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Post meat.

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Someone needs to open a buffet where you walk up and take your meat right off the smoker. I'd pay so much to have access to that pit.

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I can't watch this webm since my boyfriends accident

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I call this recipe the 40%

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>When you have had a little too much anal sex...

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Why do southerners eat that obviously burnt skin and call it the "bark" when in reality it's just burnt carbon that tastes like shit and is extremely unhealthy for you?

That's the one thing I'll never understand about bbq. The meat itself is nice, but eating that burnt skin is seems cancerous.

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pork jowl i cut up for some 'za

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>speaks from experience of his prolapse

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did you really order take out and then put it out on the table with a loaf of white bread?

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Superb thread.

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Wow you are so smart and observant

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touched a nerve, did I?

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It's so impressive to look at a picture and see things. How long have you had that amazing power?

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Sometime when I was a kid I read my first Highlights magazine and it just clicked

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u don't gotta be such a bitch anon fuck that you fucking NEED to slap down a loaf of white bread when you order some fuckin american bbq real shit

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How To Get Cancer: The Thread.

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cancer is delicious

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acording to you faggots literally everything gives you cancer

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Jesus Christ this made me uncomfortable.

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Is he going to be ok?

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I want a nice thick smoked sausage now

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Holy Buddha

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Poor guy. His boss probably punishes him if he can't keep that pace. Hopefully he still has all his fingers.

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Nope. Not even close, lardass.

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id post my meat but its inside your mom right now lmaoo

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Just sliced this venison biltong. So good.

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I absolutely can not comprehend how anyone can find all this brutalized flesh appetizing. This is what psychopaths do.

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beef is the best meat

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Genocide. Carnists are literally insane.

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And yet you want to import 1 billion Mexicans into the usa who will eat billions more cows, pics, chickens and llamas with your food stamps. No wonder you are a schizo

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Flew down to tx to visit family and they took me to a place called Rudy's.
It's better than Salt Lick.
Fight me

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good thread

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it's so fucking funny the way you oddball faggots make up words. you think you're being insulting but we just laugh at your made-up babylanguage

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why does this look so fake?

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Because if nothing else kills you, cancer will and when someone dies of colon cancer in their 80s they say "oh Grandpa ate a ton of steak!" to try to create some causal narrative to escape the fact that you can live an overall perfectly clean life, never touch a cigarette and die of lung cancer while a person that smokes everyday lives to their 90s. It's not a fair game. You can't eat some magical blend of food while avoiding other stuff and suddenly you live forever.
>oh she was going to live to be 100...unfortunately she had one too many chocolate chip cookies and got brain cancer.
Doesn't work that way. Enjoy life and hope for the best.

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Wrong. Carnists are murderers. Vegans are the genociders wanting to genocide cows, pigs, chickens and other species that we only keep for food.

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Because it is bruh are you blind

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eat raw bacon

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This desu, although don't smoke as that actually does increase the chance of getting cancer.

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prolapsed angus

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Lmao you pathetic carnivores never fail to make me laugh with your ”meat” threads.

Face it. most vegetables will be infinitely more delicious than any of your sad meats ever will be. You are on the wrong side of history. get over it losers

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Funny how when you look at tribes in similar geographic region that've been long dead, the meat eaters had better bone health, less chronic disease and lived longer.
Funny how there exists zero to no evidence vegetables are anymore than survival food, better to eat unhealthy than to starve, I guess.
You'll suffer your ignorance and stupidity, if not now in you're older years. It's never to later to make a good decision, so keep that in mind, while you waste your money increasing your carbon footprint much more than any meat-eater or low-carber will.
Get out of your echo chamber, read a book, read more. You're pathetically ignorant and naive.

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>Not recognizing /pol/ copypasta
>Degenerate detected

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He's gonna be just fine

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>pities butcher shop worker for working hard
>uses smart phone who's battery is made from cobalt mined by Indian children bought off amazon

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but I am an omnivore not a carnivore.

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Can someone please tell me what you ask the butcher to get this dreamy piece of meat?

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*taps knife*
That'll be 30 dollars plus tip

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>/soc/ discord threads.webm

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God meat off a vertical spit is the absolute best imo. Shawarma, gyro, that's the shit right there.

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Thirty bucks for that? Good deal, that's a lot of meat.

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Fuck where can I get that much good food for just 30 bucks?

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I would give myself gout eating that every day if it were 30 dollars.

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We live in truly terrifying times. Pretty soon even having fun will be automated away, and there will no longer be any reason for any of us to remain alive. This is what automation is: death

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i promise you

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Looks like the Togos triple dip.

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i fookin wouldnt have the guts to do this without metal gloves

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is that a faggoty reddit IPA there? You might as well have a sign that says you suck dicks.

>> No.15166274

is that a red dit fag?

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Iove meat

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the only degenerates are red dit butt pirates

>> No.15166476

we might have gone too far in a few places

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I wish i could afford to eat beef

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Are you literally A bum? Heroine junkie? Beef is cheap as fuck.

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I looooooooove big chunks of meat pic one of my fav

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Probably a Canadian.

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Going to make a pulled pokerino tomorrow, ladds.

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>dat dry ass slab of bird meat

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shouldnt post-meat be actual shit?

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heres some meat

oh IM PROUD AS FUCK to stick my dick in something like this.
IM PROUD AS FUCK to have my own asshole look like that
IM PROUD AS FUCK to not be able to hold in a shit
IM PROUD AS FUCK that i have to do poppers to drown out the shit smell when i have sex

we did it!

my uncle died exactly like this

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my cousin got almost killed by these machines

>> No.15169305

I knew a guy whose cousin got almost killed by these machines

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>I'm ready to settle down now

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i coomed

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white bread is more of a traditional BBQ thing... it was served to soak up the grease or extra sauce they'd throw on the meat.
now days it's pretty fucking useless since most BBQ is served is bare minimum sauce.

>> No.15172119

I knew a guy that knew a guy whose cousin got almost killed by these machines

>> No.15172425

Beef Short rib

>> No.15172488

My nephew's cousin knew a guy that knew a guy whose cousin got almost killed by these machines

>> No.15172505

i know a machine whose cousin almost killed some guy

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You're a real dumb rube if you think eating this often won't increase your risk for cancer. L o l.
Have it sparingly.

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I know guy that made a machine who almost killed some guys cousin

>> No.15172820

I actually killed someone's cousin with one of these machines. we turned him into meat sticks

>> No.15172859

I fucked a guy and his cousin with a meat stick for trying to kill one of these machines

>> No.15172871

He's going to be dry as fuck.

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How about a doughnut?

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here's some meat for ya

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looks like awful dry shit

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Meat bros I need a new reciepe for steak made in a cast iron. I've got a method I love but I want to mix things up a bit.
Gimme a beef cut and ingrediant list to fuck aeound with.

>> No.15173689

why does that hot dog have a foreskin and who the fuck puts cucumbers on a hot dog

>> No.15173969

Mankind did not get where it is today without meat

>> No.15174042

I kind of hate that this is how 90% of people today know of Mac from Night Court. :(

>> No.15174051

I have some fantastic news.
They're called brazilian steakhouses.

>> No.15174059

Tri-tip with chimichurri sauce
Prime rib au poivre

>> No.15174088

Wanna know how I can tell you've never had good BBQ?

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