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ITT: The most retarded things Burger King has done.

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why am i not surprised

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Gross, can't stand americans and their juvenile palettes.

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It's not our fault. It's the corn subsidies that fuck everything up.

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I no joke want to see a This Is Spinal Tap style movie staring this band.

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Why would we care about your opinion when you people don’t even have central heating and cooling in your homes? You’re literal cavemen compared to us.

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you're just encouraging him to shit up the board

anyway this thread could be extremely long

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There are lesser developed countries in Asia that has better healthcare than you guys... caveman my ass

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I thought le evil joos only pushed degeneracy on the poor goyim because they want to weaken them. Make up your mind.

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What are employment benefits?

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a meausre to make the average american citizen even more subservient to their boss and turn them into an even more obedient wage slave while still not covering half as much medical proecdures as universial healthcare in every other developed country?

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Ah yes the latest factoid from Jacobin. I too would be pretty upset if the air in my home was constantly unfiltered and damp as fuck.

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Making people want to stay at a shit job just because it has decent health care damages the US economy though. The only people that win are the insurance providers in this system.

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Shit jobs don’t provide health insurance you abhorrently retarded faggot. How you Europeans are simultaneously obsessed with the US, and know absolutely nothing about it, is truly fascinating. Seethe subhuman.

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lamo i only see one seething subhuman amerigobb itt tbqh

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Universal healthcare wouldn’t work well in the US. We let a million refugees in every year as well as untold numbers of Latino peasants with 3rd world diseases.
A universal healthcare system would basically just make the US a hospital for the entire world. We already take in tons of wealthy patients from dubai and Asia. Plus all the patients form Canada or other developed countires that need specialist care that just isn’t available in socialist medical systems.

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>need specialist care that just isn’t available in socialist medical systems.
Need to detox from your corporate shilling fascist rightwing echo chambers, mutt. Seek help.

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They do anything for money. Stealing from their own kind isn't abnormal.

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Fascism likes subsidised healthcare though.
Anti-Americanism is on of the tenets of Fascism.

If anything, it was the Communists that were best buddies with the American Capitalists in the 40s.

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that is some hard indoctrination by capitalist owned media right there folks. I don't even know where to begin with these level of retarded "arguments"

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you get a D- in history now fuck off retard

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I hope sucking dick behind the mcdonalds you work in is worth it to pay the bills

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It was Europe

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It’s time for you to get out of bed anon. The marxist training seminar that you paid for with your stimulus check is at 3pm, the veritable crack of dawn for socialists world wide.

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Wow did you come up with that all on your own? Fucking impressive, for a European I mean.

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Can commies actually do anything but seethe?

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Taking yourself out of the gene pool would be a good place to start.

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They’re pretty good at starving themselves to death

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You’re not old enough to use this website, I’m calling the police.

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good job keeping the thread on topic, idiots

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>work bad
>me wanna tug wee wee and eat Cheetos all day
>work not fair
>me wanna be a streamer like ninja!!
>work not fun
>me wanna get paid for posting about twump on weddit

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>eurofag posts BK chocolate burger
>here it comes
>here comes the line
>oh, it’s from Dutch BK, not US
>reeeeee about capitalism and US healthcare

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You thought this thread was ever meant to be about burgers?

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What on earth is the exploded whisk for?

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IDK but without it, it looks like BK wants us to get a good nights sleep and dust around the house.

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This actually looks good, if a bit too chocolate heavy.

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It's a head massager / involuntary orgasm inducer.



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yea but dude the health care is so good and free they can literally afford to eat shitty chocolate burgers and become aggressively unhealthy on the states dime.

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It doesn't take a lot of brainpower to insult mutt pigs.

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That shit isn't actually making these people cum it just feels good.

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Supporting Antifa throwing milkshakes at people. Not been in a BK since. Dumbass social media manager.

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Racist politician here who got milkshaked tried to sue them for bodily harm and destruction of property. Obviously the judge threw it out as bullshit

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Also, In this review I found, half of the "toys" aren't even "sex toys".

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ANTIFA tranny here who got ko’d by the proud boys, I demand free health care to fix my broken orbital after I brought on myself throwing milkshakes at people!

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Hiring niggers

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So I can throw milkshakes at antifa?

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Fuck off Coq Roq was based.

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Burger king is british though?

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Here are the list of "sex toys"
>Lube in a sauce container
>Fire and Ice
>Medicated Gold Bond
>Teddy bear with a hole in its ass
>Russian nesting doll which doesn't have any smaller one inside of it due to it supposedly being a butt plug
>A cork
>1940's Captain America shield replica
>A piece of paper that says "Pornhub.com" on it
>Used bottle of lens cleaner
>VR headset
>4 point massager
>Gold Bond lotion
>Walgreens chilled bead eye mask
>Vita Coco
>A shit ton of condoms
>A wooden gourd thing with a hole in it

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Yeah, what's stopping you?

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you know this is actual propaganda that was pushed by lobbyists for insurance companies? the claims that socialized medicine "takes forever" is absurd, when you can't even see a specialist in the states without setting up an appointment several months out. literally everything that they claim is bad about socialized medicine is exactly what is going on with american corporate medicine.

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BK started in Florida, but this burger is not sold in the American market, it’s the fault of the Dutch.

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Seethe harder soy faggot.

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>eurofag posts BK chocolate burger

Thread is called "ITT: The most retarded things Burger King has done"

The chocolate whopper fits. You're the one who took it personally

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burger king is neither food nor cooking

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someone struck a nerve

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We already are a hospital for the 3rd world and whites are tax cattle who subsidize it

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i cant imagine what being on this website must be like if you picture all of the posters being a single retarded mexican incel or soemthing

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No wait, please no.

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