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why are super thick burgers even a thing?

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because people like quadruple bypasses and it's a delicious mess.

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gordon can't even make a grilled cheese

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to be fair it looks like he's trying someone else' burger

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We're crafting foods that require unhinged jaws in preparation for the reptilian takeover.

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Yeah, your mums old brown snatch

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this is my first day on this board, don't ruin it for me

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its shit. everyone here is insufferable, just leave

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thanks for the heads up

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what are you a mouthlet?

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I'm sorry I don't suck multiple dicks at the same time on a daily basis like you do.

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anything over 6oz is too much, half pound burgers just taste like a wad of fuckin meat, the fuck is the appeal in that

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they are too thick to bite.

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You should ask your server for a burger press. It's a device that compresses larger burgers down to 33 to 50% of their serving volume. I used one once and I was able to eat an otherwise inedible burger.

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Are you really that weak that you can't just smash the burgr with your hands?

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the burgers that are wildly overcooked and dry as dog dick jerky were cooked by Gordon ramsay and they look terrible

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The burgers should be wider not taller.

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I always eat my burgers (and pizza, for that matter) with a fork and knife. Never had this problem. I love thick burgers. You get way more toppings and meat when it's piled high.

...You don't eat burgers with your hands, right? Then your hands are all greasy. Disgusting.

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Go back

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fork and knife...lmao your opinion is invalid

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I have been watching american kitchen nightmares, it has been good so far
Which episodes are your favorite anons?

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watch the mama maria episode. It was filmed up the block from me. Sal has the worst fuckin pizza around, its legendary. Dont know why he decided to to a restaurant, he could not even handle good pizza. Ill never forget everyone in the neighborhood watching the episode on tv @ the red store on union and smith. They were laughing so hard when he Sal started crying

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>Then your hands are all greasy. Disgusting.
If only there was a room available in literally every restaurant where you could use a device that would push water onto your hands and a substance to make the oil/fat stick to the water so it gets removed from your hands while leaving your hands clean and nicely scented.

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The only burger worth a damn is a smash burger, thick patty burgers are fucking dogshit.

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The Black Pearl in NY. David was fucking hilarious. Now he makes shitty dad rock.

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Stay friend. He is the only asshole on this board. Ck has the highest population of real women besides cgl and po.

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I'm pretty sure that the board that has the most women is /co/.

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I got one of Ramsay’s (Ramsey? I always forget) and I was a little surprised by how finicky he was with everything. I remember his slogan being something like “fresh, high quality ingredients prepared simply” but his cookbooks are anything but simple.

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It’s up there, but i would argue /cgl/ or maybe even /adv/ /toy/ is pretty high too with their bjd threads.

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fat retards buy into that sort of thing
the fat retard market is lucrative

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He can open his mouth wide enough to take 2 cocks but he can't bite a burger? The English were a mistake.

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>Ck has the highest population of real women besides cgl and po.
you're not a woman, take your schizo meds and not your hrt meds

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yes, the one and only asshole. what a fuckin retard

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If I wanted to eat a big burger I’d like to get a bunch of thinner patties. Much tastier

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because extra toppings naturally leads to thicker burgers.
Sure a thinner burger is more convenient, but you can only put so much on a single patty burger. So once you start adding things like onion rings, lettuce, pickles, gummy bears, cheese, bbq sauce, and bacon, it just naturally becomes bigger whether you like it or not. plus with so many toppings now the patty is overpowered so naturally you have to add a second patty.

its probably not something europoors need to worry about, considering they can't afford toppings on their burgers.

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That is actually a downside

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Beats me. Smash burgers are vastly superior.

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Maybe in the future time

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When I was little I dislocated my jaw trying to bite a cheeseburger. It's still fucked up 12 years later.

Fuck America.

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thank god someone said it

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