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confess your food related sins here

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I let my eggs go past the sell by date
Forgive me dear lord.

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I was going to make chocolate chip cookies on the weekend.
I creamed the butter and sugar and promptly ate all of it.

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for dinner i had two boxes of stovetop stuffing (made as directed with a half stick of butter in each) and 14 miller high lifes

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You are stronger for this, A good Christian example you do make.

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I took this picture

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you did the nation proud tonight

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Does using chicken stock when cooking soup for vegetarians count?

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I have a strange addiction to dominos shitty, slimy wing style food product

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I never eat leftovers. Something about them being refrigerated and then re-heated simply disgusts me. I try to cook in small portion sizes so I don't have to throw anything away.

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Jesus loves you and your leftovers too

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I feel the same way if it makes you feel better.

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I purposley packed smelly spicy hot maruchan yakisoba meal with mad tuna sriacha and onions/garlic.
Just ate it and am basking in the smelly break room.

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I fucked up the béchamel sauce mix and slightly overcooked it, forgive my sins dear lord...

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I secretly put ramen packets on a lot of food to bump up the umami. Everyone likes it.

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Similar confession. My family can't get enough of my cooking. My secret ingredient is MSG.

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I would also love to know how I screwed it up, this is why its a sin, it's an easy recipe yet I fucked it up.

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That has Texas written all over it.

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Forgive father for I have sinned ,I didn't let my mac cheese sauce thicken before putting it in the over

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>Miller high life

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I routinely put salted butter on a plate and smash french bread into it and just eat that shit. When I was younger, I used to be addicted to mustard sandwiches.

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i have served a cucumber in a salad after using it to masturbate anally

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I let my cat sit on the counter while I cook. I let him sniff all the ingredients and speak in a fake Japanese accent to him. “Hai Aimu Piggo, howst of dis shoah Cookingu wiss Catto.”

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It's always better to be cooking with a fren.
I'm going to have to try to speak japanese to my cats sooner or later.

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Based. Cats actually love that stuff, they are curious and "feel" things by sniffing them

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French bread and butter is great. I sometimes do this.

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I have eaten ham cheese toasties/basic burgers and indomie for the last 5ish months at least 5 days a week. As in thats all I eat.
On occasion ill make a curry or buy some veg for omlettes.

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I like stale Cheetos Puffs. I'll get a huge bag and leave it open to age for a two days.

It's just something with the texture and how the grease congeals inside the puff.

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I'm addicted to taco bell... free me of this demon food Jesus!

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i like cooking and i like making tasty food and learning new recipes and methods. i also like eating and making new delicassies like cold cuts, cheeses and spreads. but i don't truly enjoy food unless i pair it with alcohol, and lots of it. if i have nothing to drink, i'm happy with just some boiled potatoes with cheese or some simple like a sausage and some rice or raw vegetables and boiled eggs.

i actively avoid eating anything too good, because it feels like a waste if i'm not drinking alcohol with it. i only cook good stuff once or twice per week on the weekend so i can get drunk with it

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Once a month I make a lasange on a sunday afternoon for lunch with friends. I start the ragu the day before, with fresh tomatos, pancetta, good quality beef and pork, and veal if I can get hold of it. slow cook in a low oven overnight, make my own bechmel, fresh pasta sheets, topped with mozz and parmesan.

And on monday morning if there's any leftovers I'll put it in shitty cheap white bread with butter and ketchup and make a lasanwich. It's super reddit tier and I hate myself but its great.

lord forgive me

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So based. We could definitely be friends.

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>I'll put it in shitty cheap white bread with butter and ketchup
>a recipe that already contains grains, butter and tomatoes
For what purpose

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I ate an entire large order of popcorn chicken. It wasnt even good. And i ate it all. I have more kfc chicken to eat tomorrow. Its so flavourless but even shitty fried chicken i cant abstain from

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i once tried throwing some pickled jalapeño slices to a nutella sandwich and i enjoyed it

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I look forward to when I run out of fresh food so I can raid the freezer for pizza, nuggers and fries

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>What purpose?
>Asking this in a food confession thread.

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this is actually fairly based

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I put salt on my jelly sandwiches so I can highlight it’s sweetness

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Depends, was it home brewed chicken stock from chicken carcasses or the countertop bought shit?

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>was it home brewed chicken stock from chicken carcasses or the countertop bought shit?

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I subbed plain yogurt for sour cream in many things. not bad.

I sip worcestershire sauce.

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Unless you are a tastelet yogurt is always superior to sour cream, good job anon

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nope I just decided to try it since yogurt and sour cream are basically the same thing.

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Hell yeah, dude.

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i am breaking spaghettis in half before i cook them for years now - now i can't eat spaghetti with other people because i fear that people recognize that i automaticly put more spaghetti on the fork before i roll it up

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>mustard sandwiches
Now that's a name I haven't heard in 30 years. Also I do the butter thing with microwaved tortillas.

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i wish i had more food, i wish i had more more and access to food

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Poorfag here. I skip meals and drink alcohol to fill my tum tum

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I once drilled a hole in a watermelon and put my cock in it. I ate the other half of the mellon that didn't contain jizz.

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I take pre-made supermarket pizza dough and bake into into little bread balls that I brush with olive oil, garlic powder, and herbs. Tastes like dinner rolls but pizza crust

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Redpilled. I remember a very brief period when I was 4 where I would also put ketchup on the sandwiches. Cringe.

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Why do you do this, though? What's wrong with letting the spaghetti soften and fall down? I cool spaghetti in a tiny ass pot anon, don't be an american

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God I knew I was in the south when I saw this being sold in gas stations

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They are uniquely tasty. I ate some out of a trash can once because I hadn't ate all day and had nothing but ramin.

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we broke the spaghetti because when I was poor and we ate that a lot, my little brothers and sisters would try to eat it like on lady and the tramp and fling spaghetti sauce all over the place.

shorter spaghetti is less messy.

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i do it so that i can wolf them down faster even tho i am a skeleton

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A while back I ate in one sitting from Dominos: 1 medium pepperoni/jalapeno pizza with extra sauce and cheese, 24 hot wings, 1 buffalo chicken sub, two chocolate lava cakes, and washed it all down with a 2 liter of diet coke. I'm gonna die before I'm 40

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Hot take: make fusilli and stop being a child

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that is what i have been doing some time because my store has very cheap bronze made fusili but it won't do for aglio e olio or carbonara

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>diet coke
cmon man lol

anyway I've wasted a bunch of food lately because I ordered or bought more instead of eating leftovers or cooking

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Fuck you diet coke tastes better obviously I don't give a shit about calories

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You're fine, anon. When I was depressed and living with my mom during/after highschool, I would literally do this every night for 2 months:
>2 medium pan pizzas from Domino's: one with pepperoni and mushroom, and one with ham and black olives
>also cheesy bread and 2L of root beer or coke
I would also go to the store for outrageous amount of snacks to eat before and after the Domino's:
>2 large gingerbread men
>1-3 large bags of chips; usually one bag of plain tortilla chips and one snack mix (Munchies, Humpty's) and one seasonal/promotional bag
>guacamole and salsa/layered bean dip
>chunk of caciocavallo cheese
>rice crackers
>Cadbury marvelous mix (ritz) or Bridge Mix
>hot pepperoni, ~1kg pack
>hummus and pita bread
>couple packs of Pocky/peppero
>Koala's march cookies (matcha)
Man, if you were the clerk at the store I bought this shit at, you would immediately recognize me.
I would also go to the liquor store and pick out an assortment of craft beers and cheap beers to drink. I would almost always get Holsten Maibock or Faxe because of the liquor content and cheapness. Oh, and I always got a Hobgoblin Ruby beer, because I liked the branding.

Being white is fucked. I can't believe I don't have diabetes or anything. I used to eat well over 10k calories per day. I miss doing that shit.

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Penne and fusilli both work well for aglio e olio, but penne is the better of the two.

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I should add that I was such a good tipper that my delivery drivers would consistently get here in under 15 minutes. Also, I had to jump out of my window to get my pizza (my basement window was next to an elevated piece of land because I lived in a townhouse). That's also where I would smoke weed sometimes

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Holy shit you win, that sounds decadent, might try it one day. I'm 290 lbs though and no diabetes here either even though I'm a chronic binge-eater, our ancestors have been carb-loading for millenia. I intermittent fast most days, could be helping too. Glad you're doing better, anon, I'm down 40 lbs and my life is looking up as well.

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Nice, my delivery drivers do the same, always tip 6-8 bucks since I used to do it too and always enjoyed those customers. Quit smoking weed for a job but I'm pretty sure doing dabs 24/7 is what heavily exacerbated my tendency to overeat.

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I'm 19 and I still eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches multiple times daily.

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Yeah by the end of it I was tipping 10-20 bucks because I loved to see them smile. I never got to do the job even though I wanted to, so that was my way of experiencing the "good customers" (by being one, I guess). I don't smoke anymore either, but my appetite is still fucked.
>our ancestors have been carb-loading for millenia
This is literally the only explanation. Asians/middle easterners get diabetes before they hit obesity... I should REALLY have a lot more wrong with me than I do, anon. When I was eating those meals, it was well after dropping 100 lbs in highschool. I gained 60 lbs in that particular set of 2 months, though that wasn't the only period where I did something like this. I lost that 60 and yoyoed 40 lbs for a few years before settling again, and then I gained 100 lbs this year in 4 months during quarantine, and I've been hovering around 10 lbs under that peak for the remaining 4. The biggest game changer has been food delivery... man, getting anything I want delivered to my door has been crazy. Binge eating is fun as shit but I dunno if I wanna continue it at this frequency. Intermittent fasting worked great for me, but it eventually led to OMAD which I ate right before sleeping--that was a bad idea and led to digestive issues. I think the ideal diet for me would be having one of these binges once a month, but they tend to stretch my stomach so much that I'm starving the next day no matter what I eat.

Oh yeah, and I highly suggest you try it. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. It's a based as fuck combination IMO. I spent those nights shitposting on /b/ before it before tumblr, as well as listening to prank calls all night long

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I microwave water for tea and stuff
/co/ told me that's a bad thing

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I use a rubber spatula instrad of a whisk so it scrapes the bottom. I also use warm milk instead of cold and add it gradually so the sauce stays thick as fuck. Stir with the spatula until smooth and thick, then add more milk.

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just reheat in a pan so you feel like its fresh

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Can relate to the yo-yoing. At one point I was down 80 lbs and looking swole in college then got up to 10 lbs under my peak within a year. Actually lost a bit of weight during quarantine despite being unemployed but it would have been a lot more if not for the same thing with easy delivery. I was working out like a mad man but the ability to order food through a screen removes any and all judgement or anxiety about being spending too much, being the guy who is taking too long to get his order, or asking for too much at a time and annoying staff (which has happened to me before). Instead I only lost 10 lbs over 4 months even while lifting heavy weights for 2 hours a day, 6 days a week. Didn't realize the OMAD before bed could fuck with digestion, it's literally exactly what I do and it's not hurt me so far. I always hold back a little on my binges for fear of going too far, but I think I will try that. Just go all out once in a while to get it out of my system and go back to OMAD. What sucks is OMAD is still a bit of a struggle to lose weight because it's so easy to put down 5000 calories without trying not to, but intermittent fasting has still always been the most consistent way I've lost weight as well compared to shit like keto, working out, or counting calories.

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theres literally nothing wrong with this

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That's gonna be the hottest diet of 2021. Watch.

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I've never once tried boiled peanuts and I'm pretty curious about them. Are they good? Do they go soft or still have some crunch? I know salted water is generally used, but are they very salty or just kind of mild? I already enjoy salted nuts or ones with sugar or honey coatings etc, but boiled nuts really sounds like it'd be something different entirely. Britbong, so if I wanted them, I'd probably be making them myself - and on that note, you eat them hot right?

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>Are they good
This is subjective of course. I love them but many people dislike them, I think mostly because it's outside of the norm to boil any type of nut and they are generally only available in shitty gas stations or roadside tents in the American south. I highly encourage you to at least try them if you ever get the chance
>Do they go soft or still have some crunch?
They become soft. The shells do not break down though, so you still do not eat the shells
>are they very salty or just kind of mild?
Quite salty. The cajun seasoned ones have a small amount of spice and additional flavor beyond saltiness. I recommend cajun
>sounds like it'd be something different entirely
It really is quite different from eating regular nuts
>if I wanted them, I'd probably be making them myself - and on that note, you eat them hot right?
Might be difficult to replicate since you can just take regular, store-bought peanuts and boil them. I believe they have to be "new" or "green" peanuts that have not been allowed to dry out. You might be able to order something like pic related though. And yes you eat them hot but they're also good once they've cooled to room temp

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>Might be difficult to replicate since you can
I meant *can't

>> No.15154533

Good eye. It's a gas station in Florence, TX which is a shitty little town north of Austin

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Yay I'm a trendsetter

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Goring or tito?

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Thanks anon, helpful stuff. Will see if I can enjoy them sometime.

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I like leftovers but the fact that you actively try to limit leftovers by cooking less is very based.

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For me, its the classic ice cream sandwich.

The most refreshing and sentimental snack.

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Anon this isn't a sin, it's just something you and many others like. And I don't even like it much.
What are your real food sins? It's okay, we're all anons here.

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idk im kind of a gay loser desu does that count

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15 years ago it might have on any board here. Now tell us what stupid food shit you've made and/or eaten!

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I still can't crack an egg reliably, even though i've worked in kitchens and have been the primary cook in my household for like a decade
also, i live with my sister and we moved to the other side of the country so that we could pretend we just have the same last name because we're married but that isn't a sin really

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part 1 is understandable, it happens
part 2 raises questions, especially about non-food related sins

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I eat everything I possibly can with chopsticks while working from home.
I'm not even a fucking weeb, I just genuinely enjoy it.

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How does it go with foods generally not meant for chopsticks?
If you did this among your co-workers, how do you think they'd react?

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NO FUCK OFF RAMSAY ITS FINE AS IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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>How does it go with foods generally not meant for chopsticks?
Italian pasta feels wrong
chips, popcorn, crunchy snacks are great
mashed foods obviously don't do well without a vehicle
>If you did this among your co-workers, how do you think they'd react?
probably not at all.

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i also eat my pizza with chopsticks in my butt anon!!

>> No.15155621

I have eaten pizza with chopsticks.
It's okay. Better than other Italian dishes with chopsticks.

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Sounds like you've figured out a method you do well with. I hope you continue to enjoy it, anon.
Just don't start eating mashed potatoes with your hands, I don't think it'd fall under the same food etiquette.

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My mother made a delicious turkey stock out of our Thanksgiving leftovers. I used the stock to cook instant ramen.

>> No.15155673

You literally just had to use some storebought noodles and some veggies or meats of your choice and it would've been amazing. I can't tell if you're hurting us, or yourself.
That said, I imagine it tasted pretty decent. Hope it was worth it.

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gordon pls
i have high blood pressure

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what about pepper?

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>g-garlic ?

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i will

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looks like goering

>> No.15156112

actually wait i think it's tito

>> No.15156144

nigga if thats a sin im satan

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I can eat a whole bag of White Cheddar Popcorn while watching TV/Movie. Usually look at myself in disgust when I pour the crumbs in my mouth when I finish killing the bag.

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Hell yeah dry or with gravy?

>> No.15156323

dry, the butter was more than enough to keep it moist
should've done the gravy for extra obesity but i was a little too drunk to think about it

>> No.15156341

for thanksgiving, i got my turkey from a food bank even tho i have a paying job and couldve afforded it but i was cheap and didnt want to pay for one. then i ended up throwing away 90% of the turkey (bones, meat, stock) bc i overcooked it. feels kinda guilty man

>> No.15156366

which one is link

>> No.15156393

most of the time after a heavy night of drinking while laying in bed i eat a plain white bread with a generous amount of ketchup on it

>> No.15156421

I like pineapple on my pizza

>> No.15156425

I eat sloppa 5 times a week

>> No.15156517

I ate a bunch of calamari with hummus and that shit was so good. I'd do it again.

>> No.15156653

>also, i live with my sister and we moved to the other side of the country so that we could pretend we just have the same last name because we're married
but why anon

>> No.15156662

I once ate an eclair out of the trash can.

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I thought if was awful by itself, but adding actual Cheetos made it tolerable.

>> No.15156838

How can you not go a while day without eating? How much do you weigh?

>> No.15158049

i let some greek sheep feta go sour in my fridge :(

>> No.15159126

I made a grilled cheese for lunch, burnt the toast but didn't even melt the cheese.

>> No.15159222

You better have put some kimchi in that for some reason, bucko.

>> No.15159234

Fuck off Gordon, it was too cold for me to get the Weber going.

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When you do, you better show me some fucking bigass burgers to ridicule, peasant. And cut them in half!

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I think you misunderstood what I was going to grill.

>> No.15159300

I ate an entire long john silvers family by myself on monday

>> No.15159319

That's actually pretty merciful if you think about it. Nobody left to mourn. Good job anon.

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I nacho cheese on grocery store and gas station sushi. I fucking love it.

>> No.15159837

What did your mom say about that?

>> No.15159890

I frequently lick the plate when I'm eating alone

>> No.15160122

i've eaten nothing but grilled cheese on toast with vegemite for almost a week now. for some reason i can't bring myself to make or eat anything else.

>> No.15160582

Try putting that sip in with a raw egg and some salt and pep, maybe some hot sauce mm mm ooohhh man drink man drink

>> No.15160591

I don't preheat the mug when making (black) tea. I just steep the leaves in freshly boiled water poured into the cool cup.

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>> No.15160775

Sometimes when I'm having a rough day ill load up on carbs since I know it will put me to sleep an hour after I eat

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I was planning to bake a nice cake today, and I bought some brandy sauce to go with it, but I got lazy, and just drank the sauce instead

>> No.15160830

I consume more than 1800 calories dsily

>> No.15160835

I just drank a small bottle of orange gatorade, only to realize there was mold at the bottom of the bottle.

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occasionally I like to have pasta plain with nothing but grated cheddar on top bc I'm still 4 years old I guess
I also "collect" monster cans and keep them in a shopping bag under my bed

>> No.15161127
File: 422 KB, 1667x1317, 20180105_202807-1667x1317.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe (Luby's)

>> No.15161177

A bit of mold wont kill you as long as you don't have aids or something. Depending on if you're allergic to molds, you may get explosive diarrhea.

>> No.15161742

Plain pasta is peak 'tism fuel.

>> No.15161908

storebought puff pastries nigga

>> No.15161914

>high life
i'd rather die

>> No.15161918

You are a good person

>> No.15161924

I don't put my oyster sauce in the fridge

>> No.15161930

>be slav
>buy a real english worcestirshire sauce for the first time
>bottle says "consume three days within opening"
was this some kind of bongoloid joke? it's been sitting in my fridge for two months now and i'm barely a fifth in and it's still completely fine. is it even humanly possible to consume this much of that stuff in three days

>> No.15161939

I don't think I've had worcestireshire sauce ever in my life and the first time I heard of it was in shitty gorden ramsey baked beans video. Sooo how's it taste? is it worth

>> No.15161958

savory, sweet and acidic. i think it's good for various sauces and stews or to give a bit of extra bang to instant noodles. i added it to the pasta water of some orzo i was cooking as a side. orzo is a rice-shaped pasta so i put only as much water in as it needed to absorb, so it helped with that. i only wanted to butter it and use it as a side anyway, so it improved the flavor.
i'd say it's worth it, it wasn't particularly expensive and you don't need to use too much of it.

lord have mercy on my soul but i actually used it a couple of times as a dip for sushi and to sprinkle on some parmigiano. it was good.

>> No.15162087

I've seen like 3 of their videos (partly) and I don't get why their audience likes them so much. They're not funny, particularly relaxing, charismatic, or engaging in any way above an average joe. With other youtubers i can see why their audience like them for a certain appeal. I don't get it

>> No.15162105

I put sour cream and ketchup on literally everything. Lately started adding apple cider vinegar too. Resulting "sauce" goes especially well with pasta or potatoes but I put it on everything including sandwiches and soups.

>> No.15162295
File: 137 KB, 750x1000, honeybees.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In high school I ate the same lunch for 2 years straight, every single day: a giant ziplock baggie of Kellogg's Winnie the Pooh Honey B's cereal. And two cans of Diet Mountain Dew.

No milk, and no utensils needed. I ate the cereal dry.

I also ate Honey B's for breakfast every day during that time. Holy fuck, that was good cereal. It was literally 2/3 of my daily meals.

They later removed the graham cracker and reduced the sugar in a "reformulation," making it absolute shit. Then it was discontinued.

If I were a billionaire, I would do everything in my power to bring back Honey B's in the original formulation. I still feel like I haven't eaten enough of it.

>> No.15162307

I used to regularly drink 2L of Diet Coke at a time, in one sitting. I would buy a bottle and just walk around with it, drinking it typically in about 60-90 minutes. Not much longer.

Once in college, I was rendezvousing with a friend in a restaurant, as he was finishing up his meal. We were supposed to meet up, then leave for an event. I did not plan on eating or ordering anything in this restaurant, just meeting my friend. At the time, I was walking around with a 2L of Diet Coke. The hostess didn't want to let me into the restaurant until I "discarded my outside food." I caused a big argument with her, saying I was just meeting up with my friend who was finishing his meal, and I wasn't going to either discard my Diet Coke or order a tiny little glass of theirs for $3.

I still feel embarrassed about that.

>> No.15162362

Damn George, when did you get out?

>> No.15162407

I eat one portion of fruit and veg a week on a sunday. No I'm not fat either. I'm too incompetent (and lazy) to cook veg and salads make me want to kill myself from how utterly boring they are

>> No.15162592

Nothing, really. She would comment on how much money I was spending sometimes, but she didn't really care. She had to come through the basement every single day to get to her car, so it's not like she didn't see it. She's neglected me my whole life because she's a schizoid.

>> No.15162714

I've never had an issue with leaving it out and have never refrigerated it. It does go bad (my parents had a bottle that was opened, sat around for 5 years, and by that time something was wrong with it. I've had bottles sit around for a year with no issues. I usually use about 1/4 cup of it when I make pulled pork, other than that I don't use it in large amounts.

>> No.15162744

This doesn't even make sense since he's known for using countertop/shop bought stock and not homemade one.

>> No.15163755

Bong here and I've genuinely never checked the sell by date, that stuff lasts for fucking ages man. Just follow usual common sense of storing with lid closed in a cupboard or fridge and you're good for a very long time. Hope you enjoy it.

>> No.15163770

If you want something real simple just to see what it tastes like, do yourself some cheese on toast or a proper grilled cheese, with decently strong stuff, and sprinkle some worcestershire on the cheese. Think that's the way we're all introduced to it here. Goes great with many savoury things otherwise, good for meats and stews or just to up the savoury kick on things.

>> No.15163773

i hate mustard. and i like mushrooms, but hate them on pizza

>> No.15163780

you and many thousands of other people. wow!

>> No.15163781

>Being white is fucked
Is this an allusion to how White people can just fucking keep eating garbage cheesy oily foods on top of considerable amounts of booze and not suffer the consequences

>> No.15163786

I don't wash my cutting board after I put meat on it if I'm in the middle of cooking. I try to remember but if I've just sliced some beef then I realize "oh i forgot i need to cut these green onions!" I'll just cut the green onions on it without washing it, can't be bothered. If I die from doing this then so be it.

>> No.15163791

I once used Olive oil as lubrication in a marathon masterbate. Room smelled like a Chinese takeaway

>> No.15163844

How much money did you piss away every day?

>> No.15163853

Chopsticks for snack food is perfection. I showed my roommates eating cheetos with chopsticks and now they eat every snack food that way. Its brilliant.

>> No.15163915

I strongly dislike eating food someone made for me. I don't eat out, I cook all my meals and the only times I eat food made by others is in situations where it would be simply too rude to refuse it, like during family gatherings. If someone offers me food I usually find some excuse to refuse it and if it's impossible I either try to give it to someone else or I just throw it out.
On the other hand I don't like cooking for others either. Thankfully I like food too spicy and with too much garlic for the most people but if I suspect that someone will want to try my food I make it extra spicy to the point where it's almost inedible.

I think both of those things come from cooking and eating food I made being one of the only activities that I enjoy sober and I treat it almost ritualistic. I feel like sharing food with others disrupts thats enjoyment.

>> No.15164492

nothing wrong with that, now if you had made too much and put food away but never ate leftovers just leaving it to rot you would be scum.

>> No.15164507
File: 160 KB, 1200x675, snake.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like to eat big portions of food and then lay in the sun divesting it pretending to be a sneak who just consumed it's prey and is using energy from the sun to digest it

>> No.15164547

A girl at a drive drivethru said I looked like that guy link once.

>> No.15164549

I just ate an entire 14 inch 'za all by myself.

>> No.15164550


>> No.15164643

Very, very based

>> No.15164645

/co/ is full of idiots, I have never seen a good argument as for why you shouldn't heat water in a microwave.
>inb4 it might explode
I'm not putting it in for 5 minutes in a small cup

>> No.15164652

does she get stuck in small places often and you need to help her get out?

>> No.15164688

even the children?

>> No.15164712

isn't that stuff mostly fermented things and vinegar or something? sell by and use by dates are just companies wanting you to throw things out and buy more or to cover their asses when someone sues them because they ate 6 month old ketchup.

>> No.15165625

I used to put bbq sauce into the pitholes of avocados and use that as a snack

I also have drank soy sauce multiple times straight from the bottle

>> No.15165758

i mean its autistic but youre actually better off for doing that

>> No.15165821

I crack my sgetti in half before I throw it in a pot, and I use salt and oil in the water. At this point, I don't know what's the right way to boil sgetti, and what's the wrong way.

>> No.15165855
File: 179 KB, 390x339, chewing_luigi.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a 120-pack of slim jims barely lasts me 3 days

>> No.15166700
File: 128 KB, 500x663, Edwards-Pumpkin-Creme-Pie-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't buy these because I will eat the whole pie within 24 hours

>> No.15166858

Exact same. I cant trust reheated shit. All our leftovers go to the dogs for their meal after ours.

>> No.15166897

I have a truly horrible diet

I probably shouldn't even be alive

>> No.15166924

imagine the smell

>> No.15167225
File: 29 KB, 513x513, rat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is something I used to eat as an elite gamer teen back in the day that I dubbed the trash tray. The ingredients varied based on what I had on hand or felt like eating, but this is what it was.

always baby carrots and pickles then whatever other produce I could find such as cucumbers, bell peppers, celery, etc.

>Chunks of cheese
cheddar or colby jack

usually salt and vinegar, but sometimes bbq

could be lunchmeats, leftover chicken, hardboiled eggs sometimes even microwaved cut up hotdogs

Once assembled the monstrosity was usually a good couple inches high with 0 surface area of the plate exposed. I would then carefully take my meal to the gamer cave and eat it upon my throne with approx 1/2 a bottle of Kraft brand ranch.

I hit 315 lbs at 6'3 when I was 17 eating that almost daily

>> No.15167296

Being a picky eater.
but recently I'm growing out of being a picky eater but very slowly

>> No.15167318

This thing reeks of Southern United states gas station (Yankeeland Petrol station for you britfags)

>> No.15167331

I though Winne the pooh was only for Teenage Japanese girls who are into that Kawaii aesthetic.

>> No.15167389

same here except I'm not growing out of it. my diet is shit because the range of foods I like is so sparse.

I just can't eat most vegetables. carrots, broccoli, peas, spinach, beets, celery, they all taste gross to me.

embarrassingly, as an adult, I haven't tried most fruits, but I can guess that I probably won't like most of them. I've tried apple, pineapple, peach, watermelon, and I hate them all.

>> No.15167415

imagine the smell

>> No.15167444

I keep saying "there's nothing to eat". Then I sat down and thought about all the things I used to like over the years, and came up with nearly 1000 things. What is wrong with me, father?

>> No.15167449

I have a mini-fridge sitting in my room I haven't opened in a year and I'm positive I forgot to take shit out of it (including chicken wings).

Its been running though. /ck/, help me out. How gnarly is it gonna be opening this shit? Since its been running you think I'd be safe opening it just to chuck shit out so I can dipose of the mini-fridge? Honestly my end game has been to wait until the food has decomposed to the point where it stops smelling.

>> No.15167467

I have to go to the grocery store everyday because If I stock up a weeks worth of food I just eat it all in like 2 or 3 days.
Covid is a nightmare

>> No.15167480

jesus christ anon
throw away the fridge if you never want to deal with the mold beast that's waiting, or put on a mask, goggles and gloves with a gallon of diluted bleach ready at your side before you open it

>> No.15167484

Bro my plan was to seal it shut with gorilla tape and throw it out but its kind of heavy.... maybe I should invest in one of those dollys

>> No.15167485

what exactly do you not like about fruit

>> No.15167663

I don't like sweets so it's the sweetness that kills those fruits for me, watermelon and pineapple are way too sweet for me

>> No.15167693

it's a replacement for GMA or any other generic morning variety show

>> No.15167703

I ate delicious food then twelve hours just pooped it all out like it was nothing.

>> No.15167719

pretty sure the bottle sitting in my fridge is over a decade old without any problems

>> No.15167830

pretty weird how they're still publicly accepted despite countless rape charges

>> No.15167942

take it outside if you can

>> No.15169670

Everything tastes better unbaked

Raw flour tastes better than baked

>> No.15170143

I don't like cooking seafood. I hate how my kitchen smells afterwards

>> No.15170701

I unironically used cum instead of salt when I made a burger two weeks ago.

>> No.15171063

I've cooked hamburgers in a microwave before. Like, actual hamburgers that I formed out of ground beef.

>> No.15171068

Well nevermind, my cooking sin can't possibly compare to >>15170701

>> No.15171107

It didn't taste THAT bad tho >.>

>> No.15171123

This anon hit the nail on the head. Toss it or prepare your anus

>> No.15171139

Good on you for taking steps to reduce your waste cause you know you won't eat it.

>> No.15172004

I committed cultural appropriation when I made teriyaki

>> No.15172103

they got in on youtube early so people just stuck with them it seems like

>> No.15172176


>> No.15172343
File: 11 KB, 320x180, 5BBA4EFA-4603-4CD3-998B-41406208B983.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a burner phone that I constantly change the number on and I use it to create new Uber eats accounts and order food like 2-3 times off each account then complain that the order was wrong so I get a refund

I haven’t paid for takeaway in ages

>> No.15172877

i like this stuff too much as well

>> No.15173201

I can confirm this. I'm white and ate like a fucking garbage disposal for like 8 years throughout highschool and college and ballooned to like 320 and hardly noticed in terms of health effects. Eventually I looked and a mirror and realized "wow I'm fucking disgusting" and slimmed down to 220. Meanwhile my black roomate gained like 20 pounds and last time he went to the doctor he had to go to the ER bevause he was in hypertensive crisis.

>> No.15173221
File: 59 KB, 1104x1104, 1524484610063.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am an alcohol

>> No.15173223

I like eating pot roast with ketchup

>> No.15173244

isn't it expensive getting a new phone number? don't you have to buy a new sim and add minutes to it thus defeating the purpose of saving money?

I would ask if you're using an IP phone number like a google or textfree number but i'm like 99% sure that those numbers are disabled on uber eats (since they're disabled for signing up for most things)

>> No.15173253


>> No.15173254

I used to put frozen shredded cheese on my ramen. I still put cheese on it, but it isn't frozen.

>> No.15173267

My grandma has an obsession with Winnie the Pooh.

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