dishes are their moles and soups. Everything else was made better through tex mex. There's a reason why traditional Mexican restaurants do markedly worse here in Texas - Mexicans patronize tex mex overwhelmingly more often.
>t. Texan border town

>> No.15032509

>i might be the only one who likes plain hotdogs.
My mom did. It's weirdly refreshing. Hebrew National.

>> No.15032585

No one cares what your mom's political affiliation is, retard. We're talking about hot dogs and why it's a sin to put sweet ketchup on them.

>> No.15032588

Chicago is full of blacks and Italians, who are both extremely autistic/picky about food.

>> No.15033159

who here /lean/?

>> No.15033165

It's not just Chicago, it's most people older than 10 who understand what a good hotdog ought to be. I could give a fuck if you drench your grocery store garbage dog in ketchup. But if you put ketchup on a Vienna beef or a real quality NYC hotdog, then you're actually making it worse.

>> No.15033171

My nigga

>> No.15033176

Theyre quite good with all the fixings. To me it feels like the dog becomes less the star and more an accoutrement to the whole garden

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helps if I attach the incredibly detailed jpeg

>> No.15033188

What do you do midwesterners even do in those tiny little cities?

>> No.15033198

im NOT going to read any of the replies before responding. ketchup is for literal man children and 12 year olds

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they should put in 2 dogs like an italian hot dog

>> No.15033844

Have heated debates about ketchup on hot dogs

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There is a certain joy to a hotdog with just mustard and no ketchup but I don't advise anyone get autistic over it. It's just a condiment and you can't make the perfect dog every time you want one.

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You are right its awful here. I got raped by niggers while walking my pet pig on a dirt road.

>> No.15033974

ketchup is best used to add to other sauces. its a great base for bbq sauces.

>> No.15034004

based chiraquistani

>> No.15034018

their city is a dangerous shithole with a poor reputation thanks to a certain group of people but they're not allowed to get mad at them for it so instead they get mad at tourists asking for condiments

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Who loads up a hot dog? Fucking stupid if you ask me. Its not a burger.

>> No.15034076

If you can't eat something plain, it's not worth eating at all.

>> No.15034135

Sup Tommy?

>> No.15034567

Because they aren't gay.

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Being a Southerner, I had no idea you homos eat shit like this. Imagine not eating a hot dog with chili, ketchup, and mustard. You people live sad lives.

>> No.15034916

these shitty amerimutts-pretending-to-have-cuisine thing is a meme, but there is an actual reason

mustard is a spicy strong
ketchup is a mild sweet

burgers are mild fresh
hotdogs are rank processed

spicy mustard just goes well with the minced half putrefying hot dog meat. you wouldn't put lipstick on a pig

>> No.15034919

God, it's like minorities want people to hate them.

>> No.15034920

That one isn't even that bad. I'd skip the japon peanuts and cut back on the tajin, but it's not covered in candy or swimming in clamato.

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Lived i md my whole life and never heard of a crab mac and cheese dog.

It seems to be a baltimore thing.

I also had no idea half smokes were a regional thing. They are good as fuck

>> No.15035322

I like ketchup just as much as mustard on a hot dog. If I have 2 hot dogs 1 is getting ketchup.

>> No.15035583

These evil "ypippuh" have been making pickles fish sauce for thousands of years, you cringenigger

>> No.15035595 [DELETED] 

Whitey invented ketchup, fish sauce, basically every condiment, and grew every spice for consumption. Stay mad nigger, and thank a White man for your good life every day.

>> No.15035886

And yet that filed miserably at it. Twice.

>> No.15035984

There are a few tourist places that use the no ketchup meme, but nobody else cares.

>> No.15036124

They're entirely right. I've lived in all sorts of places in the midwest.
Chicago is different, usually in a negative way.
t. Lincoln Park

>> No.15036751

yea i'm sure everyone loves putrid surstroming. wigger

>> No.15037033

Theyre the originators. Everything is based on theirs.

>> No.15037038

Can you even read, blackoid? Holy fuck shitskins can barely keep up with humans

>> No.15037722

why are you dousing your shit with so many sauces?

>> No.15037816

>cheese slices that will melt
I like my dogs this way since I make them myself. Rate my tastes.

>> No.15038376 [DELETED] 

Get cancer gook faggot

>> No.15038383

>white ketchup
Gtfo apologetic faggot

>> No.15038387

Some butthurt nignog/chang in this thread
Inferiority complex right there

>> No.15038443

American restaurants are dying so hard to stand out they'll remove an item and call it a specialty

>> No.15039008


No, its more like a meat slurry but tastes delicious.

>> No.15039038

Lmfao old town? rlly?

>> No.15039447

You don't get shot in Old Town, retard

>> No.15039488

Pickle clearly smaller than hot dog.

>> No.15039587

No one from Chicago ACTUALLY throws a tantrum about ketchup on a hot dog

The only people who care are suburban kids who say they’re from Chicago but aren’t

>> No.15039681

I dont know but it sounds like they have good taste. ketchup is the shittiest condiment

>> No.15040702

It's not a shit hole and you obviously haven't traveled very much. Chicago is a glistening gem compared to just about every other large US city. The food and service are world class too.

>> No.15040705

It's called taste, faggot. Look it up

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You do realize Chicago is the most segregated US city, right?

>> No.15041521

because they are a bunch of faggots just like anything that comes out of Chicago,

>> No.15041529

its just a meme, walk around chicago and you'll see plenty of hotdog carts that have ketchup

>> No.15042276

I'll kill you.

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Everything was looking real good up until that yellow cheese went on top of it.

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