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What has Van Halen taught you about food and cooking?

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10 things my wife’s boyfriend has taught me about lovemaking

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nothing. He was a massive faggot who was lucky not to catch aids at the san-francisco bath-houses he frequented.

Ted Nugent, however, released a cookery book

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This is strictly a Hank Williams board, anon

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Is Adam white?

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>shemane nugget

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I recently bought a cook book written by the BTK killer. Some of the recipes are incredible. For example, last week I suffocated my neighbours teen daughter with her own panties.

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>What has Van Halen taught you about food and cooking?

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Van Halen sucks. I'm glad that doofus is dead.

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get your test levels checked

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guitar solos are gay. riffs are alpha.
What areyoutalking about?
van halen was faggot shit

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Van halen doesn’t have riffs? LMAO ok kid

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Just did last week. The doctor said he's never seen testosterone levels so high, he also said that Van Halen is for tranny-loving faggots like you.

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he has gay riffs for coke snorting homosexuels

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it music for men that like to wear lycra......lets justleave it like that

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>What has Van Halen taught you about food and cooking

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Stick to Kanye. Rock is too high IQ for you.

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ted & shemale nugent

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got it bad, got it bad, got it bad
I'm sucking penis

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Van Ragusean

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Dude classic rock is fucking garbage. It all sounds the same. Bunch of men in tights screaming at the top of their lungs while the same 3 guitar riffs play.

For me, it’s post punk.

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I exclusively listen to German polka music, because I'm not an absolute music lightweight. Peak musical performance was late 80s polka.

Disagree? That's cool. Most people don't even survive a botched abortion.

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>same 3 riffs
>for me it's post punk
How can one man simultaneously be so based yet so cringe?

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Which is the based part

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van halen invented riffs

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>music repeats
That is how music works anon, it would just be noise without a pattern. When i hear people say this i know they listened to some random B-side track of a garbage band.

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Fuck this fucking faggot holy shit

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fuck off and stop shilling your channel. you'll never gain acceptance here no matter how hard you try samefagging to make it look like you are, not even if you prep your wife for us

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This music is for old grandpas

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*foxy grandpas

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Is this an actual episode of his? trying to get some clicks because an overated guitar player is dead. not going to watch this faggot but the answer is don't use metric tons of drugs and alcohol and don't smoke three packs of reds a day.

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are you implying Ted isn't also a massive faggot?

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