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What the fuck is his problem?

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tv producers, redditors and normalfags made him into a meme.
he's just profiting off it.

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>The pricey Wagyu burger comes with a beef patty, seared Wagyu sirloin, truffle Pecorino cheese, cep mayonnaise, and fresh black truffles
>It has pre-fried diced bacon mixed through the beef, and made-from-scratch smoky bbq sauce.

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He's a wife beater. His kids had to leave the home on more than one occasion.

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>Wagyu burger
>black truffles
Jesus christ why do people keep falling for this meme food shit.

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Gordon hasnt personally put a dish on a menu in 20 years. His cooking has fizzled out like all your dreams. He is nothing but a brand now. Give it up chuds

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honestly I'd beat the mother too if she pushed out a brown eyed oinker like that.

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One day they’ll feel the wrath.

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We are on the brink of total economic collapse and all these bullshit regulations that keep stripping what was enjoyable out of life. How are the redditor normal fags opening their disgusting jaws for a $100 burger? Someone oughta burn that place down

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poorfag cope
it's their money and YOU don't get to decide what they do with it pinko

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You can’t just pretend to laugh your way to the top with the rest of those soijaks. You’ll be in the breadlines with the rest of society

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The same way guys lined up to buy $900 xboxes & PS5s right next to guys looking to get $50 for donating plasma yesterday.

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>no soy

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which is exacyly what would happen if commies like you got in power

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This nigga can't even do a fucking grilled cheese sandwhich right.

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Gordon's father was an abuser. Gordon himself is not, you faggot.

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Ramsay can't control the faggots he helps once he leaves. If they fuck it up, that is their problem.

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>do exactly what you're told
>still go under
>hurr durr it's because i left

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>Imagine sending it back after taking a few bites
Then ordering tendies with ranch

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He cut the one on bottom in half and its clearly smaller in addition to being more tender and less cooked as to clamp it down and reduce the patty further

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When I was poor I would do this at fast food places. I would take a few bites, claim I specifically asked for no cheese, and get a new sandwich plus a free drink to wash the disgusting cheese taste out of my mouth.

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Any retard should know this. Once a restuarant has lost it's reputation it's not going to get it back easily. Even if they do everything right. The restaurant fills up for one night because Gordon is there, then nobody is going to go there again, ESPECIALLY if the place was on a show that highlights restaurants that are so bad that he needs to go there in the first place. if any of those place were near me I would never go to them. Why would I go to a resaurant that the owners were fine as being portrayed as having terrible service, having dead rats in the kitchen, canned food, rotten food, etc? Even if Gordon did legitimately fix it up, I'd rather go to a restaurant that was always good and not take the chance. Of course it's unlikely that anything really changed, anyone can put decent food on a plate, it's the people that are the problem, Gordon might get the place running good for a few weeks but the staff will slip back into their old ways soon enough, after all they either KNOW how to make the restaurant good and were just too lazy to do it, or they're so fucking stupid that they think their way was right in the first place and they're just going to ignore the advice they got.
Of course this is all assuming that the restaurant even is having these problems to begin with and it's not all fakery, which some of it at least certainly is. In which case the owners have willingly taken a moderately succesful resaurant and deliberately pretended to be shit to get on a show about shit restaurants. Why the fuck would I want to go to a place run by idiots like that?

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does it work often?
also why are you going to restaurants in the first place if you're poor

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Nobody is reading this shit just FYI

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>wagyu burger
>ground wagyu
Doesn't that defeat the purpose of wagyu?

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>the purpose of wagyu
no such thing in the first place
but yes you are correct

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>reply to pasta

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>does it work often?
I never had a problem and most times the clerk working doesn't want the half eaten food back. Works especially well for any 2 for $X deals.

>also why are you going to restaurants in the first place if you're poor
I did a lot of drugs and could always flip enough to support my habit and live in my car

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That's a great looking grilled cheese.
What's your recipe, anon?

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>Reading is hard

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There's literally nothing wrong with this. Sometimes you have to beat women to make them understand since they're emotional rather than logical creatures.

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redpill me on living out of a car
i'm getting evicted soon and while i can afford to pay rent for some other place, living out of a car would be a lot cheaper

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Nothing. He's no-nonsense and based.

>> No.15137391

And yet, his own restaurants are still in business.

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>he's popular therefore it's good
you're exactly the kind of retard that'd go to those restaurantsi f you weren't a poorfag

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The (((eternal anglo))) gives intentionally bad advice to his competition for a humble fee while following none of it himself
A story as old as man himself.

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Ok incel

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Amazing, there's a $1200 pizza you can order over here, takes 48 hours days before all ingredients are in place.


Trying convince a few guys to join, one $200 slice per man but no bites yet :D

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>everyone better than me is a cheating Jew
If the competition was better, that's where the costumers would be; you're acting like there were no restaurants to go to before Ramsay opened up. Proof is in the pudding, as they say. Dilate, Gertrude.

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I'm pretty sure kitchen nightmares has made some shitty restaurants understand why they suck.

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>scamming rich idiots
Based Ramsay

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it didn't because it's fake

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>What if sometimes the owners are right
if they were right they wouldn't be in debt, therefore the owners are NEVER right.

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>if they were right they wouldn't be in debt
the subject in question is WHY they're in debt

>why are you in debt
>someone stole my money and i needed to pay the bills
>clearly you are lying about the stealing because you are in debt

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you can use his hands for scale and they're clearly the same size
squeezing that thing would mean having all the mushy tomato fall out of the sides and applies to the top meat as well

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You still need a source of income and it's more expensive than you think. Hanging around truck stops are good plus they have everything you need from food, showers, and sex.

>> No.15137526

don't take out out of context, we are talking about restaurant owners with crappy frozen food and bad hygiene practices blaming shit on the locals.
The real culprit here are the fuckers giving loans and not giving people the opportunity to escape it because it wouldn't be profitable that way.

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>use tons of expensive delicacies
>fill it with cheap ass bacon

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Fpbp /thread

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>You still need a source of income
i do have this, just the absolute minimum. i can afford an apartment, but would rather not pay
> Hanging around truck stops are good plus they have everything you need from food, showers, and sex.
please elaborate, were you a hooker for truckers?

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Less of a hooker and more of a cum hole

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No u

>> No.15137542

What happened why are you getting evicted I thought they put a hold on those for the scamdemic?

>> No.15137543

The opposite actually. There are plenty of travelers that visit truck stops and you can bang all kinds of chicks that range from desperate and lonely to crack whores.

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not usa
drug use even though mushrooms are legal, bullshit but what can u do eh?

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Isn't this the exact pretentious crap he complained about the Austrailian burger joint doing?

>> No.15137555

see >>15137073
hes a hypocrite

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Daily reminder that Alan is kill

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I'm glad he pointed out Michelin is just another industry award first designed to sell crap and now is just a political tool.

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wait how does that work
do these women travel alone or something?

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It's called free publicity. Now everyone in the English-speaking world knows Ramsay has a new restaurant at Harrods.

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Ok bongcel

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Dude you need to regain any confidence you've ever had or start building confidence now. There are people that work at truck stops, fast food employees, clerks, there are people in the area that stop there to refuel to and from work, etc. Truck stops are not some seedy place you've seen in movies.

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The 1% he targets with his restaurants are doing just fine. Better than ever, in fact!

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>having relationships with women in the first place
Retard. They'll have you in jail over assault. That's why thinking men in the past were either celibate or queer.

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My recipe is actually melting the cheese and not burning the bread like a fire victim

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RIP alan

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Actually, it started in gossip magazines with restaurant dramas. The television documentary and everything else followed from there.

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if i bought a burger anywhere and they served it to me cut into two pieces i would immediately demand a refund (even if if i hadn't paid yet)

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He's coming full circle.

>> No.15138194

A lot of people that appeared on KN are dead. The owner who was deep in debt, drug addiction and banging a waitress, the waitress on that joint where they had a mexican who didn't understand english as chef...

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>No pineapple

>> No.15138223

well yeah it says deluxe not SHIT

>> No.15138269

>this webm still filters retards
compare the size of the patties to the buns. now shut the fuck up.

>> No.15138270

>locals hated the changes
where were these locals with no tastebuds when the business was going under?

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To have meaningless sex? You're not even human in my eyes. Don't tell me what to do.

>> No.15138305

Or more like you're a blind retard.

>> No.15138307

>that'll be 35 GBP wanker

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And she stays with him for that thick sausage

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Anon, you fucking donkey.

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Gordon Ramsay is a hypocrite.

Pure and simple.

Delia Smith was right when she called him a "disgrace."

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holy shit

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If someone pays for it, who cares about that retard?

If you pay for it, who cares? You're a retard.

No one is MAKING you buy it or go there at all.

Don't be angry at him because retards are willing to give him that much.

Don't be angry at retards just because they're retarded.

Just enjoy yourself and stop seething, retard.

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Are you guys retarded? He isn't a hypocrite, he's a business man. He's done his time as a chef.

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It's delicious. For those who can afford it, I highly recommend.

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IDK, I paid 80 for his fancy beef wrap in NYC and it was worth.

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When you're reading nothing it is. That anon posted a long winded nothing.

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Stop making bullshit excuses, Gordon.
Just admit you're a sellout.

>> No.15140946

Fine, I'm a sell out.

It actually is me by the way, you don't believe me and neither will anyone else, but now you can tell everyone that Gordon Ramsey, himself, the living god on earth, told you to kill yourself, faggot.

Kill yourself, faggot.

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It doesn't involve a mysterious bowl of homemade kimchi.

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Bongs are very easily browned due to having French admixture
For instance Russians can even mingle with Asians and preserve their eye color

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t. incel t. virgin

>> No.15141163

is this bait? ground waygu would have the same texture and taste if i but a strip and some cheap fatty cuts and id get the same shit.

>> No.15141309

The ones that fail aren't able to keep up with what he gave them.

>> No.15141326

Desu the way he interacted with his kids in that one video about making that Italian dish during early covid panic kinda rubbed me the wrong way. Wouldnt be surprised if he was just as at odds with his family off-camera.

>> No.15141449

>women are too emotional
>has to resort to violence to get his point across because he’s incapable of dealing with issues like a normal human
Seek sunlight

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>using virgin as an insult

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I'd suspect there is a way to make wagyu burgers good, make the mince much thicker or just have it as multiple thin slices.
The final product looks like a finely minced meat grilled at a gas station, not what i expected.

This other crime Gordon committed is on the same website and i believe it's much much worse.

>> No.15142064

>black truffles
please stop this madness

>> No.15142080

>broken yolk
I would murder

>> No.15142084

Every single time i've seen one of these episodes something is rotten or horrifyingly disgusting.
What makes you think that the people who keep storages full of rotten gravy wouldn't just go back to their old ways of serving poison on a plate after Gordon is gone?

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>> No.15142092

Bitch you got white truffle money?!

>> No.15142095

Look at all the envious and bitter peasants in here. Ha!

>> No.15142700

She seems nice but holy SLOPPA

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>> No.15142768

Why would you buy a burger from him anyway?
He probably burned the buns like some caveman.

>> No.15142774

god the burger on the bottom looks disgusting

>> No.15143561

Yeah, she's kinda letting herself go on the weight department there.

>> No.15143578

Actual question. Why is this triggering /ck/? Do you guys just obese over Gordan Ramsay for some reason

>> No.15143840

/pol/tard child logic
shit happens man

>> No.15143881

Seems domestic abuse runs in the family

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>> No.15143912

>tiny bun huge burger
>Gordon is obsessed with authority!!!!
He's successful because of his authority, drive, and ambition. His family lives among the top 1% because of his success. Nobody is every going to side with some YouTuber who makes videos criticizing shit for a living like he's an armchair Psychologist.

>> No.15143922

It's not about holding it in your hand. That was a joke. The real problem is you can't bit every part of the sandwich because the burger is larger than the bun. This means they're wasting money on excessively large burgers. Nobody goes to a burger place to eat more meat than toppings and bun.

>> No.15144780

Will he add his world famous rustic Grilled Cheese sandwich to the menu?

>> No.15144966

you sound like a fag who wants to suck on Gordon's, old, wrinkly, stubby, stinky British penis.

>> No.15144980

Quality essay, total analysis anon

>> No.15144987

Brainlet cope

>> No.15144992

80/20 ground beef is usually $3/lb or less
The fact that anyone charges even $15+ for a burger is criminal, $100 is just cashing in on retards with more money than sense.

>> No.15144993

He's a great celebrity, a good chef, and a mediocre good. That's the problem.

>> No.15145031

From what I understand a lot get renovations and junk from them and then sell it off to recoup some of the costs

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Now THAT is simpley a a delicious.. Burgah

>> No.15146209

But, is it rustic?

>> No.15146299

Yup. Hit his eldest daughter in her face and gave her a black eye. Gross guy.

>> No.15146402

still only celebrity western chef who respects local cuisine and can cook a fried rice that is not chicago deep dish tier monstrosity.

>> No.15146465

These are the wagyu burgers he uses


Pack of 4

>> No.15146466

Having Wagyu on a burger just feels wrong

>> No.15146481

You fuckin New Yorkers are always talking shit about our pizza

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Not going to defend his shit, but to me a burger is pretty much meat in buns. Last one I had was medium-rare ground sirloin with mozzarella, grilled onion, and prosciutto.

I'm okay with burgers at any temperature so this seems okay to me, regardless of what fuckery he's up to.

>> No.15146544

wtf I love ramsay now

>> No.15146560

The lockdowns are the cause of a great transfer of wealth from the small business owners to large multi billion dollar business owners. The small butcher must close, but the Walmart can thrive. The family owned tech shop must shit down, but amazon takes in the cash. The rich get richer and they decide the fate of the rest of us, ie a great reset.

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But you don't understand, it's for your own good. Or everyone elses' good. Don't be selfish, the people around you could die. Wear your mask and stay indoors.

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>a great reset and huge conspiracy is big businesses and the rich spreading fake info about the virus so they could...do what they were already openly doing before anyways.

>> No.15146574

I want to order it, then take a single bite and tell him it’s shit and I’m not paying for it.

>> No.15146666

reminder that ramsey is massively overrated and just shilled by anglophone media

it's a tale as old as time, a british or american midwit gets purported to be one of the best in the world when he's middling compared to french, german, russian, etc equivilents (this is not just cusine we're talking about)

>> No.15146842

He's good, but my late aunt who was a talented hobbyist family cook could saute circle around him.

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File: 2.93 MB, 1920x1080, gordon ramsey dementia grilled cheese.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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I feel sorry for his daughters.

>> No.15147081

>he thinks Gordon knows anything about his restaurants besides the quarterly economic report
Are you 7 years old or just a retard?

>> No.15147082

That is some Jack-tier grilled cheese sandwhich and cooking lmao

>> No.15147104

jesus what a fucking terrible video. The recipe is shit, the girl is shit, the music is shit, the editing is shit.


>> No.15147128

That's a prime british rose you ungrateful prick

>> No.15147166

Years of coke abuse is catching up with him I think

>> No.15147171

Top kek

>> No.15147172

It's a British thing, you JF wouldn't understand.

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Pic related is easier to watch

>> No.15147181
File: 1.61 MB, 2560x1440, Im gonna have the black one.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>prime english rose will be sitting on a piss soaked conrer on a chip shop eating kebab and getting culturally enriched with her rollerderby friends

>> No.15147213

Why did you make me watch this, I want my 3 mins back

>> No.15147218


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>> No.15147353

Do you have a loicense for that hatespeech sirs?

>> No.15147615

>Posting a garbage video essay
Kill yourself

>> No.15147673

This sounds like a terrible burger

>> No.15147689

That must be revolting to eat

>> No.15147731

multiple of his restaurants have closed though. His profit comes from his old tv shows and the one or two ultra rich places where the upper class eats to distance themselves from the public trash. Would eat there if I got the money just to show off.

>> No.15147841


>> No.15147888

He has the need to freak out and condescend to people. He is good in what he specializes in. It's kind a crazy in the 'society' we live in today, that he is allowed to keep his celeb status.

>> No.15147914


>> No.15147932

Gordon has been on record shitting on restaurants for using Wagyu in burgers for no reason other than it's fucking Wagyu.
I'm sure it tastes good, but not 100 dollars good.

>> No.15148261

It doesn't matter. The important thing in Wagyu is the fat marbling, but a burger is just ground meat, you can add as much fat as you want.

>> No.15148400

Low self esteem, acdc, ocd, bipolar, small dick, control freak, idk
pick one.

>> No.15148577

he's a pretentious twat that gets to yell at people all day and act like he's better than everyone.

>> No.15150267

control freak yeah. rest aren't true. just sounds like he fucked your gf anon

>> No.15150354

no chips at a burger joint? what does he serve on the side with them, curry?


>> No.15150669


>> No.15150679

cheaper than Five Guys

>> No.15150748

There's zero culinary logic behind premixing raw beef with c ooked bacon.

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