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For me, it's roquefort

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For me, it's classic Wisconsin Sharp Cheddar.

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based, roquefort is also my favorite cheese, I'll give honorable mention to bleu d'Auvergne

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for me, it's feta

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I like brie. It tastes fucking amazing with wines.

I don't understand why some people like moldy cheese. I almost puked trying to eat a piece of blue cheese.

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Heaven on a plate

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Brie is covered in a layer of mold you retard

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brie is also moldy cheese you absolute dum-dum

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I cut the moldy part. I'm looking for the creamy cheese, not the disgusting dry crust

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roquefort is the name of a cartoon mouse and I luh him.
moldy cheese is grody to me and unlike some foods which I have re-evaluated over the course of my life, I do not even desire to enjoy it. to each their own.
unrelated, but I have always loved the way muenster complements mozzarella. I tried this recently in a baked rigatoni recipe, and it may just be "segret ingredient"-worthy

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Do white people really?

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This is what bleu cheese looks like before it goes in a bottle or cup you get with wings.

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Rockfort is pretty based but pour Moi it is bleu cheese

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I don't eat cheese on principle but I sure as fuck woudln't touch any of the shit itt

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Any cheese product so inferior that requires the addition of a food coloring in order to be salable is not the sort of cheese I would choose for my table.

Fuck that shit.

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Blue brie used to be my favourite, but I haven't seen it in ages.
Blue Costello would probably be my current fave. Although persian feta also very good.

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what food coloring? that's just natural mold

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Im from roquefort. I live where my family worked for 600 year making that same cheese. Its bread mold. Its amazing. Try vieux berger its the best. AVEYRON AVEYRON !

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I try not to eat a lot of cheese since it's so calorie dense so even one ounce of a good, sharp cheddar goes a long way in a big salad.

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will you continue the family tradition?

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>food coloring
lol, stupid amerifat

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For me, it's Gorgonzola

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For me it's Tallegio, it's like a hybrid of the glorious texture of brie with the deliciousness of a blue cheese.

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fuck off namefag

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for me it is münster and washed-rind cheeses in general

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the irony niggers and chinks won't get is that cheese was originally a way to digest milk. There's no lactose left in any of those cheese.

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For me, it's Pecorino Romano

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Pecorino > Parmagiano

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Too white and salty

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like you lol

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>Too white and salty
Anon describes self in four words

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Solid bait, 7/10

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Cheddar from Ford's Farm is fokken lush mate

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Why is it hard to find different cheeses in burgerland? All I find is the usual cheese blocks. Cheedar, mozza, swiss, thats all costco has

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I bought aged cheddar couple of weeks ago. 10/10 would eat again.

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for me its La Tur. Its fuckin cheese ice cream. I love it with burnt honey and blueberry preserves on buttered crostini

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Me mum luvs the Wensleydale one with the cranberries

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Same. He's a good guy!

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Found your problem

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I'm glad Nick made it out of MDE a better man. Sam and Charles worry me these days, especially Charles.

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based nick chads

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This anon should be thrown in jail for trimming the best part of a brie.

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Dumbericans talking about cheese is like the Chinese talking about food hygiene.

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I fucking do. Work for Matharel cave.

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I love too many cheeses, I can't chose a favortie one, but here is a pic of a mont d'or baked in the oven with garlic and white wine. I ate it with my roommate, was pretty nice.

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>I don't eat cheese on principle
...why? What did aristotle say about cheese?

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Just my opinion, but i prefer gorgozola dolce.

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>Do white people really?
Do they what? Enjoy dairy without shitting their pants?

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> ripe stinking Bishop

Shits cash.... So cash

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Mmm, crumbly old Gouda. Also Cheddar is mediocre AF, people need to stop pretending it's good.

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Good for you anon. Carry the torch

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Seems like cheddars from grass-fed cows, even sharp, taste pretty mellow compared to regular cheddars with anatto (supposedly only for color) as the only difference in ingredients. I want to eat grass-fed cheddars for the better nutrition, but none of them seem to have the "sharp" taste. Any ideas what to try?

>pic related is pretty mild

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I agree. Cheddar just goes well with burgers and foods where it does not shine, because it's just apiece of crap

Best cheeses:
Vieux Mimolette > Roquefort & other blues > Vieux Gouda = Parmesano = Mozzarella di bufala = Manchego > St. Nectaire = Brillat Savarin > Camembert = Brie = Mont d'Or >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Shit > Cheddar

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I saw this in a Youtube video. I got one for my mom for Christmas because she loves feta. Holy shit bros. It's like a thick, salty butter but in a very good way. I ate half of it on baguette and crackers before even leaving. Would rec and am definitely going to buy more. I'm gonna use the leftover olive oil for pasta and oil.

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Go to the local butcher shop (assuming that it is relatively up-scale and also deals with wines and cheeses like mine)

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For me it's raclette

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I got my parents a variety of soft cheeses from a local creamery for the charcuterie board my family prepares as kind of a late morning snack on Christmas.
The Camembert was pretty good.

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... having a cheeky little cheese board, Makin do

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Go to any supermarket

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Any epoisses fags here?

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hell yeah pimps im the munster guy from earlier yall got the good stinkers

>vieux mimolette
my fucking guy right here, this fucking guy knows what the fuck is up

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You’re an absolute fucking faggot

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Ate my way through all of this over the last 4 days.

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this shits literally covered in fucking mold

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and normal cheese is made by mites, what's your point?

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Based and papillonpilled

I have a piece in the fridge, thanks for reminding me. Roquefort is the king of cheeses

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Thank you for your service

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I had a toe nail infection that turned my toe into roquefort cheese.

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pecorino is obviously the most based cheese

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That's like buying sourdough bread and cutting off the crusts

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You should try labneh as well

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Thanks for the invite anon, we could have ate these together shirtless

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cheese in oil is fine with me. better when it's in my tummy :)

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I remember eating something which was, as far as I can tell, basically hot feta in a tomato sauce as a main course. This was in Germany but I doubt it's a local thing.
Anyone knows a recipe like that?

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Anybody like Alpine styles??

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It could be labneh in curry
Labneh tastes a lot like feta but it’s more or less designed for being used with hot foods and is actually aged dried yogurt

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Anyone got any local delicacies? I live very close to the creamery that makes pic related

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i've only had this once, but it was definitely deserving of it's acclaim
no way in hell i'm dropping $300 on a wheel of it though

>> No.15295226

i've actually had this exact variety from a local cheesemonger, and it was excellent
this place really knows their stuff, and they always have top quality cheeses

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The other day I saw a thread where someone posted pictures of his homemade cheese making setup but I can't find it now. Did anyone here see that?

>> No.15296637

I saw it, was a good thread but I didn't save any pics from it. Hope he posts again.

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were stopping because of covid and i doubt we will open back up after that.

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red leicester

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This unironically.

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Can you link it for me please? I bookmarked it on my phone but had to purge my browser settings and lost all my bookmarks.

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I will eat anything smoked

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Putting shit on the surface is kinda a meme, I doubt it penetrate the cheese beyond 1mm. That said, IIRC the cheese in your pic is pretty good

Thanks anon, I don't think it was that, but it seems good

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i hate it when they put anything on the rinds, kind of spoils the actual cheese for me. I love washed rinds, natural rinds, whatever, but raisins and other crap on the rind just turns me off

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nick is god tier

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I tend to reach for gorgonzola when I want something blue enough to make my tongue tingle or dansk for more of a balanced option. Heavily aged cheddar is too strong for me except in really tiny quantities which I suppose makes it a good value buy but I usually reach for something soft and smelly if I just want to lounge around eating crackers with wine.

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ever tried proper stilton?

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Also probably pecorino. Though I do rate provolone piccante

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Can't recall. I'm certain I've had gorgonzola and roquefort, those are similar correct?

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this stuff with a little cane syrup is amazing

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you sound like a fucking redditor and a child at the same time, what wines and which brie

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thank you for your service cheese veteran

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>cane syrup
>not cloudberries

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