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THIS is a gyro ;)

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looks bomb i'd demolish this

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It's pronounced gyro not gyro :)

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No it isn't

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Pizza? Now that's what I call a taco

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And this is cheaper, healthier, more tasty and by all means superior non-american version, the humble Dürüm Döner Kebab.

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wow you really are a smug piece of shit.

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>doesn't eat fries in his gyro

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No. This is yet another american bastardization of a historic entree

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Uh, no.
French fry filler? I don't think so. That's garbage tier thinly sliced meat. I'd like to see cucumber in there, as well.

Was made by muslims, not Greeks.

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Does look cheap. Tastier, no way.

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It's remarkably brave of you to just assume the picture in the OP post is from America and not Scotland.

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you are clearly an ameritard who has no idea what he's talking about. go eat more deep fried butter

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>mystery loaf shavings
pick one

>> No.15177350

tomato tomato

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Is Nottingham in Scotland? I thought that was robins hood?

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thats how they make them in greece

>> No.15177898

looks like taco bell value menu

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Good gyros don't have French fries, that's some sloppa shit.

I will say, as an American who has also spent time in Europe, gyros and doner are different but both are excellent.

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No, thats a s.oy.boy. Yuck

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but in greece all gyros have fries

>> No.15178236

gyros is better because they have pork and don't fund terrorist cells

>> No.15178259

white people tacos

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the mystery loaf is based don't disrespect it

>> No.15178308

honestly its seems that way unless youve actually had one. A taco does not fill the same craving as a gyro. the taste is wildly different

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cucumber? who puts cucumber in a gyro. definitely not greeks. we put fries in them all over greece

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Literally how they were in Greece and I ate them every day out there

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That's surprising to me.

I don't care for the fries on them at all. To me it's a perfect food without that. I also can't stand when ppl load them with parsley

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digger den laden kenn ich.bahnfosalee hildesheim.city grill ist aber besser

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>he thinks the tourist locations were an accurate representation

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i was in the middle of nowhere and that's how they served them

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They pulled a trick on you and were laughing behind your back the whole time

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no this is

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In greece mustard is a standard topping for gyros in addition to fries. It's weird because their version seems more American than the American version

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And use actuall meat instead of some mystery minced shit.

>> No.15178868

why would they do that :(

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All the places that sell gyros in my town went out of business except fucking Arby's and their flatbread and tzatziki suck

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Mustard isn't put on gyros except in thessaloniki up north and they put ketchup as well but you won't find that in Athens or the rest of greece

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